Anyone ever feel “guilty” about the amount of money they are making now?

  1. When you’ve been laid off and fired as much as I have in tech, you develop no sense of guilt trying to take something back from these companies that have no qualms of cutting you in a heartbeat

  2. While I understand this is true; I think this takes away from the privilege we can get accustomed to and addresses the OPs perspective. For example: What circumstances allowed us to develop the intellectual capital we offer? Do others without the formal education have the same capabilities as us but without the opportunity to do so? Should people in lower paid industries who literally work several times harder in a work day really make that much less?

  3. This post is so timely. I went from being unemployed to having 3 jobs. Been about a year now. I realize I view money so differently because the other day I looked at the price tag of an item which was 300 dollars and I thought to myself ya this is cheap and do able. In my past I would've agonized for a month about such a purchase. I have always tipped any service woekrs, UPS drivers, etc over the past year because I dont struggle as much as I used to and realize my origins and the struggle.

  4. This. My water heater went out last month and it’s been on its last leg for about 6 months. 6 months ago I was geeking at the cost, straight anxiety couldn’t sleep etc. it went out 3 weeks ago and the ability to just pay to have it fixed was just such a blessing and the gratitude I have for the this life now.

  5. The same here: I'm from Brazil too, and I'm feel like I'm a winner. I do in one month what everyone here dont to in a whole year. It make so much happen and confidence that I can a lot more. If I can tell to anyone my secret...

  6. In the beginning I did. My J1 and J2 made billions in earnings. The C levels in both companies gave themselves high six figures to millions in bonuses while the engineers who make the product and company successful the way it is only $10k-$40k range in bonuses. And not all the devs, just the principal and seniors. Mid and junior devs got a 3% raise. So no I don't feel guilty about making 2 six figures salaries.

  7. Guilty? Hell no. I earn everything. If these companies can afford to pay me 6 figures, you can only imagine what they make from my efforts.

  8. I had kind of a similar feeling until I had a beer with a college buddy who's now a Wall St. investment banker and found out what he makes.. let's just say that my entire combined income is less than 40% of his last annual bonus. I'm an engineer, his job consists mostly of dinners, drinks, and golf.

  9. mid 30s management consulting partners often make 7 figures. if you pick your career path correctly and have the intelligence and drive to pull it off making big money is pretty simple

  10. This lmao. I went to school. Then I went to grad school. I worked hard to get to where I am and I spent a fuckton on my education. Every single penny I get I earned and deserve. If anything, I deserve more haha. It's also why I hate excessive taxation so much. Nobody should ever feel bad for getting paid what they're worth. I guess that's what gets drilled into employee's heads tho, that we should be grateful for a pittance lol no thanks

  11. Yes. But I also donate 15% of my income and tip almost the entire bill when I go out to eat. It’s hard to see other people struggling. I deal with it by supporting small businesses and paying it forward.

  12. I want to say thank you for seeing others and how hard they work. I do the same and I feel like I get more out of over tipping than they get but I doubt that’s true lol

  13. I don’t make as much as the typical OE’er but it is staggering to double your income. To always have thousands instead of hundreds in your account. I don’t feel even the tiniest bit guilty. In fact, I feel PROUD that I can leverage my skills and work efficiently enough to maintain 2 jobs. 😎

  14. I see people making soooo much in this thread and I make no where near that much. But every penny is gonna help me and my family survive this recession without too much discomfort (i hope)

  15. Same - until student loans and debt are paid off, not seeing the stacking effect yet, but looking forward to it. It’s going to take at least a year of OE to get that taken care of, considering taxes and ongoing medical and childcare costs. For all of the single or not single parents raising kids on one working parents’ income, it might feel like just getting back to the baseline of where other two income households are. It does seem like the higher up the food chain at work, the more I am valued for my advice and decision making rather than the grunt work, which takes less time overall but took more time and experiences to get to…

  16. It's easy to discard debts going to 0, to not feel the same excitement one would feel if they already had zero debt and instead saw money piling up in their account

  17. No. Instead I think about how I felt when I was waitressing three places at once and cried in my car when people would stiff me on tips, then went home to figure out what I could sell on eBay to make rent.

  18. I’m so envious reading how much money everyone here is making from the comfort of your own homes. I kick myself in the ass everyday for not getting into an IT field. It’s impossible for me to be OE in my field (construction). This will be a lesson I’ll be sure to teach my future children, nieces and nephews though!

  19. Don’t quit now. Bro look at some of the people out there and when they “made it”. You can make a change in your 50’s and still live a comfortable life. I’m non tech and I didn’t think could do OE but I decided to take stock of my life and see how I could and it worked out. I’m truly lucky in every sense of the word but it didn’t just fall in my lap. You got this man.

  20. That’s fucking awesome…I’m knocking on $500k’s door ($430k atm) but yeah I completely get it…on top of that I’m about to start investing in crypto, so when this bear market is done with I can’t imagine how I will feel then. I guess it’s a good issue to have though.

  21. Not even a little bit. Seeing the account after each payday, remorse is the last thing on my mind. I possibly would if I was providing no value at work, but I wasn't lucky enough to land a "I work 3 hours a week at each job" situation.

  22. Not because of OE but it does show the inherit flaws of the system when I can do so little and make good money and my wife who is a nurse is running around not making as much as I am. Now do that 2 more times at J2 and J3 and it's even crazier.

  23. Use the money wisely to improve your life and those of your loved ones , save and invest smartly , and also share a portion with the needy . Also nothing wrong with treating yourself with something nice every so often, just be a responsible adult overall

  24. Not at all. After seeing all these fucking douchebags buy 10 homes for themselves why should I feel guilty about taking someone’s potential job when someone else fucked the housing market? Be selfish, take all you can get

  25. I tip a lot more now. I appreciate that people are working hard to earn a fraction of what I make every day whether I accomplished anything or not. It's just the lie everyone is told, that hard workers are rewarded.

  26. I think we need to realize that OE isn’t going to last forever. Either we will get caught, or lose job/s to layoffs or get tired and quit some of these jobs.

  27. Like any gold rush, it will always exist for the dedicated. It’s the opportunist wannabes on the sidelines that may one day get cut out.

  28. this, i made about 100k/day during crypto bull run for months july/august - i was giving 10-20k to friends/family/coworkers who needed help and when it stops its a shit was fun while it lasted moment

  29. I started donating to charity for the first time in my life. maybe I do it to help the homeless, or maybe I do it because I'm trying to buy good karma points to help my OE ride last longer?

  30. LOL I started donating 5% for charity when I had only one crappy job. Few months later I got my first international offer that duplicated my income. And I started OE. Since then my income is almost 10x what it used to be. It could be coincidence, but wow.

  31. I sometime feel guilty about the amount of work I do, because it's very very low. At my J2 I barely did any work this past week and my base salary is 200k there. I never feel guilty about the money I make though. You also need to keep in mind that however much you are making across 2,3 or more jobs isn't that much in the grand scheme of things, given how there's people making literally billions

  32. No, but I’m making what most SWEs probably make with only one of their jobs (nearly $130k total). I live in one of the most expensive cities in the world and it feels like I can actually afford life for a change. Even at this salary, home ownership is only barely within my grasp (in a few years when I’m done paying debt and have saved up for a down payment), and it will be a tiny studio condo at that. Nothing more. I used to have a partner to split rent with and I remember seven years ago my dad kept insisting we save up for a downpayment on a condo, which were much more reasonably priced back then. I was intent on pursuing my freelancing dreams so I declined. My dreams never panned out, my ex and I split, and housing costs (renting/buying) skyrocketed. What I made at one job seven years ago was cushioned by the amount I saved splitting rent, plus the lower cost of rent in general. If I made this amount just several years ago I would have felt rich. But now? It’s like I finally got an oxygen mask so I can breathe.

  33. I was over-employed only for a month and half ( India they link PF to UAN. So had drop out to not get caught. Had two incomes come in for that month )

  34. Just remember that I make 5 k in 2 months. Be grateful to what you have and support those in need. Someone is hungry today, even on your city.

  35. What I have been doing lately to kinda counteract the guilt (not so much guilt but gratitude?) is just so more for people. My sister went out of town and was trying to save money so I paid for their rental car for the week because I knew it would make the trip more enjoyable. I give the mailman and trash crew $25 gift cards like once a money as a thank you. Help out where I can. I def don’t feel an overwhelming guilt because I’m working for it but I do get a lot out of giving back to people when I can.

  36. I am so glad you made this thread. There are so many thoughtful responses here. It may be my jealousy getting the best of me, but every time I read an article or tweet involving overemployment it seemed like they were rubbing their work to pay ratio in my face, lol. I'm minimum wage earner who works 8-10 hours/day.

  37. You cannot be wealthy and guilty at the same time. No matter how many interviews where you see the public relations version of whatever billionaire… trust there is some level of greed and ambition that totally ignores guilt. Guilt breeds hesitation and lack of decisiveness

  38. The work you do as a SWE either earns or saves a company much much more than they’re paying you. No need for guilt.

  39. Hell no. I spent long enough feeling bad about how much I made from my first job out of college. I’m over it at this point.

  40. I don’t feel bad. I’m producing the same quality of work as any person with just one job. So it doesn’t really matter. I’ve become twice/thrice times as a efficient working it’s nothing to feel guilty for.

  41. Have you seen the cost of things lately (rent, gas, eggs)? I can feel guilty and go start doing something strange for some change … orrrrr … I can get a second job.

  42. I personally am not OE but I do make a bit more than some people in the world and I also feel guilty myself. I would recommend setting aside some monthly budget for gifts for family/friends, and donating to charities that you care about. Or, you could volunteer for a cause you care for. Otherwise try not to give into lifestyle creep since you don't know how long this will last/you might want to retire early one day/you might want to be able to help someone around you.

  43. For a while during the covid lockdowns, I felt a bit guilty, as the last couple of years have been very good to me. But now that customer service has been universally horrible whenever I’ve needed a plumber, contractor, mechanic, insurance agent, rental car, or a cabinet maker in the past year due to staff shortages, well fuck it, I’ll take more money. Someone needs to keep working.

  44. Sometimes because my friend is a PA and doesn't have the luxury to work from home. I feel bad that I make way more than him for doing something much easier.

  45. It’s not about how much you make, but about how much you keep. My FIRE goals are far more important than the gross amount of 2x compensation. Tech is probably in the same place floor traders were in the 1980s and 2990s. It was possible to make sick money for a while until it wasn’t. Will all of those extra earnings be squandered or turned into assets?

  46. $250k in India…how many servants do you have now…I KNOW you went and got a few because at the price once cost out there it just makes sense lol

  47. Only if I'm not putting it to work. If I leave sitting in my bank account too long I feel guilt for letting inflation eat it up as opposed to investing it so I can be financially independent early.

  48. My mind doesn't really comprehend it when I put the numbers on paper or think about how much I'll pull in my first full month. That said I haven't gotten my first J2 paycheck yet (next week), but already have 7/8 ear marked on the calendar as my first triple paycheck. Just keep thinking about paying off balances in full as they come up instead of making minimum payments.

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