California Regulators Fine Amy's Kitchen $25,000 for Safety Violations | KQED

  1. "“The fact that there were no reported worker injuries from these safety hazards at the time of the inspection indicates the employer was lucky, not safe,” said Brown, a compliance safety and health officer for 18 years. “These are real safety hazards which can have real adverse consequences on people’s health and safety.”

  2. Dear golly, why not just fix the issues, it's not like functioning eye wash stations will break the bank.

  3. It's a large company it's only 25 grand. They're going to say they're going to contest in court, quietly pay the fine, and sweep it under the rug.

  4. I sort of remembered the brand and wondered if it was that but my mind still went to that Amy and hoped it was her. That would have been so much more interesting! Although, I guess, significantly less important than this much larger company being terrible.

  5. They have also been union busting or, more precisely, they closed a factory that was on the verge of unionizing.

  6. Yeah, I really liked a few things they made but stopped buying their products completely when that happened.

  7. Yet another company whose reality is far different from their public image. I won’t purchase anything from them ever again.

  8. Wow, I stopped buying their products the first time I heard of worker mistreatment. Now hearing their statements about this, I will never buy their products again. They obviously don’t give a fuck about their employees.

  9. I read something about a year ago regarding how poorly they treat their workers and send them to shitty health clinics that are in cahoots with the company so they can continue exploiting them.

  10. For a sec I thought this was Amy’s Baking company from Kitchen Nightmares and I couldn’t believe they were still in business.

  11. Not suprised by more bad labor news from this company, even if this particular report is minor and blown out of proportion. What I do find suprising is the fact some people consider their products tasty. Nasty.

  12. "Amy’s Kitchen... plans to contest all of the citations" followed by “We took their findings to heart.”

  13. When I heard Amy’s Kitchen I was thinking of that crazy lady with the mafia husband who was on some Kitchen Nightmares type show that went viral.

  14. I used to always keep some of their frozen burritos in my freezer for "emergencies" but I stopped when I found out about how badly they treat their employees.

  15. No they'll have the insurance adjusters pick apart what happened to you as if you're some kind of bug on a slide. I better stop now

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