Speed and precision in portioning the batter

  1. The portion of the piping bag was impressive. At first I thought there was too much in it but then it ended up being perfect

  2. I usually have to pipe somewhat large quantities of Cheesecake batter in cupcakes. The last bit is always my favourite! Squeegee every drop of batter into that tip, twist it till tense then every last little bit of it out of that thing...

  3. Absolutely this. I used to watch in awe as the baking staff at one of my jobs perfectly crimped hundreds of pies, with amazing ease and completely dead eyes.

  4. I've been thinking for a while that there should be a sub dedicated to this sort of stuff. There is some form of beauty and grace to someone who has done something thousands of times before and knows exactly how to do it in the most efficient and precise manner.

  5. after having a job similar to this, way back in the day, i dislike these videos. the fucking hours of tedious, repetitive and boring work on display here is tortuous to me, having lived through it.

  6. Yeah. And it’s too bad that she gets paid hardly anything and most likely lives with her coworkers in a dorm. Source: I live in China and that’s the norm here

  7. One of those comments you think but just know if someone made it that it’s buried in downvotes. But here you are, prevailed in a favourable ratio. You won.

  8. Sorry, just can't feel any satisfaction in seeing a person doing a menial task with machine precision. We invented machines to handle this crap so we could apply ourselves more creatively. This is human potential being squandered.

  9. I honestly hope she is a lesbian or is asexual, because frankly with hands that can squeeze that quickly and precisely, the death grip potential is horrifying.

  10. You guys gotta stop with the downvotes Jesus. We’re all thinking it and all you happy go lucky comments are pretending you’re not. It’s annoying and disingenuous.

  11. With a bit of automation, she could make her boss a tiny bit more affluent once the investment matures.

  12. Yea, she's so shit at her job munching on food you didnt make If you can do better, go work in a kitchen you ungrateful fucks. It's a tough job, but somebody's gotta do it.

  13. The perfect squeeze at the end did it for me. so many times I'm portioning dough or some other thing and there's not enough left to make the last one

  14. This is the opposite of satisfying. just some underpaid wageslave piping dough faster than necessary, with obviously low quality control standards on their olive placement.

  15. the ending is like when boxers are hitting the little punching bag and give that final punch a nice big whack for dramatic effect

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