Friendly rituals

  1. That photo is from the north of Argentina. There they say a "stunted" child when it presents rickets, lack of appetite or delayed maturation and it is believed that the mother during pregnancy was influenced by negative energies, the "cure" is to put it in the stomach of a recently slaughtered cow.

  2. Oh jesus, I legitimately thought this was a plushy blanket with some kind of tortilla coloring. Or a pillow or something. How cruel is that?

  3. Ritter's- They are not doing it for vitamin D It actually caused by vitamin b15 & b17 deficiencies. Nitrilosides, stored in the fats of grazing animals.

  4. C̜̥̩͈͔̹͑̓̐̽̊̆͑͞O̰̩͖̼͇̮̟͋ͮ̌̔̄́Ṇ̳̞̭̰̄ͪ̊ͩ̊ͭ̕S̢͈̏̃̑͂Uͬ̑͐̾̇̃ͮM̷͕̊ͅE͓̳̝̖̊̈ͦͥ͋͋ͧ͜ ̻̰̜̻͍̫̍͌̇ͣͯ̽͡T̗͘H̵̞̪̩͖ͨ̋̏̋ͫE͚̼̪ͪ͑̋̍ͣ͑ ͚̞͙̺̤̲ͨ̆̔͆̎ͅC̟̱̖̻͐ͮͪͬͫH͖͉̱͈ͫͧ̇ͅI̘̦͙͊̓͢L̶̋͑ͯ̂̆̒D̟ͬ̈́

  5. To think people like this are around us ever day that have beliefs such as this , even worse. What a disturbing though. I guess it like they say “you cant condemn them if they don’t know any better “

  6. Lol it’s a LG box they are standing on and it says below the LG “life is good” damn that baby would be very upset if it could read

  7. Heard about something similar to this, I think I got it first from a petscop theory, it’s about some girl getting tightly wrapped in a blanket, after that a bunch of nurses, I kid you not, sat on her for at most a hour, after which they reopened the blanket to find it fully covered in throw up and other disgusting things. I believe this process is called “Rebirth”.

  8. And here I am making sure my kids’ meat is fully cooked before they touch it so they don’t get sick. I’m gonna show this to those spoiled bastards at dinner tonight.

  9. What's more terrifying, is that my Q sister in law shared this picture on her Facebook page with the caption that this is how pedophiles smuggle American children out of the country to be sold as sex slaves.

  10. Science supports chemotherapy & radiation therapy.. The leading cause of death is correctly prescribed medications 3 million a year. (Harvard university did the study in the 90's) our numbers must be double that by now.. Hormones in your foods & tons of genetic mutations running around 😂

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