Embracer stock price falls following Saints Row reviews

  1. The narrative designer for this heaping pile of shit is now apparently the lead writer for Beyond Good & Evil 2.

  2. So let me get this straight, the goddamn morons who approved this fucking garbage now have the rights to LOTR and The Hobbit? God help us

  3. Damn, amongst all the other shit, I will definitely not be buying or even playing this for free. That’s insanely cringe.

  4. They wanted this L, what they showed up to release has been terrible and doubling down on it didn't help (clearly)... it sucks for the IP and the fans because the chance of another Saints Row game getting made now is basically zero, but that might be for the best...

  5. The fact that fans were very vocal about not liking the direction it was going in with the bubblegum pop look and they chose to ignore it and blow forward shows.

  6. Yeah they got all the could out of this franchise. 1, 2, 3, 4, Gat out of hell, agents of mayhem spin-off, and now this one. Absolutely squeezed it for all it’s worth and this game shows that.

  7. We have reached a point in time where production companies are so devoid of soul that the last thing you want is your favorite franchise brought back or given a sequel.

  8. I’ve learned to let old games be old games. There have a been a handful of good ones, but it seems like every popular franchise just sticks around too long and gets fucked eventually. If GTA and Elder Scrolls 6 are good games, it will be a miracle

  9. It’s sad because they really could have made an incredible remake. I’m sure people will have fun with it but it’s nowhere near what it could have been.

  10. Saints Row The Third remains one of my favourite games. It was like they took ALL of the drugs possible to make that game. It was just complete fucking madness. Normally I would enjoy that kind of chaotic but Jesus that game just had something so impossibly wild that I just had to enjoy it.

  11. What are the major complaints about the game? I haven’t read any reviews to not spoil anything I’ve just been hearing it’s not a great game

  12. Good, get them to make FreeSpace 4. Or 3 if Descent 3 doesn't count as FreeSpace 3. I'm sure embracer could get the license.

  13. I could see maybe getting a new game that's more like 2 and 3 in a decade, going back to being an over-the-top spoof of whatever GTA 6 grows to be. I doubt we'll see a sequel or anything related to this iteration.

  14. Maybe I was too young but I don't ever recall investors ever being mentioned along with reviews back in the 90s and early 2000s. Company made game. People play game or don't. End of story.

  15. i pains me to say this but i think saints row is officially a dead franchise, but sometimes, dead is better.

  16. Tbf you can make them (or yourself) less (or more) bullet spongy in the settings - one thing they did great is how everything combat related is customizable

  17. Yeah, that's what we need, more hands-on investors to protect their stock. That's gonna make better games, for sure.

  18. This game is saints row, if it was adapted by Netflix and Reddit wrote the script, it's so goddamn cringe, not that the old saint row were master class of writing but at least it knew it was a parody of gangsta culture.

  19. Maybe games and creative media shouldn't be dictated by massive corporations and their stock holders, it leads to impossible deadlines and shitty outcomes. Skillup said the game could do with 6months to a year for the bug fixes and playtesting, but obviously business decisions led to it being released in the state it's in right now. That doesn't excuse the bad writing ofc.

  20. What an awful take. There's a lesson to be learned here - but it is NOT that investors should be able to take creative control of MORE games. That's how you get shit like Blizzard's turds.

  21. The fact that this post is the first time I'm ever hearing of a new Saints Row game is testament to how bad it is. What happened to the days when it was considered a serious competitor to GTA?

  22. Volition said "we aren't backing down" when people criticized the game. Instead of taking the feedback people gave them, they got offended and angry at gamers. Well, here's the result of ignoring and attacking us instead of listening to us.

  23. Good on them for putting their money where their mouth is and enduring low sales and critical panning just make what they really wanted to make as artists, despite it not being what the game name they chose for recognition purpose was

  24. Watched a review of this game. Jesus it’s bad, it would have been a bad game for last gen consoles. The graphics are bad, the voice acting is unconvincing, it’s glitchy to all hell, the story is barely followable, the city has no real life in it.

  25. It would have definitely reviewed as a mediocre product on the PS3. In that era it would probably have been praised for its graphics to be fair, but not more than that, story and gameplay look definitely worse than most late PS3 era gems.

  26. I would have preferred SR2 Remastered than this piece of shit. The people who made this game are so out of touch it’s unreal.

  27. When Epic came along, they knew they can sit back and relax and crash that game. Epic exclusive = red flag af

  28. Epic exclusivity is usually a sign that they are looking for financial shielding and preventing community reviews.

  29. I feel like that's just a Deep Silver/ Koch Media thing. They put everything on Epic because of that exclusivity money. It's disgusting.

  30. The AAA gaming market has really gone down the shitter, No wonder why 90% of all the game I'm playing are now indie titles. I hardly ever get excited for any new AAA games, My focus is now almost entirely on the great indie games coming out and ones I regretfully passed on years ago.

  31. Sad. Saints 2 was my jam back in the day, 3 and 4 were fun too. But man, this most recent one is just painful to play, theres not really anything I like about it. Such a disappointment.

  32. Really sad. Saints 1 was good and 2 was almost perfect IMO. 3 was OK and I barely played 4 or the other ones. They just got so stupid.

  33. They knew what is coming and they went with it anyway. I don't care about progressive shit, it is just a shit game. Hire good writers and designers whatever their political or opinions are. Just make sure they will deliver and not fuck shit up 🤣

  34. The second i saw the trailer, i knew the game was going to be the most dogshit bullshit on this market. I Have NO CLUE how not a single person inside the company with a pair of working eyes didint realize they are making a horseshit game, but... i guess you get what you deserve.

  35. Who in the investment industry was expecting this one to be good? They made perfectly clear from the start that they had no intention of making it good.

  36. Hate these news that correlate stock movement with some random event, it's almost always bullshit and it is the case here. People who write this garbage have no stock market knowledge.

  37. The irony in this comment... While wild swings can happen to the stock, that was not the case yesterday. The stock was having normal movement yesterday until the reviews came out, which made the stock dive. You can check it yourself if you don't believe me.

  38. Market took a pretty big hit yesterday, wouldn't surprise me if 3-4% of the drop was just the market alone and the remainder might have been specific to Embracer.

  39. Andrew Reiner of Game Informer gave it an 8.5 out of 10. That's higher than Multiversus, Stray and Cult of the Lamb. It's not too surprising since he reviewed Cyber-Punk and gave it a good score. You know, the game where A.I. couldn't drive cars. Police would spawn on you, and bystanders had like 1 or 2 responses to danger. Let alone the performance and a plethora of problems at launch.

  40. At release, most early reviews were praising Cyberpunk 2077, saying it was one of the best game they've ever played.

  41. Cyberpunk was a good game. It was a bethesda style open world game with CDPR writing. It needed polish but hey so did New Vegas and Witcher 3, both considered classics.

  42. If he tested the PC version (or any of the modern SSD based consoles), then the rating could still be pretty fair.

  43. Well since they were trying to Monopolize the gaming industry under their name, it's better this way for all of us as customers. I don't want to see one day that all game's Publisher name to be Embracer as in

  44. This just reminds me that the knights of the old republic remake is under these guys umbrella now too. And that makes me sad.

  45. Not really. Square sealed Deus Ex's fate by forcing Eidos to piece meal the story, stuff it with MTX, and then never follow up on it because they put everyone on Avengers.

  46. The same way I worry about a Oxygen not Included DLC affecting Path of Exile development since both Klei and Grinding Gear Games are partially owned by Tencent.

  47. I would've been more worried if the IPs had still been under Square Enix. Now there's at least a chance we get more Deus Ex.

  48. Seems like the community largely wants a SR2.5 game and they time and time again tell them they're wrong.

  49. This definitely wasn’t Cyberpunk all over again. But it’s at that level of disappointment.

  50. They deserved the hate, for the shambles of a franchise. Bring back the old “3rd Streets Saints” the drive by’s, the respect measurer the whole gang vibe that they lost in sr3. Games a joke and so is the devs

  51. Didn’t even know this released, but it looks like more of the same bullshit that came out after SR2 - the last good SR game. The cartoonish bullshit and spongey enemies introduced in the Third ruined the franchise for me.

  52. From all reports the new Saints Row is not a good game, I haven't played it myself though. But it is very unlikely reviews for the game are the direct reason why their stock dropped. Most of the market dropped yesterday, the markets in general have been flat or down for months. While it is possible negative reviews had an impact on their stock price, there is no evidence to directly tie the two. Correlation vs causation.

  53. fml. There goes my last sliver of hope that there will be a continuation of Deus Ex (Embracer bought Deus Ex and Tomb Raider rights from SqEnix).

  54. I’m sad for all the hate this is getting. It is not a good game and it sadly earned its reviews, but I’ve been a saints row fan since the 1st game and people really want this game to fail which I firmly believe will put volition out of business, their last title was a titanic flop too (agents of mayhem) I hope someday we can see a new Red Faction or the fabled Saints Row 1+2 remake.

  55. Want it to fail? After the initial trailer drop and the initial outcry, was it even talked about? It sucks that a game once seen as a decent GTA is now flushing down the drain, but this is the fault of the company, not people watching the trailer and having an expectation of how the final product might be.

  56. I'd like to feel sorry for them, but they kinda earned this L. When the first trailer dropped, the tone was set and the backlash was immediate. They could have chosen to pull a Sonic Movie and gone back to redo some things to make it feel more like a Saints game, but instead they doubled down, called everyone haters/incels/gamergaters/etc, took Epic's payout, and released this absolute tire fire of a game anyway.

  57. If it helps, the people who made saints row great aren't there anymore. They're else where making content to the standard of before, I hope.

  58. Used to work for one of the involved companies a long time ago - these screwed up launches always break my heart because I know there are amazing people working on these games and the number of great early ideas I've seen that got replaced over time due to budget overrun or just general mismanagement (not all on Embracer's, Koch Media/Plaion's or Volition's part) is just terribly high.

  59. I can't believe that this game is getting so much coverage like it's a surprise it turned out as bad as it did. there hasn't been a saints row game that could be considered decent since 2, and even that was an unnecessary sequel to a game that felt like a game you find in the Wal Mart clearance section.

  60. 1 was a GTA clone. 2 I'm not sure about. 3 and 4 were a blast. The game had its own identity by then and essentially doubled down on the whacky super powered off the walls hijinks. Some examples: riding dinosaurs, skydiving out of an airplane in a tank, Burt Reynolds as a character, etc. The game just did wonky shit and let you have fun with the mechanics, be it whacky dubstep guns, tanks, or super powers.

  61. Doesn't Embracer just own Plaion, whose subsidiary Deep Silver owns Volition, who develops Saints Row?

  62. No one wants to buy a sanitized version of Saint's Row for the same reason no one wants to see a PG-13 rated Porno or a G-Rated Horror Flick

  63. Whole market shit it’s pants by 2% yesterday, along with another 2% drop on a Friday. Doubt their falling stock was affected by ratings, and a lot more likely just a victim of the rest of the market contraction.

  64. The whole market is down in the past week. I'm pretty sure every time an article like this has come out, it's always just the whole market doing poorly and not based on a bad game release...

  65. I know people are going to applaud this but the entire market was down yesterday (check the S&P 500 Index) and Embracer is inline with that. There's a dip that was recovered.

  66. When you look at the stock chart it's really not that unusual of a dip. Not to mention they're worth ~$8 billion, one game release isn't going to shave 7% off. There's many other factors. Pure clickbait.

  67. It definitely doesn’t feel completed. The clipping of objects and characters makes it feel like I’m playing this with crappy mods on. It really breaks any immersion. It’s been years since I played a game that it was this noticeable on.

  68. Not a huge saints row fan but I was thinking maybe to pick it up because it was cheaper, might be ok. Sadly I think this one deserves a wait and or pass.

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