I thought I had two of the same flyers with my newspaper.

  1. If you cant find it at Rona then dont go to lowes… Rona used to have really good lumber yards though so some of the old Rona locations have the wicked lumber yards.

  2. Reminds me of when there used to be Best Buy vs Futureshop for electronics, then it turned out they were owned by the same company or something

  3. Fond memories of seeing once price at the Future Shop at Dundas Square then crossing the street and pricing matching it at the Best Buy at Dundas Square... When Best Buy owned Future Shop.

  4. Those were good times. Future Shop would have a disk drive on sale but deliberately never have any stock, walk the flyer over to Best Buy and save $s.

  5. In a nutshell, Lowe's Canada bought Rona, then put Rona leadership in charge, and they let go of all the Lowe's Canada corporate staff in Toronto and moved all the business to QC to be run by the Rona teams. Rona is split between corporate owned and franchise stores. Lowe's Canada is strictly corporate owned.

  6. When you let your friend copy your homework but tell them to change it a little so the teacher doesn't notice, this is what your friend does.

  7. Can I interest you in telecoms? You have the choice of Rogers, Bell or Telus. Or if you want a discount you can get Fido, Virgin or Koodo. On the former you can get 25Gb for 85$, or 25Gb for 85$ or 25Gb for 85$. Otherwise you can get 20Gb for 65$ or 20Gb for 65$ or even 20Gb for 65$. Look at all that competition. If you happen to live in a place that has the other choices it’s 20Gb for 55$ or 20Gb for 50$.

  8. Bestbuy and Future shop did this when Best buy first came up here. Eventually they changed the orientation of the flyers but they were identical

  9. Likely not, in this case the most likely outcome is that each banner will represent a store type. Lowe's maybe ends up as big box versions, while Rona is the brand for small town or local small box store formats. It allows the brand to engage with different people and widen their market. This is the same thing Loblaws does with its multiple brands offering varying levels of "quality" and prices to match. In reality almost all the merchandise is the same between the brands but a breakdown of ownership (corporate or franchise), size and the company's requirement for "quality" differences drive the branding of any location. A Loblaw great food store will have high prices, a slightly different assortment of higher end or less available food and higher prices. A Superstore or no frills will have less selection on fresh foods (3-4 varieties of Apple rather that 6-7 for example) and lower overall prices.

  10. I'm usually a Home Depot guy, but Lowe's now has the rights to Ego products, so that got me in the door.

  11. At Warden and Eglinton in Scarborough they have Rona and Lowes essentially located back to back of each other (the latter used to be a Wal-Mart)

  12. You do. When lowes bought out Rona they promised to not change the name. They also must have promised to not hire anymore help and to make sure the little help that was there was as useless as before.

  13. yes... people are fucking dumb and buy products based on pretty much everything but functionality. A famous/my favourite study to drive the point home. A person sets up folding table on sidewalk. He has a container of store baked brownies. He takes brownies out, throws away container. He places half the brownies on that cheap brown paper towel. Places the other brownies on nice heavy high end plates. He has people taste test them and tell him what brownies are better..... EVERY SINGLE PERSON said the ones on the plates are better. When asked why, they sound like those jerk off wine condoserous and try to give some deep analysis ranging from texture to taste to smell. That is people and that is why marketing is a hilarious love and hate thing for me. This is companies cashing in on stupidity.

  14. The epitome of “'can I copy your homework?'/ 'yeah just change it up a bit so it doesn't look obvious you copied”

  15. Yep, there is true competition out there. Why compete for business when you can just get into a room with similar companies and just decide what they're paying.

  16. Advertising for Rona on their buildings, etc. still reference this idea they are more Canadian than not. Either way, Lowes/Rona are expensive compared to their main competitor.

  17. No levolor blinds in the Rona flyer. Does that mean they don’t sell them? Odd that it seems to be the only difference. Oh wait…yup no gazebo either!

  18. You still get newspapers? 🤨. I thought they were obsolete now. Wouldn't it be easier if you stop subscribing to paper-based newspapers and flyers and view it from an app or website?

  19. We just get a roll of flyers and a "preview" copy of our local paper dumped on our driveway. I've called many times to ask them to stop, and have a "no flyers" sign in the window, but they keep showing up. They just go straight into the recycle bin.

  20. I am totally confused how are they similar ? Clearly one says rona and other lowes. Guess being able to read is a gift these days.

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