Simon Cowell botox surgery

  1. He had nerve damage from the Botox that's why gis face is so droopy. I feel a lot of people forget Botox is injecting little bits of botulism into your face and that we have a lot of really delicate important stuff in our face...

  2. This! He has Botox in the first pic too people. Forehead and crows feet. The second pic is a whole different story.

  3. He looks like he had an eyelid tuck. But as for the “droopy” face, hate to break it to everyone but that’s what aging does. Your face droops. Dude is 63 after all. Whatever isn’t drooping—THAT’S where the surgery happened.

  4. Was going to say, he looks quite bee-stingy allergic reaction eyes swollen shut there, too. The second is more unsettling. In summary, I want to see both of these as 75-100ft floats at the next Macy's Day Parade.

  5. I think they mean Botox and surgery, maybe? He looks like he had more done but than again I don't really know much about Botox, I would have thought it would have made him puffier.

  6. According to the American board of plastic surgery, it is indeed surgery, simply non-invasive. Honestly your average joe is going to associate botox with plastic surgery, this ain't the hill to die on

  7. People who have ptosis, can possibly benefit from Botox. I have had upper eyelid surgery, and I supplement with Botox to help open my eyes, otherwise I look like Simon on the left 😂

  8. Right? I’ll Google something and there will be suggestions based on other people’s searches, with things like “can you botox face fat.” What? Botox isn’t lipolytic, it’s not a filler, it’s not microneedling, it’s not dermabrasion, it’s not surgery. It just immobilizes/relaxes muscles. That’s it. Only certain problems aside from wrinkle prevention can be helped with paralyzed muscles (reduce size of jaw muscles to make jaw look smaller; relax “frown muscles” so mouth isn’t pulled down as much, etcetera).

  9. I'll never understand face-lift surgery. Afterwards you look like an alien. Age normally. We're all going to die. Fucking weirdos.

  10. Upper blepharoplasty (upper eyelids reduce with surgery). No biggie. Insurance will pay for most of it if the hanging skin impairs vision. Perhaps Botox gave him a heavy brow as well.

  11. Gotta love those mid life crises. He might look younger now but definitely doesn’t look better. The tan and black hair adds a lot to his looking younger

  12. Almost gotta feel bad for the celebrities that they get obsessed with looking as young as possible until their death, like chill dude, you got and extra wrinkle, so what?

  13. Can people just age gracefully? He looked so much better before the treatment, IDK how much surgery went into how he looks on the left but at least he looks much more natural

  14. Just as ugly. It's the biggest joke a man with absolutely zero talent judges "talent" contests.

  15. He actually looks like he died on the table and they just put him back together and someone’s doing ventriloquism

  16. Why do I feel like he didn't got his money's worth here? Like,there's some doctors in china that transform ugly old dudes into teenage girls and this guy right here looks like a pufferfish when he's angry

  17. Jesus, that's harrowing. Guy looks like he's been put back together more times than Lego City. He looks like if David Hasselhoff was on Dont Hug Me I'm Scared.

  18. How did this guy ever even become famous? All i know him for is being that one asshole judging people on talent shows and if he happens to approve of an act it’s a big deal cause he’s hard to please, but like, wtf do you bring to the table, Simon? Why are you here?

  19. Why can’t these dumb fucks just age gracefully? If you are so worried about your Fucking image hire a nutritionist and personal trainer.

  20. You don’t understand; he couldn’t see in the first pic. He got lifesaving eyelid surgery to finally see his wife and beautiful baby children once again. Stop spreading misinformation!!!

  21. I don't understand. Like almost every person who uses Botox somehow becomes creepy looking. Why does everyone keep on doing this?

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