CDPR Hints At a Full Cyberpunk 2077 Sequel

  1. It will probably arrive just in time to awkwardly straddle the PS5/SeriesX to PS6/SeriesY cross gen period. And when that’s a mess we can say “they really shouldn’t have launched on last gen”.

  2. yep because the new ai features can't run on previous ps5/SX chips. I mean the raytracing is good but the old gen "ai" driven responses and facial animation are too much in the uncanny valley. The new ps6/XboxMaxProUltra gen looks too real. I feel bad shooting some npcs as they begin to cry and call for mom when the light in their eyes begin to fade.

  3. Personally, I think they will find new mistakes to make. Which, hey, would still at least be a small improvement over what some other game studios/publishers do.

  4. "The studio has recently lost a very important element related to the development of the game in question, although this will in no way affect the arrival of new projects."

  5. Depends, really. I think Cyberpunk's biggest asset were all of the art assets. If they manage to port that into Unreal 4 somehow, they could start leaps and bounds ahead on this project.

  6. They should just go ahead and start selling it now. I’m still waiting to do my first play through on PS4/PS5 for 2077, feel like that’ll be fun coming up soon. Great investment.

  7. Well if they do make it, I won't believe a word of their marketing about what it is supposed to be or the "professional" reviewers.

  8. There's only one thing I wish for with a sequel. Please, PLEASE CDPR, make an immersive sim such as Deus Ex and Prey! 2077 is so close to being an immersive sim but throws any creative exploration out the window. I'd love a more tightly packed city with more emphasis on exploration and finding paths, instead of an empty large open city.

  9. They've got to be kidding themselves if they think I'm paying them for a sequel when they didn't even give me what I paid for in the first place.

  10. I honestly hope so. Only because the city they made is fucking incredible, just beautiful. It would be a crying shame to not use it again.

  11. I don't have the committment to learning all the subsystems and the story and whatnot but I occasionally start the game and just walk around because the immersion and the scale of the setting is just ridiculous... I feel as if I'm in the future.

  12. I keep thinking of the Yakuza games that take a small section of a city and put so much in a small well developed space.

  13. best quest in the game is the one where you go around to find all the tarot cards, simply because it's basically just a tour of all the cool spots in the city

  14. On a technicality standpoint yes but many of the promised features hell even the bare minimum Police AI aint even functioning... im gonna probably wide berth this next game hell I might even avoid Witcher 4 if they truly are gonna make that

  15. Doing one DLC and seeing how much money could have been made when they were selling it for $5 Stop the DLC there and pour the rest into a second game. I bet that’s all it is. A way to make some money back by selling a full game over cheaper DLC’s

  16. Well since they confirmed that they are going to make another Witcher saga I wouldn’t expect this anytime soon.

  17. Let them have another crack at it. People aren't going to pre-order it in the droves they did before. (A year out from release and it was the top of the Steam charts... Seriously >:-( )

  18. Millions of players preordered Battlelfield 2042 after The disasters Battlefield 5, Battlefield Hardline, etc

  19. Do tell me why you think they won’t make the same mistakes again? Did the company undergo any drastic change?

  20. The game has massive potential but it didn’t fulfill that potential the atmosphere is insane and a next gen cyberpunk with insane graphics would be a joy

  21. You think people won't pre-order it but they will.... Hype is a serious problem in the gaming community, hype and tribalism. .

  22. As of right now I think the game is solid and very enjoyable. No, it isn't exactly what they marketed and I had abandoned it for a year, but if you look past the marketing and instead view it as it currently is after patch 1.5, it's a really good game and by far one of the best looking. It deserves a sequel, not just because it had a solid story, but because CDPR haven't made a game like this before and the lessons they've learnt developing 2077 can go into bettering the next one. With that said, people are still going to preorder in droves. Consumerism is an issue, people don't learn despite how much they complain.

  23. 3-5 years, actually. They only started development around when Witcher 3 and it’s expansion were done, the date you’re thinking of is the announcement teaser in 2012, which is only 8 years before however you want to do the math, and no active development was happening then, as they were fully into making TW3 still.

  24. I don't believe nothing good can come out of CDPR after Cyperpunk 2077. They did a bad job and handled the aftermath okay, but immediate decision to announced new Witcher game and now sequel to CP2077 just gives me a bad feeling. I think they are lowkey switched to milking Witcher fans.

  25. Holy shit, does this thread ever exemplify the real problem behind the hate for CDPR. All the company did was basically tell their investors that Cyberpunk is still an IP with more games and other products to come. Then tech blogs print “news” that allegedly that means CDPR is saying specifically a sequel to CP2077 (they didn’t), and then someone posts that on Reddit where all anyone ever reads is the headline (which is an unsubstantiated assumption), and of course all the people in the comments take that to mean CDPR has officially announced a sequel, and start revving their hate-engines, all wanting to be the first to most unequivocally denounce this early launch of the PR hype for this game… that no one has actually confirmed, let alone announced.

  26. I played through this on PC when it released and really liked it. I was probably lucky because I didn't run into any game breaking glitches, and thought the story was pretty strong. Glad to hear they're doing a sequel, but I hope they give the team time to actually accomplish what they set out to do, the last one was rushed and from what I'd heard, it could've been a lot cooler/more in depth based on what they wanted to do vs. what management forced them into.

  27. Im sure they fully intended for this to be a franchise of its own. Multiple DLC's, sequels, spinoffs, minigame spinoffs, etc.

  28. Why not expand upon the game you have where you are going to spend the better part of a decade to get what will likely amount to just more wasteland space around the city? Pretty sure The Witcher 3 demonstrated that fans enjoy and will buy expansions, and when you already have all this space and potential it seems like a no brainer, but they are stopping with one and working on a sequel that will be on the backburner while they work on a Witcher sequel? Is this because they had to give up multi-player and they want that monetization? Like come on, NMS crawled out from underneath its negative perception because the devs put in the work and stuck with it, people aren't just gonna forget and forgive if you abandon Cyberpunk to make another Witcher.

  29. @CDPR focus on fixing the first one and delivering what was promised to fans first before you start the hypetrain for your newest crap 😀

  30. Meh. The original launch version of The Witcher 1 is pretty much the epitome of jank, but that didn't stop its sequels from being absolute bangers.

  31. Yeah but unlike Witcher 1, Cyberpunk was falsely advertised and released in such a bad state that it had to be removed from stores and even had people file lawsuits.

  32. I think it's different. W1 is a relic of it's time and they tried to do some weird gameplay shit, CP2077 came on fucking 2020 after they already proved themselves with W2 and W3. But they still messed up.

  33. People have absolutely forgotten, plus there's a tonne of apologists talking about how actually, Cyberpunk is a really good game with really cool combat and enemy AI, excellent writing, and deep choices. The reality is they marketed the game as a core RPG with tonnes of variety in playstyle and narrative paths, but it's actually has the depth of a Fat Cry game. Fantastic for people who like Far Cry, but that's not what it was being sold as.

  34. They built up enough good will with witcher and sticking with the game 3 years into launch. The witchery was also not without bugs at launch and they stuck with it for a long time too to patch it

  35. Both the Witcher 3 and Cyberpunk 2077 have been some of the best story-driven action-adventure games of the past decade.

  36. They still haven’t completed the current game, in terms of the feel of the game, with vast swaths of the game world left functionally empty. I have zero faith that CD Projekt Red will deliver any better on a sequel.

  37. It will break pre-order records because average gamer is an idiot that buy games based on the hype and what they are told by a streamer

  38. Don't worry guys, it'll be advertised for a decade but production will be given a whole 2 years to get it up and running.

  39. That's awesome. They cut so much stuff during the development of the first one that they can just re-promise all of that again. Talk about a time and money saver on the marketing side!

  40. How about some expansions or the rumored multiplayer bit before they make a sequel. They still need to earn trust back after these poor launches.

  41. If this is true I'm sorry but it strongly suggests they haven't learnt from the previous mistake of creating hype and promises way before being able to determine if they can deliver. I'm sure the first would've got some wiggle room and less negatively if they hadn't overreached the way they did over the years.

  42. The key to living life as a gamer is to not pay attention to these news and wait for things. You life will be much better if you just take things as they come.

  43. Honestly, I don‘t care what CDPR „hints“ at any more. The next time I am going to get excited for a CDPR game will be when they release a good game, rather than when they say they are planning on making a good game.

  44. well they also showed insame mechanics, realistic NPCs with shit but didnt deliver it so im not taking their "hints" any seriously either...

  45. I don't know what to say about this one - on one hand I want them to have learned their lesson, and actually put out a **completed-game-with-all-systems-mentioned-and-almost-no-bugs-on-launch**... but I know better... It's so harrowing because everyone can see the potential that is already there in Cyberpunk 2077, but somewhere I have this nagging on my mind that it could just end up being Hype V2.77

  46. So, they wasn't able to make playable version of the game on release using their own engine, but everything will be ok with 3rd party technology. Doubt.

  47. I doubt it, Cyberpunk 2077 sold well (at launch) but it almost cost them everything... their reputation is in taters, their stock valued tanked (still is tanked), they got investigated by the Polish government (lost their government grants/subsidies), and were sued by their own shareholders... a sequel is HIGHLY unlikely lol...

  48. Considering the engine is MOSTLY complete at this point, they'd only have to modify it a bit for new systems and gameplay, while the biggest part of the work would be new assets and story to tie everything together.

  49. I feel like this title is misleading and sensationalized, even if they use "hint". Here's the quote from the article:

  50. I'm glad they're not just dumping this game. I think I've had my fill of the fantasy genre for a few years and I could use more cyberpunk.

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