A Sisyphus table creates kinetic art using a single marble

  1. To be honest it looks like the hardest part is the patterns, the moving mechanism could be simple with essentially a 3d printer head mover with some gcode to move it and the table is just a circular table with the right amount of sand. could probably DIY one for not very much.

  2. I just went back to Winamp recently. My computer's probably loaded with spyware, but it's like hanging out with a friend who's hiding a zombie bite, but I don't know that yet.

  3. First time I went to a Herbalist shop to buy some weed oil I saw this type of table set up with a few chairs around it. There were people sitting there staring at the table in quiet bliss.

  4. Slow as shit. Maybe a foot a minute. The place I’m working at this week has 4 of the small ones. They even do the company logo every couple hours.

  5. Because despite all the time and effort to draw each image in the sand, it's all erased for or by the next one, like the boulder starting back at the bottom of the hill each day. Also the marble is likely a reference to the Sisyphean boulder.

  6. I have seen a bunch of these table videos, but this is the best set of patterns I have seen. Much more variation. The off-center designs, the bird design, the snowflake/asanoha pattern, swirls projected like a sphere, it's really good.

  7. Okay I've seen these before. They are cool. But I wasn't really impressed. Then that shit drew a bird and I was like, goddamn.

  8. The song speaks to the up’s and down’s of life, how it is all cyclical. The Sisyphus table also is cyclical, as it creates new art, it must “delete” it’s previous work. This is merely an interpretation, the song was probably selected at random.

  9. I personally wouldn’t consider it a marble. To me marbles are made of glass and I assume this is being moved by some form of magnet, so I would call it a ball bearing. But that’s just me.

  10. The word started as marble, like the variegated stone. Then marbled glass. If you play the game of Marbles, though, some would use a ball bearing or "steelie" as an aggressive move.

  11. Super Cool and mesmerizing. They are expensive but not as bad as I would have thought considering the technology. I am hoping to get some for our Adult Lounge.

  12. Was that a bird? I mean, no Rorschach stuff but that legit looked like a bird from what I assume is totally random stuff.

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