The way this lady acts after getting caught for killing her husband

  1. I don't understand why people think that pleading insane will set you free after murdering someone. Your just going to get thrown in a mental hospital, and that's pretty much prison with drugs lol. Nobody's ever had fun in a mental hospital.

  2. I heard that it’s very rare for that defense to work. I guess if you really are in trouble mentally you’ll be deemed unfit to stand trial. But this doesn’t look like the US, right? So who knows.

  3. I remember watching a video about how pleading for insanity is the dumbest thing you can do. If you get convicted while “insane” you just get locked up in psych ward for life.

  4. In Honduras, there was a guy who killed his gf. She was miss Honduras, who was participating in a couple of weeks in miss universe. The mothefucker also killed her sister as well, as she was defending her when that happened. He buried both bodies in the forest. When caught, he was pretending to have mental issues, but the psychiatrists didn't get fool and told jury it was bs from him. He is in prison, I think he has life sentence or something.

  5. Which is funny because where they send you when the criminally insane schtick does work is so SO much worse than an actual prison

  6. They’re speaking Turkish in the background, so I’m assuming from what I know about the culture that she’s pretending to be possessed by a demon or something

  7. Funny thing is people seem to think the insanity defense is a get out jail free card. The insanity plea very rarely works. They would bring in professional doctors to diagnose you, and deem you insane. Even then, they would lock you in a mental institution. Which I would imagine is a torturous experience if you’re not actually insane

  8. Or, hear me out... shes actually “insane”... i do not think i could make the faces shes making, her eyes and her mouth, no matter how hard i try. Also, she killed her husband. Theres some level of insanity to do that in the first place.

  9. From what I’ve read, wards for the criminally insane are often far worse than regular prisons. You end up screwing yourself more with this approach.

  10. Not a very good one, evidently. Looks like she can't decide if she's going for the insanity plea, or just the classic Chewing My Face Off cracktivity

  11. Gozer the Gozarían? Good evening. As a duly designated representative of the City, County, and State of Reddit, I order you to cease and desist all supernatural activity and return to the nearest dimension from whence you came.

  12. I remember my face twisting and sliding all over the place just like that and it was the very first time I tried a bag of Haribo Tangfastics..

  13. Who is filming her and why? Is it the people taking her in? And is it to be used as evidence of her condition upon arrest?

  14. Just give her a hard slap round the chops and say "no, bitch, we aren't playing the whole im-a-psycho-possessed-by-the-devil defense. Snap out of it".

  15. I know the story behind it definitely isn’t funny, but i couldn’t help but laugh at this. Can almost guarantee she’s using it as a defence method to go for the classic insanity plea, although from what i’ve heard wards for the insane are way worse, she would essentially be fucking herself over lol.

  16. I’m not a firm believer of people getting possessed but I’ve come across instances where certain behaviors dictate the involvement of super natural being possessing ppl and doing hideous deeds.

  17. All this talk about the insanity defence, but can anyone verify that this is someone who actually killed her husband and not some random mentally ill person? She looks ill to me. The way she responds positively to touch at the end of the clip is not someone who gets a lot of human contact (or is faking insanity).

  18. This isn't How Crazy people act. Wether she would be cathatonic or way more agitated than that If insanity was the case. The sounds, the way she turns as she knew It would scare the people filming, the way she doesn't keep the angry face for too long, everything here screams this is fake.

  19. Typical white pieces of shit setting up an insanity defense to get a couple months of sanatorium instead of her deserved sentence, nothing new to see here

  20. I love how the top comment on this are either if she's faking and/or how she is going to get punished for it. The fact she looks like a fucking horror movie character seems to be secondary. It tells a lot about people.

  21. Mental illness accounts for 5% of murders and are far more often victims than perps, don't believe the stigma. She's not even in character this entire video because her mouth is cramping up trying to look angry while trying not to smile, you can see the kick she's getting out of thinking she's fooling someone at two seperate parts where she flashes that pride.

  22. Not a convincing act and also the insanity defense is very difficult to pull off anymore. This ladies life is over no matter how it goes, and good riddance. I think she should just be executed to save the people time and expense (after she's found guilty of course)

  23. I remember working a case with a highly intoxicated (and probably on other substances) individual who swore up and down that he was John Constantine and that he was liberating people from demons (he was assaulting anyone and everyone). At the end of my graveyard shift when my buddy on the day shift was coming to relieve us and I debriefed him, my buddies first instinct was to go in there and tell the guy that he felt a weird presence in his body which caused “John Constantine” to go absolutely batshit doing anything he could to exorcise the demon from my buddy (he was cuffed to the table so he couldn’t cause any harm). We had a good laugh about it in the other room after “John” failed to exorcise. This reminded me of that suspect. Lmao

  24. I'd be upset too. Who hasn't been in the situation where we thought we'd get away with something and ended up getting caught?

  25. Don’t even know the background story but I bet religion or demons or Satan was part of the explanation

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