Protesters' anguished shouts fail to dampen gun enthusiasm at NRA convention in Houston

  1. Everyone else is supposed to feel safer having all those guns in the streets. They even want teachers to have them in classrooms. Then why not have them at the convention if they make everyone safer?

  2. I cannot believe that they didn't have the simple compassion and humanity to cancel that damn convention. Or at least postpone it. Dear God in Heaven is Houston full of heartless bastards?

  3. Not the first time. Columbine was on April 20, 1999 in Littleton, Colorado. The NRA convention that year kicked off on April 30, 1999 in…Denver, Colorado.

  4. Yep. Remember, these people didn't ever want lockdowns either. The wheels must turn. The trolly must ride.

  5. The NRA is ok with kids being shot to death in schools. Every time this happens gun sales go up because people think laws will be passed to make them illegal. It’s an outstanding marketing tool for the gun industry. And, the NRA reaps massive new donations and memberships.

  6. To them, the shooting makes it more important for them to go. You know, to protect the guns and all. To them, having their guns is supposed to stop this from happening. And some bullshit about defunding police and arming amy the counselor. Oh yeah, and people steering away from christianity . And maybe videa games. Bottom line, no fucks were given. Dead kids mean absolutely nothing to conservative Christians. NOTHING.

  7. At this point, doubling down on the insensitivity is as much their brand as the guns are. It's what's demanded of them by their most fervent supporters.

  8. Houston isn't. The surrounding suburbs and rural areas are a different story. As always, rednecks don't have shit in their backwoods towns so they invite themselves into the cities they supposedly hate for everything

  9. Why would they cancel? They just had a fantastic exposure event occur a few days ago. Nothing could be better for business.

  10. Sociopathy is the foundation of the Republican Party. When they claim to care about someone other than themselves, they are lying.

  11. I agree. Extremely poor taste. I've been a gun owner all my life and this nonsense makes me want to puke. Preferably on Gregg Abbott's face. I don't even know what to think anymore. The country i love has turned into a fucking dumpster fire. I'm retired and thinking hard about Mexico.

  12. They didn’t cancel it right after Columbine, or after any other springtime mass shooting. Why would they cancel it now?

  13. I like the use elsewhere of “toys.” If you’re not killing something or target shooting they really are nothing other than toys for arrested-development types. Maybe that’s why children like taking them to school so much.

  14. There a huge portion of humanity that believes if someone else is losing, then they must be winning. You can see it regularly on reddit, especially in those "justice" type subs, or in stories about someone going to prison. Comments will be highly upvoted that are absolutely disgusting with joy about the horrors they fantasize the other person will experience.


  16. Let's be honest. The gun crowd sees the occasional slaughter of children as a good test of gun makers claims.

  17. I think that needs to be expanded. The voting population in the USA (in aggregate) has demonstrated over the years that the current yearly price in blood is fair for unfettered access to firearms.

  18. It’s also a criminal money laundering operation. For awhile, I thought they were going to get shut down because they were funneling Russian money through its operations. Even if you like guns, the NRA are a criminal group of grifters.

  19. I wouldn't go that far. A lot of people on both sides of the political spectrum in this country support gun rights, own, and use guns. Unfortunately a lot of places you need to be a member of the NRA to use gun ranges and purchases equipment.

  20. The type of people that support the NRA are the type of people that have zero concern or compassion for people outside their family and friends. This event didn't affect any of them so they don't give a shit.

  21. Responsible gun owners don’t give their money to the NRA, in my opinion. What they stand for is not even what many gun owners believe.

  22. Does anyone else think it is weird that the safest place to be is probably an NRA rally, even if the S.S. is making people leave their firearms outside?

  23. I mean, I consider it a lot safer BECAUSE the secret service is making people leave their guns outside, but that’s just me…

  24. Proud Texans - this is your version of Texas, the one that your votes have made - children dying before their time at the hands of a teenage madman with apathetic big talker police standing around doing nothing to stop the slaughter. What have you done?

  25. Honestly, as repugnant as I find this idea, I wish these parents would do it Emmett Till‘s mother did and have an open casket funeral with the press there. Let people see what was done to their children. Force them to see it.

  26. And as a gun advocate myself, I think that imagery is great. After 9/11 we didn't ban planes, we secured cockpits, upgraded the door and added more protection.

  27. A big part of NRA culture is that they're victims of constitutional revisionism and that there's a mob at the gates waiting to take their guns, a protest out front is probably emboldening to people who still chose to attend in this climate.

  28. If the screams of 3,500 mass shootings haven’t woken them up, nothing will. It’s an evil group with no compassion for human life. Reason and compassion are not present with them.

  29. Is anyone surprised? There's no point in talking to these idiots. Republican politicians could tell them that selling their children is the best way to fight democracy and they'd line their kids up Monday morning to be taken.

  30. If you're capable of giving a shit about human suffering, you're probably not an investor in arms manufacturers, and/or a member of the NRA.

  31. Doubt anyone will see this, but this is the same play as what the NRA did after the 1999 Columbine shooting. In 2021 an old tape of their meeting came out, where they chose to still have their convention in Colorado ten days later.

  32. Surprised Trump didn't drag one of the survivors on stage to say guns are good and that the election was rigged, then did his stupid fucking dance while the kid unknowingly stared off into the crowd of dipshit, soulless hyenas that would happily eat Trump's shit at any given moment.

  33. If anyone is protesting this weekend, consider bringing chalk, & making 19 child sized outlines + 2 adults. Place on sidewalk outside any hotels those NRA people are staying at, in front of senators & representatives homes and offices. State houses, governors mansions..Make them confront stepping over these bodies.

  34. IIRC he’s the only president in recent memory to actually enact new gun control measures, and he’s speaking at an NRA convention. He’s probably going to talk bs about how much the dems have damaged the 2nd amendment and they’re just going to eat that shit up. It is amazing.

  35. Protesting / anti-gun movements aside, the NRA should not still exist as an organization from all of the corruption from before. That alone is more than enough reason to avoid a convention of theirs.

  36. Just remember, It’s not about who owns guns. It’s about the unfettered access to guns and that the GOP does absolutely shit about that. Not to mention the child killing, but it’s also the , democracy stealing, book burning, womb thieves, companies are people, health care for no one, pedo’s, environment denying, No ethics shills that calls themselves ’small government’.

  37. Unfortunately, no. I don’t like that they’re so close to conservatives, but unfortunately the other side opposes the right. It’s like asking why Planned Parenthood doesn’t invite conservatives to speak.

  38. Just a reminder for when election times roll around, Conservatives care more about a fetus that cannot speak for itself than children in school being slaughtered by assault rifles.

  39. -"Actually its not an assault rifle": Do. Not. Care. Don't need to know what it is or how it works. ALL you need to know is that it can shoot and kill up to 50 people in under 5-10 minutes. You can call it a Boonjangle and tell me it works via water bubbles.

  40. You triggered all the stupid gun fucks that like to trot out videos of experts with thousands of hours with their weapons as if they or most Americans are that well trained. These chucklefucks post the videos and argue but in reality could never do a single thing in the videos they post. Most have a few hundred hours at most over sever years.

  41. You watch too much of our media. The organization does have its problems, but what you see is very twisted.

  42. I mean I’m a firearm collector and honestly more interested in the function than actual shooting, but the NRA is a bunch of money whores. The administration cares nothing for firearms freedom or heritage. All they want is money and to give it to both Democrat and republican politicians. It’s really just for the paycheck.

  43. The Gun Nuts are being promised a Hollywood version of the Old West where all disputes are settled with a quick draw in the streets, and the winner just walks away.

  44. "Pro-life" my ass, these assholes don't care how many children are brutally gunned down in horror as long as they get to march around on the weekend playing Rambo with their AR-15's.

  45. Protesting is almost a waste of time as they people don’t give a shit. Like screaming at a wall.

  46. These paranoid nutters have no reverse gear. They will be even more torqued by the end of their weapons festival.

  47. Most of us aren’t. Many of us do have guns, but the NRA is a special interest lobby group that does nothing for the American people or gun owners. They’ve just got some people fooled. Also some people are insanely obsessed with guns. But most aren’t.

  48. We spent 1 Trillion a year to protect the citizens of this country, yet we have to buy assault type and military style killing weapons to protect ourself and still people get killed in masses.

  49. "Well, if it's just me bleeding the nation a little teensy weensy bit, then everything should be fine! --- Nearly every politician since the 1980's.

  50. Really? Because the FBI investigated this and didn’t find any kind of money funneling to Republicans. There was about $2,500 in membership dues and a couple small donations from people in Russia (and not necessarily all Russians, just people in Russia).

  51. “Like I was just telling my boys,” Tindall said, “the main purpose of the Second Amendment is not anything other than to protect the other amendments. So without the Second Amendment, the right of the press, the right of free speech, their right to shout at us and protest, that all goes away.”

  52. There has already been 27 school shootings in 2022. At this rate, the killers may break last year's record and yet here you are defending these mass murderers.

  53. None of the people screaming about mental health want to do anything about universal healthcare and making sure people actually have access to mental health care.

  54. Fucking heartless and cruel to not, at the very least, postpone this event. I don’t even know what else to say other than I’m disgusted by anyone who attended.

  55. The convention centre should have been absolutely surrounded with protestors in numbers that would make the Arab Spring look like a picnic.

  56. The man w/ the 11 year-old twins (mentioned in the article) is known around town as an ignorant asshole. I wasn’t surprised to see his name or that he was waving at protesters.

  57. Support Firearms Policy Coalition, Gun Owners of America, The Second Amendment Foundation and any local state organizations you have. Here in Michigan we have Michigan Open Carry and Michigan Coalition for responsible gun owners. Those are the two big ones at least. Please donate and help support the 2A!

  58. When a group's beliefs become part of who they are, they operate the same as religious beliefs. Facts can't persuade a change in opinion and fear of being under attack (Armageddon) and of non-believers that are not in the know just make them more steadfast. Then the group becomes an information silo.

  59. We don’t need cancel culture for celebrities. We need immediate cancel culture for politicians, especially the ones who take bribes from these NRA asshats.

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