'It's intimidation:' Judge faces threats after Freedom Convoy hearings

  1. Threatening a judge is always a terrible thing, even if that judge is making bad decisions. There are processes for that.

  2. I'm sure that these are the types of people who are used to being told that they've disappointed someone.

  3. It didn’t surprise me in the slightest shitty people do shitty things, shitty movements do shitty things, they somehow manage to out due to themselves quite often sinking to new levels of low.

  4. We are seeing a small minority of hypocritical, self-proclaimed freedom lovers destroy the legal and political framework in the US to push their Christofascist agenda and revoke entire groups of people's rights and freedoms. Same thing is happening here. The question is, will Canada allow these people to drag our country backwards in time or will we refuse to allow a small group of whiney idiots the power they crave but do not deserve?

  5. I mean, Pat King (one of the KKKnovoy organisers) was posting videos of the nouns of odin beating up anti-fa (actually just LGBTQ allies) before his anti-vaccine involvement.

  6. These guys made the teenage employees at my local rec centre cry when they went in with one of their anti mask rallies. They then unconsensually hugged the crying girls because 'its not their fault'.

  7. Wait a minute, are we not always told by these Freedumb supporters that they were peaceful protestors who just wanted to BBQ and throw up bouncy castles? Nothing bad happened they constantly say, just a group of friendly people angry with the Liberal government and Trudeau...

  8. This minority has been emboldened by the actions of similar groups in the US. The fact they are receiving support and recognition from the Tories and the PPC only encourages them to become louder and bolder.

  9. They’re lying pieces of shit. Never believe anything they say. It’s always a lie to get what they want for any reason.

  10. I'm just going to point out that the CPC became like this on their own really, as Poilievre isn't the current party leader, he's just a frontrunner in the current leadership race. It's still deplorable that he supports the chucklefucks that want to undermine democracy, and it'll be absolutely worse if he does win the leadership race.

  11. They can’t win with ideas, and they know that, so they try to win with violence. It would be kind of sad if it weren’t so disgusting and infuriating.

  12. What?? The democracy hating, Canada hating, christian neo-nazis are behaving just like democracy hating, Canada hating, christian neo-nazis?? No way!

  13. Nope. Not at all. "freedom fighters". It's like they read the back cover of a novel about the history of civil liberties in Canada and said, "that's me, freedom fighter."

  14. I definitely think it's time for Parliament and the Media to call them out in it. They're being treated with kid gloves and every mainstream outlet refuses to call them what they are, terrorists.

  15. They were never “peaceful”, and it absolutely infuriates me that anyone would think otherwise— putting aside the assaults, vandalism, and harassment for a second… if you were sitting at home, and someone bursts in screaming, blasting an airhorn in your face, and blocking you from walking down your hallway, I don’t think you would describe them as “peaceful”

  16. it's all the antifa infiltrators and false flag operations causing the violence. the TRUE freedom protestors are PEACEFUL!!!! /s

  17. I have noticed disturbing trends on certain topics with the convoy supporters. On Miss Lich and Mr King, they are political prisoners and Trudeau is arresting Lich right before Canada Day because he is scared. No charges are valid, it is only political. On Ottawa protecting some streets with changes to parking regulations and by laws ahead of Canada Day is an affront to freedom and freedom of speech and laws don't matter, only rule by decree. And then this threating judges, and attempting to influence our justice system.

  18. Your entire first paragraph is 100% projection on their part. Everything they've blamed Trudeau for doing are things that they would, if they were in power, do themselves.

  19. I agree with the first line. People have always been dumb, though. Social media has given them a platform to share and spread their abject stupidity.

  20. The only way to deal with this behavior is the same way to deal with hate. Zero tolerance. These covidiot Convoyers make death threats they should be charged and lose their rights to vote.

  21. I used to be proud to be a Canadian. A country where officials can walk freely. If someone had a difference of opinion they hashed it out. Sadly I fear it will be much worse before it ever improves.

  22. letting these cases move slowly through the legal system only increases the likelihood of white supremacist terror. in special cases like this there needs to be a way to quickly dispense justice and move these people away from society as quickly as humanly possible for as long as humanly possible.

  23. Police in Canada do not report on ongoing investigations. This has been pretty standard for decades.

  24. I, for one, am shocked that the group that said they wanted to get rid of an elected Parliament and replace it with a dictatorship government appointed by the convoy organizers is now demonstrating a lack of respect for fair trials!

  25. Pretty funny reading the MSN comments for this one, they think that the the judges name should be public so he can continue getting targeted for harassment as well as death threats.

  26. Insane. The only names that should be made public belong to the folks who made the threats - assuming they get caught. Name and shame.

  27. This is what happens when people get away with making anonymous threats for 10 years. Now the behaviour is normalized, and regulation of anti-social media can’t come soon enough.

  28. All I can think about when I read or hear something related to the freedom convoy people is this; those in hospital battling cancer or any other awful disease. Young children among those suffering. Those who are alone, can’t find work, suffering depression, so many without food or clothing or a warm bed. The list unfortunately could go on and on. And yet fellow Canadians cannot stop whining and complaining about how everything affects them. I have never heard or experienced so many adults selfishly rambling on literally about themselves. The pandemic was very difficult on many people to be sure. And we saw so many good selfless workers dig deep and do what had to be done. That helped all of us. The pandemic also shone a light on those among us who broke under that weight and only care for themselves. We can blame a lot of it on those easily led parroting the US, but there’s no excuse for bad behaviour.

  29. These bastards drive around my city with flags and horns blaring everyday, including Saturday morning. Love how they Co opt our flag as their own and have no clear message.

  30. They figure out their message at least? This about Covid mandates? Or just don’t like the government you didn’t vote for? Figure it out?

  31. CBC News reached out to a number of key figures of the weeks-long demonstration in Ottawa, but requests for comment were either declined or went unanswered Spineless Right Wingers, nothing new.

  32. If they showed these people that the revolving door system is over and made criminals pay for their crimes and actually do the time they deserve, this most likely wouldn't happen. People these days believe they can do whatever they want with little to no consequences. I mean look at the guys that tried to kill Gretchen Whitmer, slap on the wrist for most of them. These bullies need to be stopped.

  33. Let's say it together, these are domestic terrorists. Not truckers, not a convoy, right wing white nationalist domestic terrorists

  34. Most involved in the "freedumb convey" were pretty aggressive to begin with. And now they feel intimidation, like little bitch ass hoes. They need to be prosecuted.

  35. Sure, I mean, why would you assume people frequenting this sub would threaten judges, or not be willing to accept the consequences of doing so?

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