Elon Musk Says He’ll Reinstate Suspended Twitter Accounts Beginning Next Week

  1. I worked in community management earlier in my career. I even grew my own personal community on Twitter ten years ago to have over 20K+ organic followers. Any good community manager knows there are toxic people who can’t play nice. The rotten apple spoils the bunch and lowers standards, thereby ruining communities.

  2. Eh. I'm bored of this now. Let me know when twitter dies. Otherwise it's the same old same old musky. He says something snarky to "own the libs." Then goes and get a few more employees pregnant. Maybe calls someone a pedo.

  3. Am I alone in thinking that many Yes votes were from those wanting Twitter to crash? This will end in Twitter self destructing.

  4. No, it's his alt-right fans (he used to have left fans back in the day...) Mostly people that follow him will participate in the poll. I got sick of his shit years ago, so the polls don't show up in my timeline unless someone I follow retweets it.

  5. More reason I’m happy deleted my account. I block enough people on Reddit i have no desire to deal with the cesspool that’s Twitter.

  6. I have one and an active account I’d close if I were ambitious enough to figure out how to do that from my phone. LOL

  7. I don't understand why hes using these polls to justify his actions, did they get rid of the bots? How is this "the people" speaking?

  8. He'll deflect any criticism as the decision wasn't his but "the people's." Everyone else realizes that a large portion of the people engaging with Elon's tweets are stanning weirdos and/or alt-right nazi losers so these votes will never result in positive changes to twitter.

  9. Elon. He decided not to reinstate Alex Jones, so it’s literally just his discretion. Nothing could possibly go wrong

  10. We went from a team struggling, with guidelines for action, to literally the CEO individually deciding things. You know, the exact thing the alt right claimed was happening before that they were so “concerned” about, all because Elmo desperately wants people to love him.

  11. Reinstating Trump was great idea wasn't it. All the negative press for no increase in traffic.

  12. I just can’t wait to see all the retweets and shares of bat-shit crazy content next to family-family branded ads. That should spice things up a bit.

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