sick and tired of gravel pits/quarries

  1. Unfortunately, you/your family moved to one of the richest areas in the province for sand and gravel resources. Thank the glaciers for breaking up in exactly the right way build three prominent moraines in the local area and to divert massive river systems right through there which deposited the thick and high quality aggregate.

  2. Kind of like moving near Pearson and complaining about the planes. People need to research where they are potentially moving to before they actually do.

  3. There are also lots of quarries in the Hamilton - Guelph corridor. Not much you can do about it. All the gravel in the concrete going into building those skyscraper office buildings and condo towers has to come from somewhere. I live about a km away from a large quarry and I'm concerned about the effect of silica dust on my long term health.

  4. I recently moved close to Pearson International Airport. There is so many planes coming to land and take off every day. Who can I contact about this insanity that will never end?

  5. NIMBY-ism they call it. No one wants them near their home.. but we all need & rely on them for most construction, and even the roads you drive on.

  6. Well, where do you think gravel and sand are coming from? I've got mines all over my town because we are a mining town. Your area is rich in naturally occuring sand and gravel, so that's what you see.

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