He was lying… right?

  1. “You’re save with me you have nothing to worry about me I’m 100% real and I’m not here for game or drama,I know it hard to believe people you meet online but I want you to know I would never tarnish my personality because of an ordinary money”

  2. Sounds like the guy that crashed my vehicle right before I called the police. He promised he would pay me cash to fix it and begged not to call them. Made a report anyway and then took his offer of not going through insurance. I called him 2 days later with a fairly cheap estimate and told me to fuck off. His mom told me the same and they blocked my number.

  3. Believe it or not, but a while ago some guy put up a galaxy z flip3 for sale for a ridiculously low price. And by luck it was in my city too, by far the lowest in the country. So he put thinfs like 100% real, not a scam and smiley faces in the description and I was like no way. But he lived really close so I thought why not. Messaged with him a bit and decided to meet up. (This was in the netherlands and the guy was polish) So I meet up with the guy and turns out hes just a really nice guy selling his used phone for cheap. No red flags, even gave me all the paperwork that you would want. Mint condition. One of the best deals ever.

  4. Haha 100% the right call. I love when you questioned the 1070 his next message changed the resolution to 1920x3060 instead of changing the 1070 at the bottom to 3060

  5. I would have stopped immediately after "the item is already packaged and waiting at Fedex. I just need you to pay and give me your address."

  6. Its weird isnt it? Scammer tried to convince it was already away from his home but no sane person would do that before they close the thing

  7. "It's already packaged and at FedEx", this part didn't make sense to me, FedEx doesn't hold a package to await shipping details, does it?

  8. This applies to nearly anything where people are conning. If you ask for just basic, floor level proof, anything other than fulfilling that request is a red flag. Doubly so if they have an excuse as to why they can't

  9. 100% lying. No courier would accept any parcel without a delivery address. Stopped reading at that point as I knew it was bs. Dodged a bullet there pal!

  10. Wondering why everyone is so focused on the other parts of the conversation when that's right there up front. Nobody would bring it to Fedex without an address and certainly not before getting paid.

  11. Yup. Poor ass excuse too. Everything else after that line is just OP proving himself to be desperate to the scammer

  12. “Do you mean to tell me it is a 1070? Or do you wish to send me a 3060? Or perhaps you feel like sending me a 3060 ti on this particular morning?”

  13. A very low price, mismatched item description, weird payment requests, and grammar mistakes. Yep, it was a scam. Plus why would he bring it to FedEx before he knew where to ship it?

  14. My son's last wish was that I sell graphics for good price, he love video gaming so much, please sir, let me sell you graphics, it bring you much joy like it did him.

  15. Talked to the same guy last night, said he was giving away a pc with a 3080, wanted 70 to $120 for shipping, reported him immediately

  16. Absolutely. After the accidental 1070 text, he changed the resolution of the monitor from 1920x1080 to 1920x3060 as if he thought thats what the gpu's name meant. As for why it was 1080 instead of 1070, or why he kept the name of the 1070 below that, who knows.

  17. You can tell by the way he types that he's not a native speaker. Now, I'm not saying this is always a red flag, but in this scenario I'd say there's a 99% chance the graphics card doesn't exist and that this dude isn't even in the same country.

  18. You could give him a random code like 48353 and ask him to write that code on a paper and take a picture with the card next to the paper. Its too late know tho. Im just being a smartass.

  19. Buying PC parts second hand is unfortunately a bad deal. So much shit goes wrong. I've returned, warrantied or RMAd maybe 30% of technology purchases I've bought in the last 10 years. Just pay retail, it's worth it.

  20. I've nearly fallen for what I believe to be a scam on FB marketplace before. Currently in the market for a 64GB DDR4 kit, and I saw someone selling a ballistix one for £100 - thought "mmm, it's a bit low, but not massively so, could be genuine", messaged them, double checked the images on reverse image search - all checked out, but as soon as I asked for a physically timestamped photo (you know name + date on paper with the RAM) they just stopped replying. Listing is still up, half tempted to report it.

  21. The fact you even attempted the purchase of an $80 for a 3060ti makes me wonder how many close calls you've had.

  22. There's three possibilities. One, the graphics card he is selling is broken. Two, this guy is selling you a graphics card that doesn't exist. Or three, he doesn't know or care about pricing of PC components.

  23. I found a person selling like $600 worth of Disney Blu-ray movies for $100 on eBay. Turned out he lived in my city and now wanted cash rather than going through eBay so I said sure let’s meet at my job (security everywhere,gotta show tag and license at the gate) He then shows up in his K9 SUV. Guy was a federal US Marshal. Dude was legit and really nice and gave me a whole box of movies including a few Xbox games his son did not want no more. Got lucky that day.

  24. My guy, in the world of the internet we live in, how did you not sniff this out as a scam right away? The only way you’re getting a 3060ti for $80 is from a friend who doesn’t want it anymore because he/she upgraded. There is no shot a stranger in the internet is selling it at that price.

  25. The second he wouldn’t accept payment over the platform he posted it on - you know it’s a scam. Don’t even go back and forth with him about it. Just move on.

  26. Scams are crazy, in trying to sell a EVGA 3070 on ebay and someone offered $800. I'm like you can buy it new for that price. He def gonna try to get me to send it and not pay...

  27. Terrible grammar is always a HUGE red flag for me. The unwillingness to send new pictures and saying it was a “mistyping” when they slipped up and said 1070 seals the deal that they were scamming

  28. ugh same and nobody wants to buy in person any longer. every time i arrange a meetup in a public location that will have CCTV they suddenly stop responding.

  29. Same. In person and done with cash. If either party has a problem with that then that's a red flag and you walk. It's the only way to ensure that you're dealing with a real, honest person that just wants the deal agreed to.

  30. When I got my 3070Ti (was not cheap at the time, but still a very good price during the GPU shortage) I got the dude to drive to my house (30min drive) and I tested it in my PC, so that it was a real 3070Ti and everything was clear and it worked 100%. Took an hour, talked to the guy in between the test. Explained everything to him, he was understanding. Gave him the cash immediately when it was clear

  31. Back when I first started driving I did this to sell some RAM. I ended up locking my keys in the car and we watched a Bee documentary with his Dad while waiting for my mom to come with the spare key.

  32. the second they say they only accept payment outside of the app is the second you were supposed to stop talking to them

  33. I would have continued wasting their time. Ask about how their son died, did they do it, I’m calling the police for ending their sons life, I’m FBI and CIA and KGB.

  34. I recently bought a EVGA 3090 for $1000 cdn. Did some back and forth with the guy and I got him to take pics of the card with my name and date written down. That way I knew the card at least existed in some form. EVGA has the best used card warranty so even if he sent me a bricked card it was covered under warranty. To protect both ourselves we used Canada Post COD so the post office did the deal for us. When it showed up to the post office I explained I might be getting scammed and the nice ladies let me open the package to verify it was a video card before paying the money. I now have an awesome 3090.

  35. I swear if we just all came together and killed these scammers then we wouldn’t have this problem. Scammers deserve a painful slow death.

  36. He gave it away in the first screen cap. He said he took it to FEDEX already but wouldn’t ship it til you paid him, like they’d hold it until he gives them the say-so.

  37. Bro, I would've ended the convo the moment he said he dropped it off at FedEx already before paying you or having your address

  38. It’s not a scam, this guy has sold the same card to 20 other people today. Lol. The obvious language issues really nailed it.

  39. Hrs a scammer and notice the slight mistakes someone not fluent in English but acting like he is. Someone truly not scamming would probably mention that and the mistakes with information and form of pay just...

  40. It’s such an amazing moment when you realize that buying stuff used from strangers on the internet is never worth the hassle.

  41. No reputable seller opens with Cashapp, Zelle, or Apple Pay. It's understandable to want to avoid marketplace fees but a legit seller will always offer PayPal as the alternative if shipping the item.

  42. So many red flags here, bet the scammer don't even know about GPUs. Usually when a product is unusually super cheap compared to its original price and the seller doesn't want to show you the item is working or not, you can already assume its a scam. I mean this 80 bucks "3060 ti" is the same price as my mining edition single dvi port rx 570 4gb lol. You said you almost believed him i can understand that because everybody wants that one in a lifetime deal but yea good job on pressuring him with questions.

  43. "Okay, for $60 I can see the hand you taped the box with, but only with the fingers not still stuck in the box?" "Yes, for $70."

  44. With that he also said he still needed his address to send it. You can't drop something off for shipping without a destination lmfao.

  45. I tried to sell something on fb marketplace and they “guys daughter” wanted me to send them my bank info so they can deposit the money and they would have movers come and take the items, I would pay the movers and he would reimburse me. Scammers be wild.

  46. Don’t forget horrible grammar. Thats another sign of a scam because they’re usually in another country where English isn’t their primary language.

  47. All red flags aside, look at the hands in the pictures.. I'm pretty sure that's 2 different skin tones? Am I the only 1 seeing this? That right there says he be lying.

  48. Na that’s bad lighting but a good catch to watch out for. But it’s the same. Same mousepad, custom keyboard and game pad in same position. It’s all same, just bad lighting from the top.

  49. I just recently sold my 3080 TI, I got so many responses and so many questions and so much shady shit that it quickly became overwhelming. I ended up just changing it to pick up only, it was safer for both parties they were able to come here and inspect the item and send the payment right in front of me.

  50. I would’ve taken the deal. I wouldn’t have even thought about it. When he said “I’m 100% real” and “I would never tarnish my personality”, I would’ve paid him immediately. You can’t find real mfs like him these days. You missed out bro.

  51. Can't scammers understand that if they spoke better English it would have been %100 easier to scam? The classic native New Yorker that can't speak normal English. I'm not a native speaker and even i can speak better than this

  52. The fact that it took you so long - and that you're still not sure (according to your title) is... worrying.

  53. Why ask for something showing it running well. There is no way to verify it is current. It's a pointless request. PayPal G&S is your friend, skip the concerns and worries. If it's bad, bam instant refund

  54. I don't even know why you wasted your time. If someone told me they wanted $80 for a 3060 I'd immediately laugh at them.

  55. You let that go on way too long honestly, lol... I would've started trolling him as soon as he hit me with the "already packaged up" bit

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