Don't brag but tell us how much you're making

  1. How the fuck are you guys finding jobs without four or six hours of fucking meetings everyday? I just want one J1 where I can simply work.

  2. If you have enough experience and influence, you can tell the team to have less meetings, people generally don’t like meetings anyway and would listen to you.

  3. It’s tough. I feel I was recently ambushed on a J3 where I was told there would be a ton of work-life balance and “surprise,” I already have 3 hours of meetings a day.

  4. Finding out that people really spend 4 hours a day on meeting for the amount of pay they say is really eye opening as to the amount of money companies pay just for meetings.

  5. If you didn't have meetings when would you get any work done? I don't understand. If I didn't have meetings I wouldn't turn on the computer.

  6. I'm a PM for a product provider with multiple customers at the same time, often my days look like 6-7hours of meetings...

  7. You’re also making a significant saving on vehicle expenses by not driving as much, and you’re writing off a cut of your utilities to run a home office.

  8. I'm only at around $75K/yr on 3 jobs, though I'm living in a third world country. Plus my wife managed to build 3 businesses generating income of almost that level. Will inject more capital to increase sales and capacity.

  9. I’m in contract management and I get $116,000 on J1 and $105,000 on J2 so a total of $221,000/yr. I should add that I’m a woman with children since I don’t see many women on here.

  10. That’s awesome! I like that you added the last sentence. Representation is motivating. how is contract management? What do you do in that position?

  11. I m a woman also, my kids are older now (and so am I). I'm a Sox-Internal control manger in both Js. J1 is $131+$12K and J2 is $115+15%. TC is $275,000/ year.

  12. Hey! I’m in contract management too and have been afraid of pursuing OE because of the field we’re in. I’m also a mama too! Mind if I DM you a couple of questions?

  13. 410k, twenty-something female SWE. J1: 180k, full time series B startup. J2: 170k, contract large corporation. J3: 60k, freelance part time gig that keeps giving me more hours.

  14. Regardless of how much you make. I honestly admire that you even have jobs that you can OE with and manage at the same time! We see most of the people in the sub that already OE. Not all the people lurking that haven’t been able to do it successfully or do it at all! This is only the beginning! Always look for the next best paying! You got this!

  15. 156k, j1: 64k, takes about an hour to 2 of work per day never really talk to anyone there except a work buddy occasionally - j2: 92k newer ft. Probably pretty low compared to some of you all on here. Cheers!

  16. 😮‍💨 I have to get my life together J1 53k, J2 65K…. Here I was thinking I was doing something 😂😂 I need to break into tech. I’m in Management. One finance, other CS 🙃 118k isn’t too bad starting out

  17. I'm baby comp compared to most people here but I make $125k between two jobs. One job is a mid level cog analyst at a very very very large insurance company which is maybe the most inefficient place I've ever worked at. 3 hours of work a day maximum. 10% bonus at the end of the year though.

  18. J1- $58k J2- $62k Both are task based. I actually have been in meetings at the same time. But I’m known for being quiet so I just don’t talk. J2 is a short contract so I’m going to start looking for another

  19. Isn't mortgaging more efficient? Because instead of buying 1 house in cash you can technically buy 5 houses on mortgages and rent them out or flip them and make more money?

  20. Definitely not a brag haha, 110K~ (program manager), 24k~ (social media manager, retainer contract), 20k~ (random front end web dev projects and contracts).

  21. Do u feel like u undervalue ur time by having 2 lower paying jobs that pay so much less than one (combined even)?

  22. Also interested in what roles you have. Just quit my J3 that was an HR job and the meetings were fucking insane

  23. 120k from a single job. Planning on going J2, maybe even low effort J3 next month. Scared as fuck ngl, it's been like a year now since I first started "planning" it all.

  24. TC: $300,000 base across three jobs; 2 are W2 sales base + comm., one is a consultant role I run through my own company. Expected total commission/bonus to be $25k min., $45k max.

  25. That's awesome, good for you and your wife! I can only imagine how huge of a help it is going OE route while starting a new family. Best of luck to you both!

  26. I think I’m at like $280k ish with two jobs? Ones a contract with no pto and the other has an annual bonus so it will fluctuate a bit. I’m trying to talk myself out of quitting j2 everyday for the last two weeks but I’m still hanging on.

  27. Not even close to Lambo money. Even if you’re single you gonna lose like 30% to taxes right off the bat and then housing and retirement accounts gonna eat even more and you’ll be left with surprisingly less than you think. Throw a family into the mix and $230k ain’t shit.

  28. Thats not as much money as you’d think. Sure single, maybeee but even then. 230k is only like 170k after taxes. 170k for 5 years is to retire is nowhere near enough my dude. You still have expenses so housing 4k a month, car $600-700, food and entertainment. Shit adds up quickly. Now throw in a family and its basically nothing to retire.

  29. I think 250K is kinda average out from total 2 jobs within 8-12 hours window seems an ideal results. Of course, the numbers may vary with the no. of jobs and pay rates.

  30. 240k total. Two jobs. 100% remote on both. 1 job I could do with my toes. The other is killing me but I keep it to 40-45hrs a week. Always looking for a j3!

  31. This looks awesome! I'm in the same domain but less compensation. The threshold almost all the companies say is 150K CAD per job. Are you doing both FTE or contract?

  32. 320k. J1 I’m a director of marketing, j2 I’m an account executive in tech. I work more hours than I wished and managing conflicting meetings gets tough at times.

  33. 180k. 8 hours a day. Full time job with meetings and several part time jobs with no meetings. I do the work of the part time jobs at my desk for my full time job.

  34. J1: $90k, J2: $95k for $185k total both in digital design field. J2 team is mostly based on the other side of the world so they are all done for the day right after a short daily call i have in the morning which is before I even start J1.

  35. SWE from Poland here. I currently make 50k pln a month in my 2 Js, which is around $10500. May not seem like a lot but it gets me and my family a decent standard of living and I can save a ton (>50%).

  36. ~600k base. I work 3 devops jobs. They all give out stock and bonuses. I work 12-16 hrs a day. Pretty exhausting but the money is nice

  37. $800M. Just like everyone else who's not provided an ounce of validation, I'm not providing any proof for this claim.

  38. $205k TC - 1 FT job and 1 PT job - spend roughly 30 hours per week and use the spare time to hang with my pup :) been so great to have the extra income! Love the community

  39. Was 455k/yr(j1 - 70k, j2-50k, j3-155k, j4-180k) not too long ago but now 160k(j1 - 110k, j2 - 50k) . All are full-stack dev roles except for my J2 which is teaching.

  40. $185k and I still feel like it’s nothing 🥲 I’m thankful that both companies aren’t meeting heavy at all. I probably talk to my bosses once a week. Otherwise it’s quick notes here and there.

  41. $112k from 2 jobs. J1 - $50k salary J2 -$62k/yr hourly employee Initially I was going to quit J1 after I used my PTO since I knew they wouldn’t pay out. Decided I would just do both to see if it was possible. 3 months in and thrilled that I didn’t play it safe and quit J1 when I accepted offer for J2. Some changes happening at J1 so just hoping I can stick it out at least until EOY and pay off some debts.

  42. Im lucky if i even make $700 a paycheck. (Disclaimer I only work one job, am a student, and my work week depends entirely upon the amount of events we have booked per week.)

  43. For those in tech, your jobs don't flag you for doing this and having a conflict of interest for ur 2nd job? I work at one of the Big 4 consulting firms, and I honestly would love to do this to pay off student loans. But I can't, that's a big no no unless they approve.

  44. $175k TC with 2 jobs plus $10k-ish bonus at J2. Total about 9-10 hours per day but I have adhd so that entire time is not spent fully working and being present. Some days are tough but I have accepted I don’t love J2 so I’m gonna ride it out a few more months…sniffing some downsizing coming there.

  45. Just got a J2 but haven't started yet. Both combined should be 186K. Might get laid off from J1 soon enough though so hopefully I get redeployed.

  46. J1: $115k 35 hr/wk, 31 pto + rollover + 14 holidays/yr. J2: $60k 20/wk. Both full remote and minimal meetings. Both higher ed programming. I also have about 20 small business clients who hire me for doing occasional WordPress and Shopify development and support. That number varies by year but it’s never paid like picking up a J2, which I’ve done a few times over the past 10 years.

  47. 90k from J1 85k from J2. Work as a paralegal. Had a J3 but just quit it at 60k, pay was shit and averaged 2.5-3.5 hrs of meetings per day.

  48. $255K from 2 Js. One is a full time that pays $115K plus benefits, PTO etc. And the second J is a contract that pays $140K with no benefits. Been at my first J for 5 years and 1.5 years at second J

  49. 180k. 8 hours a day. Full time job with meetings and several part time jobs with no meetings. I do the work of the part time jobs at my desk for my full time job.

  50. 3Js, 8-10 hrs/day, no micromanagers. $353,000 base $23,000 bonus, $40,000 annual equity, Long-term options, and lots of perks.

  51. As a Sr. developer in a third world country seeing this makes me extremely jealous. I barely make 40k between 2Js

  52. 325k from 2 jobs. J1 175k J2 150k. Work 35-40hrs. J2 has a lot of meetings but am on multiple teams so so can easily miss them and have it not be an issue. I am working on J3 as I would like to get to 450-500k.

  53. $133k J1. About to get a J2 making $137k, TC $270. Weekend side gig bringing in $~500/day, for an additional hypothetical $52k annually, but it’s an outdoor vendor stand that is dependent on the weather. In LA, so it shouldn’t be too bad, maybe the winter months will be a little slower but I’d imagine I’ll still make a few hundred a day.

  54. J1 - 109k + bonuses, J2 - 48k Between 20 and 25 total hours a week of actual work J3s come and go, just short-term projects

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