Can we talk for a second about how Advent Health doesn't take "its own" insurance?

  1. Same boat for me, with the exact same plan. Had to go to the ER last year, and went to an Advent Health hospital. Every single person that came to run tests, take blood, and talk to me, was “out of network”. I fought it and was able to get all the charges waived. It’s not like I had a choice of who was coming to take my blood. The whole system is garbage.

  2. Ugh yeah, they really need to do better. It looks like advent health might waive my charges too, but if they would just not be so chaotic, they wouldn't be wasting everyone's time.

  3. Don’t take it lying down, reach out to your HR department for help. I bet Disney has some sort of a health advocate program for their employees to fight bills like this that don’t make sense. At least try, it can’t hurt to ask.

  4. Knowing disney its more like a “make a budget and stop drinking coffee” program. “If you spend 3 dollars less in food every day, you can pay for that proceedure in 5.26 years!”

  5. HCA doesn’t take it’s own insurance either. I was an employee at a HCA hospital and had an endoscopy done. Still got billed a couple grand cause the anesthesiologist and the labwork was “out of network” even tho procedure was done at hospital I worked at. Mind you I had their top tier A Plan.

  6. This apparently really common. Apparently anesthesiologists are never in network and only take like 1 insurance. Usually you can argue with the insurance and hospital that you didnt have a choice in anesthesia so they should pay it

  7. I hate the U.S. healthcare system. I had Bright Health by AdventHealth. I applied for a kidney transplant and they called me to tell me that don’t accent my insurance and I would need to switch insurance plans. 😑

  8. They could just take the name and logo of AdventHealth off of the name of the insurance and keep whatever deal it is they have going on with AdventHealth the same. Because it's like, if you have AdventHealth Cast Care, then most of the places that are on the list of in network providers ARE AdventHealth, the only exception I think is the Center for Living Well, which is owned by Disney. So there is some kind of business deal there, somehow it is the same AdventHealth on the insurance card that has all these clinics, it's just.... the doctors at the AdventHealth clinics don't have to take AdventHealth CastCare insurance (or any and whatever AdventHealth insurance that you can buy if you don't work at Disney).

  9. Can confirm. My wife works for the hospital and, although they pay extremely well for her profession, their insurance plan is absolute garbage and really pisses me off. I manage all of our expenses and it absolutely blows my mind the loops we have to jump through just to get something as simple as birth control / medication.

  10. Halifax Health doesn't even offer health coverage to it's lower level employees (non Doctor or RN), when I asked in during multiple interviews they said, most of our lower level staff uses medicaid.

  11. We haven’t had any problems with the Orlando Health version at Orlando Health facilities. Of course it’s still just rebranded Allegiance. We thought about switching to the AdventHealth one since there are more of those around but apparently that’s a bad idea!

  12. But but but socialism! All jokes aside why are we dealing with this ? I pay so much for my health insurance just to be told everyone I go that “it’s out of network”. I have Cigna through some agency health smart. It’s so infuriating especially when a tumor keeps growing and I’m in need of operations. I’m 22k in the hole, I don’t even look at that bill no more. Yet other countries don’t have the same problem. And no argument is valid against why we shouldn’t have universal healthcare. The system is crap it can’t get any worse than it is now. Who knows maybe us Americans can make a better system than those around the world.

  13. My step mom was an open heart nurse there for 20+ years. We used my dads health insurance (diesel mechanic) b/c hers was so awful. Seems pretty ass-backwards to me

  14. I once had an advent health dr call to tell me my biopsy was negative for cancer when in fact, it was positive. She read the wrong patients test results.I’m sorry about your dad.

  15. I’m so sorry that happened. 😥 AdventHealth East once told me I was pregnant, then an hour later came back and told me I’m not pregnant. I either am or I’m not, how do you mess up a pregnant test result?

  16. I would call and try to appeal to an agents better nature. It worked for me before when my labs were sent to an out of network labs.

  17. I'm just surprised that Disney Parks is partnering with the more Jesus-y of the two big health providers in Orlando.

  18. I don't know the details of your plan, but if it's anything like the Universal Orlando FL Health/Adventist plan from 15 years back, it's probably a self-funded HMO plan. Seeing that it's w/ Allegiance makes that even more likely, as they would be the TPA and is leasing out their network to Disney (or possibly even the union as the plan sponsor). These kind of hyper-regional, hospital system-affiliated networks typically have "Preferred" and "Non-preferred" in-network providers to incent you to obtain care at certain network facilities over others.

  19. The EOB that Allegiance sent me said it was billed out of network. nothing went toward the dedicate or anything like that. I read through the SBC when I signed up but nothing in there clarified that not all AdventHealth facilities are in network, or stressed that I need to be sure to only use providers listed in the specific directory or to call to confirm who is in network or anything like that.

  20. All this bad talk on AdventHealth is nice to hear, to be honest. My SO has been a nurse there for a little over two years, and it's been hell almost every shift. The assholes in the ivory tower aren't doing anything for them (no surprise) and yet, they wonder why they're short-staffed on nurses.

  21. EVERY USA insurance plan I've ever had has been a labyrinth of in/out of network mysteries. It's not limited to AH.

  22. OP may be young and just getting insurance for the first time. Cut them some slack. Health insurance can be confusing and overwhelming when you're new to it.

  23. Um ok.... well I really wish there WAS a test to make sure you knew how insurance worked before you had to sign up for it. But they would never do that, if more people understood insurance then the insurance companies would end up having to pay out more money.

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