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  1. Fav memory has to be the time the whole squad went through a phase of buying 4 copies of everything to gift each other when a new game dropped.

  2. Successfully installing all the floppies of Doom on a powerplant's PC so I could play while my dad worked. Years later I visited again, now a couple of years later, found out all the engineers still playing it.

  3. My favorite gaming memory is playing Secret of Mana with my brother and uncle when I was about 12 years old. That game still holds a special place in my heart.

  4. I'm replying here because I don't want the gpu and want to say tha k you for doing this for someone out there. It's a very nice thing you're doing.

  5. Falling asleep at the whee(in game) after a 12 hour dayz session. My pal Connor kept my character fed and watered for 6 hours so I didn't lose my public server gear!

  6. I’m probably really old around here. My first console was a Atari 2600. Been a gamer for 40 years. I remember when all the neighborhood kids would come to our house to play Atari. My favorite memory is during the NES days; my dad was fascinated by the graphics, it really blew him away. It was crazy then, he would randomly buy a NES game and surprise us. He never played them, just loved to watch my brother and I play.

  7. Dude, it’s not worth it. When he is gone, you will regret all of this lost time. I’m speaking from experience. Make it work my bro. Even if it hurts, if the wounds are deep, make it work. You will not regret it, ever. It’s just not worth it. When he is gone, you will know why. This time is irreplaceable my friend. Please go and build that bridge again.

  8. I remember the time I was the first in my friends group to Flip Asteroids from 999,999 to 0.... I was both a legend and sad the score didn't go higher.

  9. Just gotta say man it's so cool to see gamers of all different types and ages, connecting together over fond memories. Once a gamer, forever a gamer baby :)

  10. Lol parents had a buy first, think later mentality with video games (and still do, I’m talking about you, screeching kid on COD and GTA V)

  11. I did that and it was so annoying i think this is the worst experience after not having Internet as a WiFi at home for years and after that I transferred to a new house where there isn't any optic fiber or ADSL, I'm back to ol' times

  12. Sitting up all night with the wife playing World of Warcraft doing quests and running instances. She'd get so into it, she wouldn't want to stop, even though she would get super tired. One time while in town waiting for me to run errands and do crafting and such, she passed out at the keyboard. I still have a picture of it.

  13. I have so many amazing memories from playing WoW when I was younger. Started back when BC released and played on and off through Legion. My brother and our three buddies used to bring our PCs over to the same house and all play all night together in the basement.

  14. 10 years ago my friend introduced me to a random game that he said was “difficult but fun.” I’ve been a Dark Souls fanboy ever since :)

  15. My favorite gaming memory was November 14th 2021 1AM when after 2 years of saving and a lot of spare parts from friends I finished my first build and got to play Monster Hunter World for the first time.

  16. What a fucking game to start into the PCMR!!! Monster Hunter is a way of life. Is the game that carried me out of the first pandemic year (2020). I have never put so many hours into a game in so little time frame (1 year) best of luck my fellow hunter!!! You are in for once in a lifetime ride!!!

  17. Playing Borderlands with my son. Him asking me questions everyday for months about Borderlands lore and weapons. Wouldn't trade those memories for anything.

  18. I get so nostalgic for times when a video game was at peak popularity and prominence. I was late to the Borderlands train but loved it because everyone was playing it.

  19. Now I need to change my answer. lol. My daughters boyfriend taught her how to play fortnite and I hadn’t played it in years. But I jumped on the opportunity to connect with her as a teenager. She doesn’t play anymore but will sit and watch me and knows what’s going on. That makes my day most days.

  20. Favorite memory is always making my dad download demos for me in the early 90's when I was a little boy. I remember once he was downloaded the Need For Speed demo for me overnight because all we had was dial-up. I was so excited to play it the next morning, only to find out the download had failed. So my dad went out and bought me the game instead and I still have it to this day in his memory.

  21. My favorite memory of gaming is playing rock band with my late grandmother. It was great because she sang while I played guitar with my younger brother on the drums. I know it's not a pc game but it's still my favorite memory.

  22. Welp I started typing and didn't stop, and this became both a potent memory description as well as an emotional piece. Woops .-.

  23. I'd encourage you to share this with him....even if it feels strange. I'd bet money ut goes a long way to bring you two oser and makes his year.

  24. My favorite memory? It's probably not a memory. Its what I got going right now. I finally have new best friends that I got since 5 years ago. We have a social discord group with us six and we play Valorant and Minecraft together! We meme about each other for playing league, rocket league or even brawlhalla. With these people I've been feeling better so much and learning how to socialize easier. Its just so awesome!

  25. How the fuck was i supposed to know I had to swap the controller to Port 2 on the PlayStation when fighting Psycho Mantis to stop him reading my mind!!!!! Infuriating, but god damn genius!

  26. Why they have never done this in other games and eventually had some regions being strictly like lvl 100 gyms with strong teams boggles my mind. Gen 2 was the best games by far.

  27. My fav gaming memory is playing lego star wars with my sister on the PS2, we were having so much fun we did not realize we were making memories, hours and hours would go by but even after finishing the game many times we were laughing all the time customizing new characthers and "creating" our own little mini games inside the game.

  28. My favorite gaming memory would be GSkill TridentZ 3000mhz, because that was the first gaming memory I purchased. Sweet memories indeed.

  29. My favorite gaming memory was finishing the portal franchise. The first game I ever completed. And Minecraft with my dad.

  30. Favourite memory is when BF3 gave 5 fps with stuttering audio with my gt210 and then 100+ fps with my then brand new gtx 750ti. Made me cry and it still does.

  31. One of the best feelings is installing the new GPU and seeing all those gains. I remember how much of a game changer the GTX 260 was

  32. My favorite gaming memory is playing Goldeneye on the N64. My church had a large and heavy 65 inch tv back in the early 2000's. We even had cardboard dividers so we couldn't cheat in multiplayer.

  33. Wiping out the entire enemy team in Dota 2 as Invoker while we were loosing and they were storming our base. Epic stuff. Couldn't do it again though.

  34. Starting up the Wii, hearing that loud startup music and going over to Lego Star Wars to play with my brother. Still love those games.

  35. My best gaming memory is more a period of time when I didn't have a PC so I would go to my friend's house every Sunday and we'd play games together, hot seating his family computer. The golden era of wonder...

  36. Receiving a spindle filled with pc games from my cousin, all of it was from 2008 and earlier. Was the day I found out each game had its own requirements and majority of it didn't work on my Pentium D and Intel GMA onboard graphics. That's what got me to start research t what I need in order to run games at playable FPS and that's how I got started on this journey

  37. My favorite memory was during Covid when I stayed up all night playing Madden challenges with friends. They got off early and I stayed on. I turned around and went “huh, it’s morning already”. Then proceeded to continue playing . 😂

  38. For me it's gotta be just growing up playing games. I was playing games before I could even read, infact I can remember the game which pushed my reading well above my age was jade empire.

  39. Endless hours of Rocket League with my friends is one of my better gaming memories. That game has changed so much since year one.

  40. My favorite gaming memory is waking up as a kid to play Mario Kart on the Wii. Now I've out grown the Wii, but I still play Mario Kart Wii emulated, so I can return to being a kid :)

  41. My buddy and I built our PC’s about 4 years ago. We then were too afraid to commit to mouse and keyboard so just played rocket league on these beautiful machines. Years later and we are both M&K favorites. But he is still running the graphics card my room mate gave him and now he can’t run pretty much any new games. But we still get down with some Apex and what not.

  42. Playing Minecraft with the boys after school - booting up the server was hard for younger me but when I got it to work we had a blast

  43. My favorite gaming memory is probably the day I realized I had enough raspberry pis to build my 6 y/o and 2 y/o their own computers with Minecraft pi on them. Now it's time to build my 6 y/o his own PC with my spare parts and I'm just missing a video card and RAM.

  44. My favorite memory was seeing some of the next generation games at a trade show and being amazed at how good the graphics were

  45. Favorite memory was having my son join our Minecraft server and we could play together at the same time. One on ipad and one on pc.

  46. I remember playing Quake 1 in computer lab before middle school. I think that’s where my love for FPS comes from.

  47. My favorite gaming memory was waking up at 4am before school so I could play a few games of Battlefield Heroes. Hands down one of my top 5 games to play.

  48. Getting to play battlefield,halo and destiny with my friends from ten years ago. When we were still playing those games together daily. We had our own clan for all the games, Kik group chat, always was coordinating whose going to play what with who.

  49. Fav memory of gaming is my first time playing CoD 2. First time i played it, i tried out MP first cos i naively thought folks would help me out with strategy and tips. I ended up wasting a lot of time shooting at my team mates because everytthing looked the same to me on my potato PC, and i was just shooting at anything that was ahead of me. Oh the names i was called.

  50. My favorite gaming memory? Gotta be the first time I beat Dark Souls. The sheer frustration combined with the final boss' melancholy music had me in tears when I finally beat him. I may have screamed at my TV a bit as well. It definitely had an influence on how I look at game design now though.

  51. My favorite gaming memory is running an early Rust server and seeing, first-hand, the creativity that comes from a group of like-minded gamers that just want to have a good time.

  52. Two things spring to mind - the summer of 2001, I was at university sharing a house with a number of other computer science students... Many games were played, including far too much Diablo 2 on our LAN!

  53. My first build was with an gt1030, give me so good memories, gta v, cs go, but being able to play pcsx2 at 60fps was the best

  54. When my now wife, then girlfriend bought us Don't Starve Together. We stayed up for 12 hours playing it together. It was the best gaming experience I've ever had. We were supposed to make dinner together but ended up ordering a pizza. I'll never forget the base we built being destroyed by a giant duck monster.

  55. Favourite memory would be playing Command & Conquer Tiberian Sun. I was playing as Nod and discovered that if you put a stealth field over their usually useless laser fences, enemy infantry would run right through them 😂 Most glorious that!

  56. Weekend sleepovers with four friends, four tvs, and four copies of Halo: CE. Setting up a LAN and playing CTF on Hang 'Em High and getting the tank on Blood Gulch.

  57. My favorite gaming memory was when i played tf2 on my godbrothers setup and i killed a guy saying “that’s a spy”. But i had no clue it was a spy but he was impressed so i kept quiet.

  58. In highschool i had an impromptu lan party without telling my mom. At some point before she got home we left to go get snacks for the all nighter. She came home to 7 or 8 computers with notepad pulled up thanking her for being cool with everyone coming over and other wholesome messages. She was so touched she ordered pizza for everyone. She even played a round of CS with us. It was a great night!!

  59. Being surprised with a subscription to Nintendo Power when I was 6. The first issue I got had Ninja Gaiden on the cover!

  60. GF and I had another couple over at the apartment. The man was really into gaming, the woman wasn't and said she wished he would find another hobby. I turned on Overcooked and handed her (and everyone else) a controller.

  61. Late night 007 Nightfire session with my bro, and he is really getting into it. Doing better than we ever have...

  62. When we were younger, my brother and I would play hours and hours of counter-strike source. We would usually put on music and play it until our parents would tell us to get outside and do something haha

  63. Got many good memories with friends. I'll go with winning my first esports tournament. It was a hearthstone tournament and the feeling of just playing with cool people and coming out on top was just the best.

  64. I didn't have a lot of friends for most of my life. When I was young, my parents didn't have many friends with children, and none of our neighbors had kids either. I was awkward and weird, and I got bullied in school. I didn't form a good group of friends until I got to high school. They introduced me to Halo. We would stay up all night playing against each other, eating Cheetos, Oreos, pizza and Dr. Pepper. Then we'd finally fall asleep from 8 AM til 1 PM.

  65. My favorite gaming memory is receiving my first Nintendo for Christmas in 1987. My uncle bought it for my brother and I. What I was too young at the time to realize is that my Uncle provided such a memorable Christmas for us because my father recently passed and my mom couldn't afford to buy us presents. My uncle recently passed, and I think of him every year around this time. I did get to tell him as an adult how much it meant to me that he went out of his way to make us feel special that Christmas.

  66. For me, it has to have been playing Bioshock 1, 2, and Infinite, and Dishonored 1, 2, and Death of the Outsider. These were among the first games that 'clicked' for me. I felt at home with the art style, storytelling, and character development. I was able to fully immerse myself in these games and draw comparisons between fiction and reality (or see the 'blurred lines', e.g. contrast between rich and poor) and they were enlightening experiences. I think this is also why I loved Arcane (Netflix show).

  67. My favorite memory is probably from playing hide and seek with friends in a custom game on star wars battlefront

  68. My favorite memory was using my newly discovered networking skills to test out some games on an esxi server. They were laggy and choppy, but I could access them on any computer from anywhere in the world. That power made me realize how powerful a tool this could be

  69. Favorite memory is staying up late playing Pokémon black on my 3ds, those were to days man. Love the idea behind your company, I know a lot of people hesitant about building their own pcs, and I think it could help a lot!

  70. My favorite memory is getting Pokemon platinum and transferring over my shaymin and regigigas from my pearl game. They wouldn't listen to me half the time but it was awesome when they did.

  71. I played Minecraft for 14 hours straight one time. It had just released on Xbox 360 and me and my buddy had a blast building our base.

  72. My favorite memories were when me and a friend used to pull all nighters playing minecraft survival.. good times

  73. My favorite memory was playing Diablo 3 with a bunch of Army buddies while deployed. We'd come in after a 12hr shift, and just get lost for hours running Greator Rifts. We'd completely distract ourselves from the day to day grind and hard times, for laughs, energy drinks, smokes and leveling up. Man I miss the simplicity of those days!

  74. My fav gaming memory was in live for speed, I was talking with friends ds while in an intense race. 2nd to last corner, neck and neck with another car. Last corner, I pull a drift for 5 seconds while overtaking the other person and winning the race. I was so happy. .

  75. My favorite gaming memory is definitely playing the Mario 3 battle mode with my older brother. I've always been a Luigi fan since those days.

  76. My favourite gaming memory? I used to be a huuuuge Minecraft fan, but I didn't have a computer to play it on nor did I have the money to buy it. Keep in mind, I was about 8-9 years old at this time. My father had a work laptop at the time. A Dell Lattitude E6420.

  77. Having a sleepover at my friends house many years ago with all my close friends and their friends staying up late playing all our favorite games during Christmas time and drinking hot chocolate and bonding together. I'm great friends with them to this day.

  78. My favorite memory was playing through Halo 3 for the first time. I was looking forward to it so much with the amazing ad campaigns they were running. The diorama and old men recounting the various weapons and stuff was amazing.

  79. I remember playing Super Mario Galaxy on the Wii, and when I had finally beat the game I sat there so excited and then kinda just went… now what? That really led me into the world of gaming.

  80. I had a PUBG game where we went to grab a drop crate, a friend I was playing with called dibs on the AWM but the other two yelled "Screw that give it to Richard he's a legend with it".

  81. My favourite gaming memory is getting the GameCube for Christmas when I was eight with Pokémon XD I stayed up all night playing that Thank you for this give away and happy holidays

  82. My favourite gaming memory is probably my first time reaching GM in overwatch, its kinda weird I guess since I don't even play the game anymore but I'm still kind of proud of it lol. It was the first time I actually felt I was Reay good at a game.

  83. My favorite memories in gaming are playing call of duty with my brothers on the wii u. Had a lot of fun playing ghosts multiplayer together.

  84. the best time i've spent gaming was probably in 2013/2014 when i played on my brothers minecraft account. I remember my first survival world with you spawning in a village and there being a large mountain right next to it. back then everything was so mysterious and i was scared to even enter the nether without my brother guiding me. shame i lost the world when he upgraded his pc. in a way it might actually be better to leave those memories filled with nostalgia instead of being able to re live them anytime i'd want. it would lose it's meaning

  85. I would say the first time I had ever played a video game being Pokémon x where I started to love playing them then I learned about pcs and I have loved pc/pc building ever since

  86. Probably one of my favorite moments in gaming was teaching my little cousin how to read maps so that he could find me in mx vs atv unleashed. He still brings that up 15 years later. Still makes me chuckle

  87. My fondest memories of PC gaming, actually start on an old 68k era Macintosh. I got a 10 pack of EA/Bullfrog games (back when EA games were top notch) I sank so many hours into Syndicate, Chuck Yeager's Air Combat, and The Labyrinth of Time (I never beat it) it was then that I fell in love with gaming in general and computers specifically. I have wanted to do more and more with computers ever since. From Skyrim, to HZD. Original Doom to its remake. The only genres I don't find myself playing often are competitive shooters and MMOs (except old school PSOBB). And it all started with that 68k Mac. (I even emulate an old school power Mac for some older games, Escape Velocity: Override, anyone?)

  88. When I was 6, my oldest brother got a Nintendo 64 for his Bar-Mitzvah. We had so many great times playing together, but my favorite memories were when my two brothers and I would spend all afternoon playing Mario Party. We were, and still are, extremely competitive, so those games mattered more to me than any other part of my day.

  89. My favourite gaming memory is probably playing Deceit with a bunch of friends. Hours of us just accusing and deceiving each other, fun times.

  90. I think going out at midnight launch releases at EB and GameStop for big games like the wow expansions back in the day. I mainly remember the Wrath of the Lich king the most. Would meet up with friends for beers then head over and stand in line for hours just to run home and spend another few hours installing the game and waiting to log on. Man the rush to get on and started leveling was amazing. Was a huge race with my friends.

  91. My favorite gaming memory has got to be staying up until 3:00 AM playing Goldeneye and Halo with the boys. Then once everybody got a little bit loopy, we played slappers only. Good times.

  92. My fav memory is like the period of the summer vacation when me and my friend were playing games thoghether even on our low end laptops that we play in to this day

  93. One of my favorite gaming memories was when i was playing the Original Halo game on my PC at the time, i was playing using my GeForce 2 GTS video card. The card was getting a bit old and i decided to upgrade. I was able to afford a Geforce 4 4400 and oh my, when i opened up and started playing Halo, i was shocked. Not just ho much better it looked but even when some characters used the "Cloaking" ability, that effect looked so much better than on my older card. It as a really fun moment for me.

  94. Going to dad's office after school to spend an hour on Roadrash in his office computer (Pentium IIII i think). Home PC's weren't that popular back then...

  95. Ahh, those were the days when we played CS, Then came PUBG PC and took us by fire. Had one extra copy and gave it to my friend who could actually run it. Xd. Will sure play it one day as only played some time on friend's pc.

  96. Playing Overwatch with my mate during college 4 years ago was so damn amazing...we would ditch classes, stay up all night till 4-5 in the morning until we reached that "1 more game" limit somehow...times are so rough now, truly miss those days

  97. when i finally beat that God forsaken helicopter level (I was at it since a week) in gta: vice city, I was in a train and it was late at night- rly had to control myself not to yell

  98. Getting a PS2 and spending my childhood rotating between playing on my PC and then on my PS2 and I was really young like 9-10

  99. One of my favorite gaming moments happened on Risk of Rain 2. We are like 11 or 12 stages in and i have already died twice so I'm behind a good bit. I'm playing huntress and somehow gathered just a hoard of enemies. I'm basically running for my life screaming on discord. My friends are on the other side of the map and barely see me blinking rapidly away with a bunch of elder Lemurians behind me and they just laugh their butts off for a while before helping me. It was a lot like the scene from Pirates of the Caribbean where Jack is running away to the boat from the tribe screaming.

  100. While being a kid, riding the car during night and playing my Gameboy while the only source of light where the light posts besides the road, which granted those few seconds that helped move foward.

  101. So many good times, but my favorite would be getting to play Skyrim for the first time. Wasn’t able to get out till a year after release. Still one of my favorites to this day, and getting mods to work on pc is glorious. Runner-up would be beating ornstein & smough for the first time. Praise the sun!

  102. Definitely going to give your site a look! I've convinced some friends it's immense fun building your own PC, so I'll pass your site along to them as well.

  103. It's a school night, school morning specifically. Three in the morning, have to get up in two hours, but that's not important. What's important is I'm playing GMOD with all my west coast friends and life is good. Life gets better when I meet a super friendly rando on a Prop hunt server. We get talking and add each other. A new chill friend to play with, sweet. It's a perfect night despite the lost sleep.

  104. Finishing school in first grade and running to the neighborhood internet café to play Mu Online, Counter Strike 1.5 and Ricochet with all my childhood friends is one of the best memories of my childhood.

  105. My favorite gaming memory is playing Fallout 3 for the first time and playing for like, 10 hours straight. I’d been watching my boyfriend play and it looked pretty fun so I decided to try it. He didn’t get to play again for a while.

  106. I was a huge loner without many friends in middle school after changing schools. One day in, sitting in study hall sneaking in a few minutes of Pokemon Red version, a boy near me sees and and shows me he is doing the same with Pokemon Blue. That was roughly 20 years ago and he is still my best friend. We still game, though not as much as we used to.

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