UPDATE: At least 9 people hurt in mass shooting near bar in Cincinnati

  1. I was genuinely concerned; I have family in Cincinnati. But the headline is ridiculous. Yes a shot was fired, no it wasn’t a “mass shooting.” Still, a horrible and unneeded event, but my BP jumped way higher than it needed to at that title.

  2. I genuinely want to know where in society we failed? Why are these events more prevalent now than before, maybe they have always been happening and the media is just now picking up on it.

  3. This is no different than any other shooting in a high crime neighborhood outside a bar at 1:45 am. (in which it’s not clear anybody was actually shot). It’s gone on forever.

  4. I know I’m sitting here on the wrong side of the Atlantic, and I’m going to get downvoted to hell, but do you think it could be easy access to firearms?

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