Parent with concealed weapon accidentally shoots self while at Arlington ISD school, police say

  1. Oh yeah, they should try to give this guy partial credit. He tried to solve the problem by shooting an idiot with a gun, he just didn't go far enough.

  2. I’m confused… does that make him a “good guy with a gun” or a fucking moron who shouldn’t have ever been allowed one in the first place?

  3. Is this what conservatives mean by, “we need good guys with guys”? I guess it work this time…..

  4. In the two days since the Uvalde mass school shooting, there have been five cases in North Texas related to guns brought to schools or threats made

  5. Wait, are you saying that something can't be both negligent and accidental? If so, why not?

  6. I live in my old college town and a couple years ago a grad student was carrying in the CHEMISTRY building and the thing went off and got him in the thigh. It was in a grad student lounge area I think and not near any chemicals or any lab equipment but, like, come on.

  7. My grand parents had a set of lawn darts and we used to play with them when we were younger. I'm amazed there was only one death, probably a lot of injuries though.

  8. I strongly believe that it’s because the family allowed the world to see a picture of the child who was killed with a lawn dart in her head.

  9. You can take my lawn darts when you pry them from my cold dead hands! (You'll also need need a time machine back to the 1980s.)

  10. We’re also not allowed to put toys in cereal boxes anymore. We think of the children a lot…except when we don’t…when there’s money on the other side of the issue.

  11. One dipshit put a DEFECTIVE device in his underwear and I now have to get a fucking rectal exam every time I board a plane.

  12. Kinder surprise eggs aren’t banned specifically, they just fit the description of an FDA ban (toys/objects inside food). Why would we need to wait for an incident to happen first anyway…

  13. I don't understand how they can get so irrationally angry when people get upset about all of these "accidents" and mass shootings and demand solutions. How are we not allowed to be concerned about this stuff?

  14. I have friends that grew up hunting with their fathers. They are much more prepared for responsible gun ownership than most people buying their first gun out of fear. I do not own a gun because I do not need one but also because I know I could not trust myself to care for it properly.

  15. It’s not the responsible gun owners that are getting upset, it’s the ones that deep down know they are the dipshits.

  16. This should automatically disqualify someone from being allowed to conceal carry every again. There's no "accidental" shooting, just negligent shooting.

  17. Well if the shooting didn’t, the fact that this happened in a school does. It’s illegal (felony) to carry a firearm on school property, so they will lose their right to carry.

  18. When Texas passed their new gun laws I made a comment on a post saying that the rate of self inflicted gun shot wounds and public shootings is going to rise. Someone actually commented on it saying I was wrong.

  19. I’m not against guns or gun ownership. But I think people are incredibly stupid and without some educational and paperwork hurdles to jump then people too stupid to be trusted will have weapons. Hell, I don’t trust most people with cars, and those do have the hurdles to jump.

  20. I got my LTC about 8 years ago and I was SHOCKED at the guy next to me struggling to even properly LOAD his firearm during the qualification portion of the class. I literally felt unsafe being in the same room as this person and wanted to leave...and he was the worst but not the only one. I grew up around responsible gun owners and it was pretty jarring having my eyes opened to how bad the average person is...

  21. One of the gun control measures that the pro control side has been trying to push for years is a federally mandated drop test. Can't seem to make it happen thanks to the NRA. Without a federally mandated drop test it's hard to say that he actually had to pull the trigger.

  22. That's not true. Guns malfunction. Especially poorly designed, poorly maintained, or modified guns. For instance...

  23. This idiot just proved that they’re not competent enough to be carrying a gun, especially in a public space. Better give them their gun right back and let them go on their merry way!

  24. He wasn’t even legally carrying, that’s why he got arrested. It’s not legal to carry on an elementary school campus in TX. Only way around it is with written permission from the district. He didn’t have that.

  25. This is America! He will sue the school and win more money for more guns. It's not his fault, the school shouldn't have let him carry the gun onto the property!

  26. is constitutional carry in Texas. You don't actually need to know how to fire a gun or how to keep things safe to get a gun. I am surprised stupid shit like this doesn't happen more often.

  27. Even with constitutional carry guns on a school campus is a pretty big no no, there are exceptions for law enforcement but that’s about it - you aren’t supposed to even drive with a loaded firearm with 1000 feet of a school.

  28. Another good guy with a gun. Will he save anyone or accidentally kill someone? Who can tell?

  29. Gotta love people who don't take safety classes before buying a gun, it's a good thing he hit himself and not anyone else

  30. They should lose their ability to ever own a gun again. Why do you have a gun at school to begin with and shooting yourself should automatically disqualify you from owning a gun. Or it should be a 5 year ban with a chance at getting the right back after taking 10 hours of a class on gun safety and a probation period making sure the idiot doesn’t do something else stupid.

  31. Ugh this is why we need a qualifying system before a person legally obtains a firearm. One qualifier being a required gun-safety course, which would have taught this⬆️ dummy to put his firearm on safety.

  32. So good guy with a gun is more likely to shoot himself or someone else with a stray bullet on an accidental discharge vs stopping anything from happening.

  33. Me(who lives in Arlington Texas) waiting for this article to load: "Please be Virginia please be Virginia please be Virginia please be Virginia..... ah fuck".

  34. I mean let's be real, if guns only posed a threat of harm to their wielder we'd have absolutely zero problems lol

  35. Right on. Let's issue 1000 rounds and an AR-15 to every child when they are 4 and have them carry the loaded weapons to school with them each day. That way we would always have more good kids with guns than bad kids with guns. /S

  36. Fucking Texas again. So let's recap. We had a school shooting with 18 kids dead whilst a bunch of overmilitarized Texas police stood in the shade sipping water and flicking through their Instagrams. Then we had another AK-47 school massacre foiled at a different Texas school before it got started. And then the day after that, another shot fired in a school by a so-called "legal, responsible gun owner."

  37. Too bad every weapons offense isn't a felony. If you can't be responsible with a gun, you shouldn't be allowed to have them.

  38. It’s too bad there wasn’t a “good guy with a gun” to stop this. Maybe if everyone had a gun, it wouldn’t have happened. /s

  39. We will never have safety from guns as long as we have to trust every idiot who can pick one up.

  40. Ahhh yes, those wonderful legal open carry laws of Texas! No instructions, No training, No sense, just the feeling of machismo and having a larger penis in your pocket!

  41. Another good guy with a gun? So parents are now bringing concealed weapons made to kill people to schools full of children? Glad the 2nd Amendment is really working here.

  42. This is why jackasses shouldnt be able to purchase firearms id say 30% of our population here in the USA are complete jackasses and they love guns

  43. This was not an accidental discharge of a firearm. There was no mechanical failure of the gun. It was a negligent shooting of a firearm due to his failure to follow basic safety procedures.

  44. Police and school officials said there was no threat made and the parent did not have "malicious intent. Lucky he shot himself and not accidentally kill a kid.

  45. everything else aside, carrying LOADED just blows my mind, and always has. their reasoning is "i might not have time to rack the slide to chamber a round"

  46. Imagine being the poor kid who's white trash father brought a gun into the school and couldn't even keep from shooting himself.

  47. I was feeling panicky at my kid's field day on Wednesday and my foreign friend (who doesn't quite get it) said that at least a number of the parents on campus would be packing after Tuesday's shooting, as if that's supposed to be reassuring.

  48. OMG what the hell is going on this week? It's almost like someone is sending a signal that the whole "protect others from guns with more guns" is not exactly a good solution.

  49. Not an accident, this was negligent and illegal. Seriously hope this one is made an example of, this IS a felony. Freaking idiot.

  50. If you carry a gun with you everywhere you go, you're just a piece of shit. There is zero reason why you need it when a majority of the population is okay walking around without one.

  51. They never believe the statistics that say they’re waaaaaaay more likely to accidentally shoot themselves or their kids than they are to successfully use a gun to defend themselves, but they all think they’re immune to those statistics. “That won’t happen because I’m a responsible gun owner” this fuckwit probably said to himself as he strapped a gun to himself to walk into a school, like the lunatic he is.

  52. This idiot walked past all the fuckin “No Guns On School Property” signs, the signs on the door, the sign on the buzz in door, and still thought he was above all that and would be the protector… then shoots himself…

  53. This is why the 2nd Amendment mentions a well-regulated militia. It doesn't say any moron with no regulations, training, or registration can own a gun.

  54. Nothing to be worried about. Gun enthusiasts love to tell us that people who shoot themselves don't matter. So, why is this even news?

  55. Since you got a gun in a school how about you go find a deserted hallway and stick that fucking gun towards molar number 32 and pull the trigger you dumb fuck….

  56. So how many more dipshits have 47 guns just lying around that they have to carry everywhere. FFS, my country is stupid and hopeless.

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