Cars are equipped with Cruise Control for a reason….

  1. Left lane hogging and then accelerating (even on two lane roads) to keep people from passing you is so ridiculously bad these days. I think these people just completely lack self awareness and it extends to their operation of a motor vehicle.

  2. I personally hate my cruise control because my car has a CVT so in cruise the engine speed fluctuates wildly between 1,500-4,000 rpm, while with normal driving I can keep both my speed and tachometer consistent. My pet peeve is that the “keep right except to pass” rule seems to be optional in most of Ontario.

  3. I’d never seen people actually abide by this until I had some work in Thunder Bay and further north. Driving there was such a dream.

  4. Honestly, cruise control on most 400 series in the GTA is useless unless you want to set it to 90 and stay in the far right lane.

  5. I remember one day using cruise control on the 401, passed and got passed by the same guy like 10 times, almost no traffic otherwise.

  6. I don't use cruise control because traffic isn't flowing at a constant enough speed for me to want to turn it on. Also it feels much weirder to be driving at 100+ kph without my feet modulating the gas pedal. I feel less safe with the knowledge that I'm not in control of the throttle anymore.

  7. Sometimes i find a driving buddy on the highway and take turns taking the lead. Helps out with the monotonous of driving long stretchs.

  8. As someone driving a manual car, I’m here to inform you not all cars have cruise control. Furthermore, you seem to be unaware of how traffic jams happen. Have you considered you might be missing some crucial knowledge before ranting that others are inconveniencing you?

  9. Mu dads truck has that feature, hate it because fuckers don’t know how to pass without cutting you off/forcing you to follow too closely which makes the truck brake and slow down everyone.

  10. I don’t use cruise control because I’m rarely I’m a situation where I can cruise! People are always jumping in front or I need to pass. The stretches of highway where I might use it generally change in speed and there’s no point. I also feel less in control over the car.

  11. Life exists outside the GTA. Lots of places on 400 series where there isn’t heavy traffic. Also using adaptive cruise control helps.

  12. Dude, driving with cruise control on any 400 series highway is insane. Maybe at like 4AM or late evenings but any other time, forget about it.

  13. Why? I use cruise control most of the time. It means I don’t have to look at my speedometer to ensure I’m driving at the speed I want to be driving at, so I’m spending more time looking at the road, meaning I’m more likely to know when I need to brake or take evasive action.

  14. Presumably you mean because of traffic. that may be the case on the bits where you drive, but plenty of the 400 series highways do enough traffic to cause any slow downs most of the time.

  15. I don't have cruise control on my car. On a car I rented recently they had a cruise control where you set your speed and then it adjusts to keep you at the perfect distance behind the car you're following even if they speed up or slow down, it was pretty cool.

  16. With this you become one of those drivers that is continually on and off your brakes. Sure the car is doing it, but the brakes lights are still coming on every time someone cuts in front of you, or you get to close to the car in front of you.

  17. No, no it's not. It lets drivers think they don't have to pay attention. What happens when the adaptive CC fails and you ram someone? The CC isn't at fault, you are.

  18. It also annoys me when people stay in the left lane when the right ones is clear. However you cannot really complain if they are going the speed limit or more.

  19. Best is when that happens and they get mad and think you're racing them or something. I've been flipped off before cuz of that lol. Like buddy I'm on cruise not even paying attention to you

  20. Honestly a large part of the slowdowns is the taking off, not cruise control… if you’re at a stop and you wait for the next person to get going ahead of you and give them an extra car length rolling instead of going at same time and the next does the same the problem accelerates really fast.

  21. Do you have one of those new fancy cruise controls where it speed matches the car in front of you? Those are cool, kinda annoying but cool. Anyway I just feel like cruise control anywhere in Ontario is just a bad idea is all, maybe for bits here and there but not for any significant duration.

  22. I think we could prevent a lot of crashes if major highways had cruise control lanes where you’re allowed to go 10 or 20 over the speed limit but you are required to use cruise control while in that lane

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