Men's beauty contest, early 1900s.

  1. He's trying his best not to cum by holding his breath... Only this was the year they discovered the total opposite.

  2. Oh no, he might be a little gay and is surrounded by nearly naked men. He is not in the right spot or time to risk everyone noticing.

  3. This is NOT terrifying.. just NORMAL bodies. I hate that we bodyshame normal men, isn't it bad enough women starve themselfes and/or go through horryfying surgery to look "good enough" cuz we bodyshame them? Shame on you OP!!

  4. Male beauty contests still exist, they have just changed dramatically and they call it body building now. Everyone talks about how unrealistic female beauty has become since a hungred years ago when all they gotta do is take care of their skin, due cardio, and don’t get fat... along with natural beauty which they have or don’t of course. Men have to build up their body to 130-160% their natural size and then diet off all the necessary fat the reach that point from 15-20% down to 3-6% on top of all the requirements competing women have to achieve. The difference being tremendously higher investments of time, pain, drugs, and the most self abusive dieting cycle that exists.

  5. Mods could you please do something about the vast amount of stuff being posted here that doesn’t belong here at all? Like, in the slightest

  6. This sub needs one of those auto mod polls where people vote on if something fits the subreddit. Mods just let anything fly on this sub lately.

  7. There’s no evidence that this picture is actually from a beauty contest and this idea is likely made up for more clicks

  8. Haha how amusing that the rules on women’s beach wear were so strict, while these fellas were marching around with their old fellows bouncing around in a pouch of fabric for all to see.

  9. So I was born in the wrong time period to be hot. Bummer. Or would I still not be hot because I don’t have that look or a handlebar mustache and that is the pinnacle of make looks? Probably second one. Average in all ages, in cool with that.

  10. Props to the man without a moustavhe. It’s like he came I to the competition and wanted to stand out. But then got beat by the last two guys.

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