Travis McMichael sentenced to life in prison for federal hate crimes in killing of Ahmaud Arbery

  1. Yep! He wanted to be put in a federal prison. I guess he thought no one there would want to kill him. I personally don’t understand that logic, but hey!

  2. It's a huge problem that we allow our prisons to be so dangerous - beatings, rapes and murders. We really need to improve the conditions in prison.

  3. This racist fucking hillbilly will never "live" with it, he'll forever think he did the right thing. He'll be murdered in prison and his last thoughts will be that he did what he should have done.

  4. For reference, he had already been sentenced to life without parole for state murder charges. But yes, justice is being served here too, for historical reference if nothing else.

  5. Also if for some reason the state conviction gets overturned or modified, pardoned, etc., he's still got the federal one too.

  6. In most jurisdictions, you can only use lethal when threatened with lethal force, but it seems that many gun owning Americans think that you have the right to use your gun for mere theft or trespassing. In some jurisdictions, you even have to first try to flee from your home before using lethal force.

  7. Exactly. These murderers would have gotten off scot-free if it wasn’t for a local attorney seeing the video on a local tv station. Unbelievable. Just imaging all the other ugly shit that has been swept under the rug by these DAs.

  8. Absolutely agree- Abolishing qualified immunity is an enormous step towards being able to hold government officials like the DAs accountable. There was an AMA on abolishing qualified immunity this morning-

  9. I can confirm how bad that system is, reconnected with a childhood friend of mine recently and she became a guard at one of the state prisons. She went from kinda wacky to "I want to beat these guys to death" in less than a year on the job apparently.

  10. Really the most important part. Federal prisons are much more comfortable than state prisons generally. The concern with pursuing federal charges in the first place was the possibility that they could avoid state prison. Thankfully instead these dirtbags (an insult to dirtbags I know, if someone has a better term, I'll take it) only got added humiliation and a higher level of certainty that they'll never again walk free.

  11. Don’t get me wrong I’m glad he’s spending his life behind bars, but the fact we’re rooting for our failures in creating a safe penal system to adversely affect him seems a bit messed up.

  12. Two different DAs (first Johnson, then Barnhill) were actively burying it before they were pressured to recuse themselves and pass it on.

  13. I have a real suspicion that the defense lawyer saw that video, thought "these guys should be in prison," and released it under the guise of exonerating them in order to not be disbarred for deliberately incriminating a client.

  14. It's breathtaking how close this case came to never being prosecuted, and never seeing the light of day.

  15. The DOJ has been doing good with this. First the federal charges against Derek Chauvin (in addition to his state charges), now the federal charges against McMichael, and they've also brought a case against 4 officers involved with the killing of Breonna Taylor.

  16. I agree this is pretty direct. Is there a reason why the judge would use killed instead of murdered? I see this happen a lot, for example with Derek Chauvin, too?

  17. Just think… the Prosecutor was going to let them get away with it🤔 Makes you wonder how many times things like this get swept under the rug just because it’s a black guy. ?

  18. And they would have gotten away with it if they hadn't released the video. Now, they need to go after those who aided in the coverup.

  19. The most appalling thing is how long it took and the people who tried to cover it, delay it, those that were hired to work the justice system betrayed it.

  20. I hope no one actually kills him, but he spends the rest of his life afraid that someone is going to at any moment. That seems like justice.

  21. Bye bitch, you’re right where you belong and I’m happy the majority of us don’t ever have to think of you again while you rot in prison. Hope your hillbilly daddy is next.

  22. Can someone explain state vs federal prison mentions in this? Sounds like prosecutors and others are trying to keep them in state vs federal - why is that?

  23. Because Georgia’s state prison system is absolutely fucked and he will likely get murdered inside. At least fed prison gave him a better chance at not having to worry about something like that, but in state prison on charges like this? Yea he ain’t gonna have a good time lol serves the piece of shit too

  24. State prisons and generally hot trash compared with ones on the Federal level. No stay at "Club Fed" for this guy.

  25. He goes to Georgia prison for murder, federal is for hate crime part. Judge said nope state prison sentence first

  26. Out of all the senseless deaths that have received spotlight, this one affects me the most. It’s such a testament to how dangerous and backwards a good portion of this country is. They are gangrenous in their bigotry, and it really sucks having to share this land with such inbred pieces of trash

  27. Ah, I get it. He’s was getting sentenced for the federal hate crime. That’s why the info that he was afraid for his life came out. It was a lead up to his sentencing in an attempt to get sent to federal prison. Good thing the judge read the defense and called an audible

  28. To beat it all, the pistol that was "stolen" from one of the murderer's truck? Yup, he found it, wasn't stolen at all. Misplaced it like a dumbass.

  29. Travis is going to have white power tats and be associated with white gangs in prison inside of four months. Then he’s going to be in altercations. Then he’s going to be assigned to AdSeg, where he will spend the next 15 years in that cell or down the aisle in an exercise/shower cell once a week for an hour, until the last vestige of humanity in him winks out. Sometime after that he will quietly die for no apparent reason other than failure to thrive. He has no idea what his remaining life is going to be like, and it’s going to be a slowly dawning and completely demoralizing realization.

  30. It’s so much worse for him than for his dad or that other guy because he’s 20-30 years younger. They’ve lived most of their lives, got married, had kids and watched them grow up, had careers. Travis is like 35. He’s got most of his life left to rot in prison and think about the life he could’ve had.

  31. The DA that initially refused to bring charges and the police department that attempted to cover this up...they all need to be locked up for the safety of our society. They are a clear and present danger.

  32. You can still see them if you search threads back on this subreddit. It wasn’t the vast majority of comments but there were way way too many of them.

  33. Reddit? I know this is a different case but Tucker Carlson literally said George Floyd wasn't murdered just last week. I'm sure his thoughts on this are similar.

  34. Both Travis and his dad, Gregory, were sentenced to life in prison for federal hate crimes. Both will serve their sentences in state prison, not federal prison, as had been requested by their attorney. State prison's worse than federal prison. However, they will probably get protection from the white power groups, be they prisoners or guards because of their "celebrity". They will still suffer though. For life.

  35. Still blows my mind that all those guys weren’t immediately arrested, the local police actively tried to sweep it under the rug. The guy who recorded the video (on Snapchat?) is the only reason for the arrests.

  36. This man lives his life in fear so I’m sure he is horrified about going to prison. Hopefully the inmates will continue to help him live in fear for the rest of his life.

  37. As someone in the late 30s, I can't believe this dude is only 36 years old and looks like approaching late 40s. Hate really ages you faster.

  38. I’m glad this POS and his associates will be (likely) serving the rest of their days in prison, however, can we please go after some sort of punitive action against the DAs that tried to protect these shitstains?

  39. I love the fact that the dude released the video himself to show how right they were. The DA shouldn't have needed that goose to get off his ass, but it's great that they did it to themselves

  40. I love that his lawyers tried so hard to dress him like a respectable citizen instead of a dusty ass hillbilly and he still ended up getting life in prison. Thank god.

  41. There’s a little taste of justice, now I’m hooked. I’m going to need some more. How about a nice dose of trump in jail for life with all his traitor cronies (at least 5/6 of gop politicians at this point).

  42. He might very likely find himself in protective custody, basically solitary. Whatever mind he has will turn to mush. Unlike many here, I don't want him to be killed in prison. I want him to live a long, looong time staring at an unchanging, bleak environment.

  43. Wasn’t he worried about dying in prison? Well at least the “if” part has been taken out of the equation. Now it’s just “when” that keeps him up at night.

  44. Good, fuck all three of them. Put them in general population let them see what it’s like to feel helpless and can’t escape.

  45. Imagine... all he had to not do was ride in the back of a pickup truck with a shotgun after someone they suspected could have been tresspassing in an unfinished house. Believe it or not it's not a situation most people would ever find themselves in

  46. For real. To this day I wonder why these people took it upon themselves to confront this man for "trespassing" on someone else's property. Report it and get on with your day.

  47. Seems like all the people that said Arbery deserved it have been awfully quiet ever since these racist fuckwits got found guilty

  48. Good. You shouldn't go looking for a problematic situation to put yourself in just so you can feel like a cowboy/sheriff. If you think somebody is robbing a place, call the police. If you think you have spotted someone who just robbed a place, call the police. Unless a "bad guy" is baring down on you and you feel a personal threat to your safety, stay out of and away from situations like that. A civilian is not.trained enough to know what they are doing or what the alleged criminal is doing/did. It's just toxic masculinity and racism that fueled these idiots. Thanks for making the world a worse place just cuz you're in it, morons. I hope they are never eligible for parole. You don't make those kinds of decisions when your good at your core...

  49. You took a life and harmed a family. It is time to pay the piper, in state prison. I hope you feel the pain you inflicted on others for the rest of your life.

  50. To think, the original prosecutor let them walk free for months with no arrests, and no plan to arrest them. How many others got away with it?

  51. Wonderful news, I wish him a long, miserable existence in jail. What him and his "buddies" did was one of the most disgusting things I've seen filmed by an attacker. This is what justice looks like, as best as we have available.

  52. mmm justice it taste so good.. yummy soo yummy. mmmm ... just breaks my heart because so many small towns have done stuff like this before and will never be bought to justice. we were just lucky this one was caught on tape.

  53. Banjo playing in the background. Why even waste any news time or human time on this person. They need to disappear him and not waste another second on his invalid genes.

  54. hate crime just means mandatory maximum sentencing so if it was normally 20-25 the hate crime sentence is 25+

  55. He'll be in solitary confinement for life. Shackled everytime he leaves his cell. Suicide watch for 24 hours. No way will the prison system allow him to be killed or commit suicide.

  56. His lawyers don’t want him to do federal time because they are concerned he will be know because he’ll be locked up with ppl who have murdered ppl😆

  57. I am relieved that all 3 of them received a life sentence. Is there a possibility of parole? I hope not. I couldn’t believe it when the dad said there was no malice inhis heart. He hunted an innocent young man and shot him. He killed someone’s child. What was in his heart? Hate, malice Every time i hear ANYTHING about this case i start crying. I think about his parents. They have seen the video of their son being murdered. You cant unsee that. Tragic and heartbreaking. It is only right that they serve their time in a state prison. They are afraid they will be killed. Karma’s a bitch.

  58. He says he's afraid for his life. I'm sure Ahmaud was afraid for his life, too. I don't feel the least bit sorry for those three pricks. But the Aryan Brotherhood will welcome the SoBs.

  59. Can someone politely explain to me(I am not advocating or arguing this point) why my neighbor thinks and says these guys were within their rights to perform a citizens arrest and should be free?

  60. Could not sound any less sincere with, “I’m sorry, I am, for what happened to him on that day. I never intended any harm to him," Bryan said.

  61. I love it that the "plus 10 years" sentencing part is to be served consecutively after a life sentence. Scumbag ain't ever getting out.

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