Black Vultures perched on the roof of my elderly neighbors house. I'm too afraid to go check on him.

  1. Couple weeks ago there were atleast 30 around my house when I left at sunrise for work. Pretty erie especially made me jump a bit cuz didn't notice till one flew past and was louder than expexted... Turned out to be a dead Raccoon next to the house.

  2. Cops are there. Theyre calling his sister to gain access inside the house. He isnt answering the door. The last time I saw him was about a week ago. I hope he's ok.

  3. First time i saw a dead body was when i was 18 and this women who rented my sisters housw on our property dog wouldn't stop barking all morning. I went to knock a few times and nothing. The barking wouldnt stop so around noon i just let myself in and she was dead on the recliner. She used too much insulin. She bit her tongue and choked on it.

  4. It's a good thing the birds and you noticed it. Imagine if it went on much longer? The whole house would be ruined and it would be even more tragic of a scene.

  5. Have one detective in the family. He works an area with a large elderly population. He is often called upon to investigate "a foul odor".

  6. This happened to my neighbor. None of us had seen him in awhile, we knocked, checked windows, his car was there but no answer. He did his lawn like clockwork but it was now overgrown. I called 911 and requested a welfare check. When the cops finally gained entry...well the smell, he'd been gone a week or so they thought. It was weird seeing the coroner's van and wheeling him out. This was what happened to my mom a month before, she also died at home. I ended up having to answer the police's questions which was hard to say the least. He was a really quiet guy, elderly but really, really sweet. This to me is so sad to die alone but he had family that cared. I ended up being the one that called them, we all had a sit down and talked about himo. RIP Johnny ❤

  7. Dudes toast. Out of respect for his family I wont post the pic of the coroner wheeling out his corpse. RIP Buddy. :(

  8. I want to compliment you for realising that something was off and took actions even if it was too late but at least you did something in good intention.

  9. I’m sorry you had to be a part of that situation. The family probably is very grateful of your help

  10. I just became even more terrified of this picture after finding the update! RIP Gary the neighbor

  11. if I had seen this, I honestly don't know if my first thought would have been somethings off. thank you for being a decent human. RIP to your neighbor

  12. It might not make you feel any better, but I think it's worth it to point out that dying in the comfort of your home is what many people wish for. He didn't die in a hospital; his family didn't have to make any difficult decisions. No one was breaking his ribs trying to perform CPR. Hopefully he passed peacefully in his sleep.

  13. Damn. My elderly neighbor died not too along. Similar situation. I hadn't seen him for awhile and that weekend I kept getting a smell of "death" randomly when I walked to my vehicle. I thought to myself damn i hope he not dead in there. A couple days later my girl told me police where going in because he wasn't answering the door. Damn. I felt bad cuz he died alone and probably didn't die quickly. Shit sucks.

  14. Sorry to hear about his passing. When I was in high school we had an elderly neighbor lived 2 houses down. One day my dad realized that his mail was piling up on his porch. We asked the other neighbors if they had seen him. He would always ask someone if they would get his mail for him if he went on vacation. The cops were called and after knocking and seeing his car in his garage. They decided to go in. They pried open a window but they couldn’t fit. So with all of us standing around watching. They asked me if I could jump in and open the back door. But you could actually smell death. I said no. My friend who’s my age volunteered and said I’ll do it. As he was climbing in we all went to the backyard and I remember seeing my friend walk out pale as a ghost almost in a trance just saying. He’s dead. He’s dead. He’s in the kitchen floor. Honestly I don’t think my friend has gotten over that image. We are 46 now.

  15. We had a landlord who was very old and single living alone at one of his condos. His body rotted for 2 months before he was found. His family said we loved him so much so i asked them why did it take 2 months to find his body but only a week to liquidate his estate ?

  16. Believe me some people are evil. I'll never speak to my mother again but I'll gladly help liquedate her estate.

  17. Vultures can smell death way high up like shark in the water. Rotten meat has a smell, and they can dial it in. Condolences but a sky funeral, wherein the vultures eat the dead person is natures way to go. vultures:natures janitors is a book I read as a foundling

  18. The Parsis (Zoroastrians) commonly in India leave their loved ones bodies for vultures to feed on the corpse. It’s their way of giving back to nature.

  19. Call the police, for a wellness check because that is definitely something not great. I get not wanting to go to the store, those birds are big and kinda terrifying.

  20. Saw some others saying it but it needs to be more well known, gas leaks make the same smell and will absolutely attract vultures, and it’s more of a concern for everyone around than just the people living there

  21. This happened to my downstairs neighbor. He didn’t answer for a minute and then next thing I know, cops were downstairs below me breaking in. Very sad when elderly people die alone.

  22. I'm sure everyone can conclude the neighbour has likely, sadly, passed, but I would like to point out the turkey vulture present. Unlike most vultures, turkey vultures have an unbelievable sense of smell, which allows them to almost always be the first to sniff out carrion. Then, stronger vultures like black vultures follow them and get to the remains first, allowing the weaker turkey vulture access to the food once it's been "opened," for lack of a better term.

  23. Oh, that’s an omen of some sort. Edit: had police knocking on my door asking about the neighbor gentleman. Had been days since I had seen him. He was back “home” for his wife’s funeral. We all see police, interact with police, but to be questioned, even casually, is a little different. On the same note. That was the day my 4th? 5th? grade son, made the faux paux of the decade. Relatives of the deceased, the wife, were in several cars. And of course, a coroner’s vehicle. But, my son played baseball and we needed to leave for a game. Standing on the porch, in only a voice a kid can project, my son bellows, “but I want to see the body come out!” Oh, if I could have sank through the concrete front porch or transported us to the game in a blink, that would have been great.

  24. RIP to your neighbor. While it is sad I think maybe he’s happier to have passed at home rather than in some awful hospital bed somewhere. And his last thoughts being “Who’s paying for this”

  25. One day when I worked nights I came home in the morning and there were a bunch of vultures in my tree. It scared me to death but I fell asleep. When I got up a deer had been hit right in front of my house.

  26. With the updates, this is just sad. The decorative heart in the window covering (idk what those are called) ☹️

  27. If the sister's that bad hopefully she'll never quite be able to get the smell out of everything.

  28. If these were turkey vultures I would say "they picked up the smell" but black vultures aren't thought to track via smell in the same way. Honestly not sure how else you would explain it, though.

  29. Don't be too worried. There's a house on my commute that always has 5-10 of these. Wondered the same thing then after months I saw some people walking around one day and the cars were always in different places.

  30. Vultures are attracted to mercaptan (the additive in natural gas that gives it the distinct smell). They may have a gas leak.

  31. Alright so apparently I’m the only one on this subreddit with any sense of logic or deduction . The guy dying didn’t attract the birds. What killed him did tho, presuming he’s dead. Carbon monoxide is similar to the biological gasses given off by dying animals, and for anyone who didn’t know this vultures don’t circle around a body waiting their turn for a finger off the cadaver, animals are selfish and brutal if there really was a body in the woods vultures wouldn’t circle it they’d kill each other to get to it. In all likelihood it’s a gas leak that the birds interpreted as a dying organism since the compounds are similar

  32. Met a vulture at a local falconers, sweetest little guy, spent most the time hiding behind his owners legs and hopping around, graceful too when he flew.

  33. Legit I take vulture sightings very seriously after the passing of my grandparents. When they were getting ready to pass, a single vulture always showed up and circled around their house without fail.

  34. Newspaper is still in the yard. I'd pick up the paper and knock on the door. Then if he answers, you can hand him his paper, and/or show him the beautiful birds on the roof. He doesn't have to know you know what kind of birds they are. Just be happy he's still alive. If he doesn't answer the door, call the police.

  35. You better call the cops and let THEM check on him. Those buzzards can smell a ripe corpse miles away! Let’s hope he’s not at the point where he bursts his jammies!

  36. I’m no ornithologist but what state or perhaps if it’s another country do these birds live/fly around? Not sure what the term is. But it’s crazy. Scary, but at least you were able to give their body a means of goodbye to their family.

  37. I think the right to have done (if you didn’t already do it) would’ve been to contact the authorities first and then post to Reddit - or not post to Reddit but good on you for being concerned for him, I’m sure you mean well, hope he’s ok

  38. Perhaps, but now everyone who reads the story knows that vultures on a roof mean something or someone has died, or there's a gas leak. If we see it again, we'll remember this story.

  39. Crazy that the vultures knew he was dead. I used to live in a place where they're very common, used to fly around the neighborhood and land on my roof and my neighbors' all the time. I wouldn't have thought anything of it.

  40. I’m so glad you called, OP. You did a great thing. His sister probably didn’t know to check, it happens as people get older. Now his family can begin their grieving process.

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