Your least favourite Nightwish songs

  1. I love this song though! Yeah it's very apparent that it was written by a 20 yo horny Tuomas, but I think the songwriting with they keyboards, flutes and everything is great. The intro is a highlight of the album for me.

  2. "Walking in the Air" - for some reason I cannot listen to this song. This is the only instant "skip" song from their entire discography.

  3. I remember the first time I listened to this I was disappointed because Tuomas said it was his favourite song ever so they had to cover it. It seemed too slow and boring for me at first.

  4. Omg no! lol although I agree, that Wishmaster version is not something I enjoy, but the Hartwall Areena version they did in 2009 (very unknown to be honest) is absolutely BEAUTIFUL.

  5. Edema Ruh, Our Decades in the Sun, and The Eyes are SUCH a snooze fest that I think I only listened to them upon initial release and havent since. I always thought EFMB was just okay but during relistens I find myself skipping half the album. Def one of their worst albums in general.

  6. I think their worst song is Edema Ruh. It’s so bland that I’m surprised that it was almost chosen to be the lead single. It also doesn’t have anything to do with EFMB’s themes (nature, science).

  7. I also dislike this song, not as much as I do The Eyes of Sharbat Gula which is just a filler, but still. I can't fathom how 1) The kept Sagan away instead of Edema Ruh 2) they were intially going to release the song as the FIRST SINGLE, seriously...

  8. Oh man, misheard Wishmaster! That's a blast from the past! Thanks for the reminder I have to watch it now.

  9. I think about that misheard video and start laughing way more often than I'd like to admit. What a classic!

  10. Not really my least favorite (still better than the "classic" bad songs like nymphomaniac fantasia etc), but I really don't understand what people like about Sagan.

  11. Haven't seen this song mentioned much, but Creek Mary's Blood is the only song by them I wish to skip every time I hear it. It's too long, especially for a ballad that comes in the first half of the album, and the instrumentation and theme just don't fit the other tracks that well.

  12. To get a general idea, you can view the songs that were first to be eliminated in the album knockout games. Having said that, there's probably at least one or two people on this sub that love even the most generally unliked songs in Nightwish's discography.

  13. Oh wow, three songs from my top 10 including my all time favorite song, plus one of my favorite from DPP. Weak Fantasy is OK.

  14. I wish Dark Passion Play went through a bit more screening period, and that the band realised including BBB and Master Passion Greed was a bad idea. It didn't help with the drama, and probably didn't help to mend their relationship with Tarja. And I agree, you get nothing on these songs that you don't already find on Wish I Had an Angel and Romanticide.

  15. I have such a weird view of that entire album honestly. It came out when I was in high school and it was the first album of theirs that I listened to and at the time I loved it - because angsty teenager. Looking back I still have a bit of that nostalgic love for it - but musically it is my least favorite for a lot of the things you mention.

  16. I hear and respect what you're saying, but damn MPG helps me blow off steam to this day. I don't think of Marcelo when I listen to it, just my own life.

  17. The whole Angels Fall First stuff (okay maybe excepting the album title track). I can't even remember the name of all the songs lol the whole thing is cringe and cheesy

  18. I Wish I Had an Angel. By no means it's a bad song or anything, but I don't like how the drums during the chorus sound so techno-ish

  19. I hate The Carpenter so much I can't listen to Angels Fall First at all. Which isn't a big loss really, most of that album sucks. I just can't believe nobody was willing to tell Tuomas he couldn't sing and they just let that go out.

  20. To be fair, at that time they were just barely know in their small town and nightwish was just a small project, so it understandable he ended up singing lol

  21. Wishmaster. It was the first NW song I ever heard and turned me off of them for years. At first I thought it was a parody but eventually I realized they were serious. I began laughing because it's so cringy and overwrought from the poorly pronounced words to the opera.

  22. I mean it's a genre. I agree that Wishmaster is not a very good track (the weakest from this album imo) but I don't understand how one can like Nightwish but cringe at the classical singing part. That was their trademark sound for almost 10 years, and continued to be used by the choir ever since, and now by Floor.

  23. I would argue that lyrics-wise Come Cover Me is Nymphomaniac Fantasia 3.0. Wish I had an Angel is 4.0 and Whoever Brings the Night 5.0. After that Tuomas finally got laid.

  24. Songs that I don't really dislike, but that I skip more often than others (if I even skip at all) :

  25. You know you're doing it right when you're getting downvoted by lurkers lol, I agree with most of these except for Away and Crow, but they're not hard disagrees.

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