Gunman was bullied as a child, grew increasingly violent, friends say

  1. My son is trans and every single day some politician is gunning for trans people. Can’t go a day without knowing there’s a target on my kid’s back.

  2. It's Texas, wouldn't that actually make it more likely the gunman was different in some way, especially the if they were the subject of bullying?

  3. Exactly, access to deadly weapons is the difference between life and death in most cases and the US has a toxic mix of crazies with an easy access to lethal weapons.

  4. That's one problem. But also in other countries, those people usually don't respond by trying to kill others, particularly kids.

  5. It’s one thing if you go kill or hurt the people who actually bullied you and made your life hell, still not right by any means though.

  6. But you don't understand, he's a troubled white guy, and he's got problems! He didn't mean to kill 14 people, he just had a bad day. Everyone has a bad day, right?

  7. These narrative are important to show he didn’t start out as some murdering monster, but they don’t excuse what happened or not make it about the guns. School shooting are a by-product of everything in America, from our policies on guns to mental health and more.

  8. Fuck this bullshit. There are BILLIONS of people who were bullied, beaten, neglected, traumatized and they are NOT murderers. I don’t want or need to know anything about that loser piece of shit, including his name.

  9. Exactly my wife's a teacher so we watch the news all the time when these things happen. Seems like every news outlet tries to rationalize and make up a motive. Stop giving these cowards names, they need to be deleted from history.

  10. I was bullied as a child. I didn't have a single friend or person my age that I could rely on from 3rd grade all the way through tenth grade. Then I had two. I was always the target, always picked on and beaten and mocked. The teachers were mostly indifferent but sometimes encouraged it. I still have anxiety in social situations, now in my thirties. Hurting anyone never even occurred to me. Bullying is definitely something that needs to be addressed, because it seems to largely go unchecked, and it hurts children every day. It does not cause violent behavior. There's something else to these people that causes them to do this. I couldn't guess at why this keeps happening, but if bullying caused shootings there wouldn't be a soul left alive in America.

  11. It’s a mistake to assume that just because you didn’t experience a certain response to a stressor that everyone will have the same reaction you did.

  12. Usually it's a multitude of factors that get someone to their breaking point. It propbably also depends on the intensity and duration. But i do think being bullied can play a part in such actions.

  13. I think one of the key factors is social media. With the increase in level of social media, it has caused massive bouts of depression and anxiety, suicide, and other insane mental health issues and nobody seems to want to address it. It would make sense to me if a victim shot his bully and teachers who encouraged it, then I'd argue we have the root cause sorted out. But in this case, I agree with you there is something more and I believe it's Internet forums and social media that have been proven to radicalize people.

  14. I was bullied from elementary school through middle school, every day I’d be called names, made fun of for the clothes I wear, how my hair was kept, I was punched, personal belongings were destroyed, things were stolen. At best, Teachers ignored it. in one case a teacher jumped in on the fun to mock my hair. Every attempt to fit in and be something else was met with ridicule. I can’t even imagine if I had been out, especially since all of this happened over 25 years ago, I graduated high school before Columbine happened.

  15. It definitely can make people violent. Just because it didn‘t happen to you doesn‘t mean it doesn‘t happen to any one. People are different. Also „bullying“ doesn‘t always mean the same thing.

  16. Guns literally make people violent. Im from a rural area where everyone hunted and had access to guns. I remember people with other social problems casually threatening to shoot people all the time.

  17. I think you’re an amazing person if you never thought of hurting anyone. My suffering in my personal life is nothing like as bad as yours was and yet I have had pretty violent thoughts. I wouldn’t act on them because I have too much to lose but when someone feels they have nothing left to lose, what stops them?

  18. Good point. I too was bullied, for roughly the same amount of time. I did punch someone but I didn’t think about getting a gun and taking people out.

  19. By definition a mass-shooter is just someone who at least injured three or more subjects. But I guess that's just too inclusive of a definition? We can't report on two ghetto mass-shooters everyday. I've been in the vicinity of one of these. Someone spotted an adversary in a crowd and just emptied his clip into said crowd.

  20. I just report them it's a rule violation I'm getting sick of these sorts of posts. Slightly different versions of these articles with the same content are available on free sites.

  21. Just because you have been hurt doesn't mean that you have the right to hurt others what he did was unforgivable as if he is the only one who was bullied, hated

  22. At the end of day none if it matters. All these people have access to guns and nothing is going to change as long as they stay as accessible as they are.

  23. At one point I'd agree with you, but now there are so many guns in this country I think we've reached a tipping point. Guns have become ubiquitous.

  24. Unfortunately. There are now more guns than people in America. It's so fetishized. People have told themselves fables about the founders defending against "tyranny" to the point that it's part of religion to them. No, Jim Bob, your 5 rifles will not hold off the full might of the US armed forces if they really want to fuck with you and take away your liberty.

  25. But without treating the root of the issue which is mental health. All taking guns away will do is make them find new ways to carry these attacks out. The problem needs to be addressed at its source.

  26. How about take the same approach as cartons of cigarettes in some countries and actually show the aftermath of these shootings? The toxic masculinity gun owners likes to bash on people about their feelings so let’s just “man up” and show the brutality of guns? Maybe we wouldn’t have so much sanitized Disney violence on tv if we showed what victims looked after being shot.

  27. Only in America would anybody think that the best way to cheer up a violent miserable teenager is giving them a couple of assault rifles.

  28. It does make you wonder why in the wake of one of these attacks Democrats don't finally call Republicans on their deflection and actually attempt to pass a bill that massively increases funding for mental Healthcare in this country. In addition to helping reduce acts of mass violence, it would also probably help with other major problems such as drug addiction, suicide and homelessness. Would it stop all acts of mass violence? No, but it would certainly help a lot of people and save lives all the same.

  29. hold up. Mental health problems are by and large a symptom. You want to make things better? Get people out of poverty.

  30. We have a severe mental health crisis in the world right now, but especially the US. Social media seems to be the crux of many of these shooters, posting manifestos and videos of themselves. We need to find a way to counter the mental health crisis or this will just continue.

  31. Or we can stop excusing it with “mental health” and instead address the actual issue. We are not genetically different from the rest of the world. The rest of the world also has issues with mental health, but this is a uniquely American problem.

  32. Yes but in all fairness I see a shit ton of horrible drivers on a daily basis so would that really solve much? It wouldn’t do anything for those possessing illegal firearms. Unless you have already been diagnosed with a mental disorder, what’s a license going to accomplish outside of a money grab?

  33. So? I’ve been abused by doctors and medical professionals since age 6. It’s definitely fucked me up and I’m very angry but you don’t see me shooting up a hospital. Take away the guns.

  34. Can we talk about a deeper solution? Look at UK for instance their gun laws are super strict and yet people killing others with random ass things and machetes every time I see their news. If people wanted to kill others they would regardless of the object. Will taking away guns help? Of course. But will it stop broken people from killing others? murder rates in poor neighborhoods? doubt it.

  35. I have a bad feeling conservative politicians will read this and go "he was called anti lgbt slurs? Just proves gay people are dangerous." rather than any other takeaway about bullying, child abuse, lack of mental health services, or availability of guns.

  36. the gunman was alienated, much like all other people, but was thrown over the edge by being alienated even more by a group of bullies.

  37. Doesn’t even need to be a shooter. Plenty of people know that wierd kid that nobody likes but act like its a shock when nothing changes in their life. Its why i will never give up my arms because people will continue to mistreat others and then we are only left to protect ourselves from the effects

  38. Stories like this are going to become more common, especially in the hate-filled "southern" states.

  39. No one cares grow up. Not everyone in this world going to like you and people need to get over it. Not everyone will like what you like or say or do.

  40. I hate when children are blamed as creating school shooters by bullying someone, especially when there is evidence of abuse going on at home. It's the adults who failed.

  41. I'm sure he played video games, watched violent media and listened to objectionable music as well. Let's stop pretending that these are the main reasons why things like this happened

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