Daily Discussion - 02 Oct 2022

  1. Does anyone else's bike randomly turn off while you are using it? My bike+ does and I'm trying to see if it is a common peloton issue. I've had the bike a little over a year. This happened in January, and then I needed to replace the screen. It is started to happen again more regularly and support isn't super helpful.

  2. That isn't common that I am aware of. I know the last update has screwed up the metrics recording correctly. I get customer support is hard to deal with right now but I would press them about it that seems like a big deal to figure out while it is still under warranty.

  3. Hello! I've had my bike for a little over a week and am really loving it so far :). I'm a newbie to the bike and am recovering from a cascade of lower body issues/injuries. Trying especially to be patient with my knees. For those who weren't already in great condition when you started - how long did it take you before you started doing rides that include OOS work?

  4. I am a person with a lot of lower body issues, especially knees. I get oos most of the time now. The way to get oos is to do outside strength work. Start doing barre classes that focus on the lower body (avoid the longer classes that have standing parts for now). Lower body barre on the floor with Hannah C. is essentially what I’d do for physical therapy in the past. And start doing core classes. In the meantime, stay in the saddle and focus on increasing resistance. Then, when you feel somewhat ready, you’ll want to do advanced beginner rides and not necessarily go up every single time. You have to work your way up. The other thing to remember that you might need to go heavier on the resistance when you do start doing oos, like 50+, to keep it more steady.

  5. Almost 2 years in and I still basically never do it, other than to shake it out for a few seconds. It's always only an option and you can do any ride in saddle if that's where you're comfortable.

  6. I finished the Floor Bootcamp Program today! Im so proud of myself because I really struggle to stick through the initial excitement with programs, and now I have completed fully the Crush Your Core and Floor Bootcamp programs - including stretching! I saw some real improvements too: from barely being able to bend my elbows to full depth pushups on my knees, increased from 5lbs to 10lbs weights and to the non modified burpees! I’m just really proud of myself, as this second round of post partum has been kind of a B. I’m excited to choose my next program!

  7. Hello, your post was removed because it falls outside the guidelines of rule 1. To keep this community on track, we ask that only topics related to Peloton. If you feel this is an error, please reach out to the team via modmail and we will be happy to discuss it further

  8. Did the bad bunny ride this morning and a cool down, then went back to my Home Screen and it was time for my 600th ride!! I was so excited that I went straight into the Kenny Chesney ride. Can’t believe I’m 600 deep!

  9. Can someone please help, im losing my patience and all my topics asking for help are removed - got a new tread this week, belt was squeaking on low settings, realized the red line was off center a bit so I loosened both knobs on the back, manually straightened belt, and tightened both knobs as much as I could. Now the squeaking doesnt go away, and at high speeds it makes a new noise. Im literally getting emotional at this point because xpo did a shit job of explaining anything and just seemed like they wanted to gtfo asap. What am i doing wrong with the back knobs?

  10. I recommend contacting support. Chat is easy to use and they've been able to walk me through every issue I've had.

  11. I haven’t been feeling the celeb-driven content Peloton seems to focused on (with the exception of the Lizzo and T-Pain drop-ins). It just feels so forced to me. I don’t know if they’re trying to use it to bring new people into Peloton, but I think the existing community already enjoys the instructors they have and aren’t looking for celeb-driven content.

  12. How much would you pay on Facebook marketplace for a Bike? bike+? I’m in the market and don’t want to lowball anyone, but also want to get a fair price.

  13. I paid $850 for a regular bike originally purchased in 2021 in July. The seller offered me a bike mat and her bike shoes for free, but I already had a mat and the shoes weren’t my size. I felt the price was very reasonable and the bike was barely used. My husband and I picked it up from the seller and brought it home.

  14. Got my regular bike for $750, it had 8 rides on it so it was basically brand new. I (I mean my husband) picked it up. Did not come with shoes or mat but did come with the 2lb weights

  15. If you love CDE, or just want to see an example of how incredible a live class's energy can be, I can't recommend Christine's latest 45 min PWZ ride

  16. I have disliked her in every ride I’ve taken with her so far, but I might give her another shot.

  17. I have a peloton bike already, if I wanted to get the tread do I have to pay an additional monthly fee? I was under the impression I need to pay monthly for the bike and additional membership for the tread. Is there around that?

  18. Adding, you only have to pay 2 memberships if you have more than 1 of the same piece of equipment. You can have 1 of each on a single membership.

  19. Does anyone do tread classes on the bike? I really want to try some of Jess’s Saturday 60 boot camps but don’t have a tread and don’t see one in my near future sadly

  20. Just adding in a suggestion(don't have to take it haha)but what I do is download the class, look at the class structure(such as how long the running segments will be & when to prepare)& then I take it outside, for the running portions. I run back inside of my place, or if it's nice out.. set my weights in the shade for the strength portions. It's super easy & fun! I actually prefer running outside anywho :).

  21. I did this before I got my tread plus. I did just ride or a scenic ride on my bike and then played the class on my kindle. I think peloton got smart to doing that because recently they started stopping the ride while there was no pedaling so when you get back on from the floor section you have to restart everything again.

  22. Not yet but I’ve been planning to!! I’ve only had my bike about a month and haven’t done any of the Taylor classes but have them bookmarked and ready to go!

  23. i was out sick yesterday and missed this - i usually am not a fan of the EDM classes but i will give this one a try.

  24. Assuming you’re asking about SPD and not Look Delta? If SPD I can’t recommend Tiems enough. They have a recessed cleat and the shoes are also suitable for bootcamps (no changes needed!).

  25. This week was highlighted with a few great milestones. I hit a 30 day streak and my 150th ride as well as a few PRs. I also hit 35 lbs lost since starting to ride in the end of March. Peloton has changed my life.

  26. I took a TON of AFO classes during AFO weekend and after and I feel like I still have a bunch in my bookmarks I want to do. We got so many good classes out of it!

  27. I have to say, the content and quality of the content from.Peloton is really amazing and AFO is the best of the best (though Rock 22 was killer also).

  28. Set my alarm at 7:30 to try and catch Kendall’s country pop live ride. LOL! I didn’t get out of bed until noon. It’s cold and rainy in DC and I wanted to be lazy. Will try to do it later tonight after running errands today.

  29. Looks like they are doing longer rides on thr weekend, maybe because of the studio riders? Mon-Thurs seems to have a lot of 20m rides.

  30. I know at least a few people who had covid (confirmed by PCR) but tested negative at home. So it’s totally possible you had it.

  31. Ok I’m a peloton newbie with no bike or tread at all. I’m planning on doing the strength workouts and cardio/barre/yoga as well. Just wanted to say I’m loving the app, the varied amount of workouts and the accountability the app provides. Gotta love the badges and blue dots! I began Callie’s three day split yesterday and omg my legs are SO sore!! Any advice for someone like me who has no bike or tread at all? (Besides buying one lol, maybe one day!)

  32. As far as getting a bike in the future, check to see if your employer offers discounts on them (through internal channels). Mine offers like $800 off the price of a Bike+. Really hoping they offer something similar for the Row to make that more manageable.

  33. I don’t have a bike or tread but I do those classes on non-Peloton equipment at our little community gym. It’s definitely not quite the same experience, I am sure, but I get a great workout. On days when I don’t want to go to the gym (most days to be honest) there is plenty to do with the app. Just keep playing around with it to find what you like. And if there’s something you don’t resonate with (dance cardio in my case) you can always try it again later - I was loving boxing but am getting tired of it and have planned a couple more dance cardio sessions just to mix it up and I’m weirdly looking forward to those! I love strength classes and I never did before. I also love yoga, barre, Pilates and when the weather is good I do the outdoor walks/runs.

  34. Welcome!! I don’t have a bike or tread and have been using the app consistently since 2020. Sounds like you’re just as pumped as I was/still am at the content offerings :)

  35. I just got my bike but I’ve been loving the variety in off-the-classes as well. On top of the regular strength classes, I’ve surprised myself by loving barre, pilates, and shadow boxing classes!

  36. Congrats and welcome!! If you're looking for cardio, there are so many options. You could definitely do outdoor runs, floor bootcamps,boxing and boxing bootcamps besides the cardio classes.

  37. Anyone else bummed that outdoor just walk miles no longer count towards the monthly badge? IDK if this is a bug or the way it is now.

  38. I’ve been doing the Build Your Power Zones program and wanted a break from it, so I did Kendall’s most recent HIIT and Hills ride. Oh man, that was a lot more brutal than I thought, but at least I PR’d!

  39. Hi all. Let’s remember that Daniel deserves as much privacy as the rest of us. Nothing is confirmed at this time.

  40. Glad the thread was deleted. The clip out crystal post Was based on some intel that was shadily obtained.

  41. Are the Peloton cleats comfy for those with high arches? If not, are there any that are compatible, that would be? I don't think the bottom of my foot is all that high, but man the top sure is.

  42. I have high arches and have the Altos shoes and no problem with them. I’ve had them since early May and ride daily and no problems.

  43. I’ve never had a volume problem with my AirPods but it seems like since I did the last update, I barely have any volume in my AirPods. Yes, the volume is all the way up. Anyone else have this problem?

  44. Same thing happening here. I tried a different pair of over the ear Bluetooth headphones just now and everything sounded great 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️ definitely a software pairing issue with AirPods

  45. Same problem, can’t figure it out! I can use my AirPods for strength classes just fine, but can’t get them to work well enough for a ride anymore.

  46. Are there classes that I want to take being taught by instructors who I want to take classes with and will my equipment (which is good equipment) still be maintained?

  47. I don’t think it’s destroying the brand! For the size of the company the move makes sense. Honestly might even be cool if they made budget friendly versions of the equipment to sell in large retailers so that more people feel able to purchase their products which will lead to growing their subscribers which means more content for us! I love peloton and like that it’s becoming more accessible for others to enjoy.

  48. So I did the day 3 week 1 of 'you can ride' with Sam Y this morning to he honest I found it bit boring but done few sam rides last few days ! Anyways this afternoon I wanted to do matt W Halloween ride pretending to be cody who is my absolute favourite so was excited as never done a Matt ride, and I loved it really pleased I went back on and now got the buzzy feeling. There is definitely a natural high from exercise, I wonder if there is some scientific studies on it?! I now want to do few matt rides as want to see difference in his personality, I am bit intimadated to be honest like with Alex T !

  49. You are talking about the rush of endorphins as the natural high. There is a ton of research on that out there. From an instructor perspective, Matt is the best technical ride instructor on the platform and his rides are well planned out with progressions built in to challenge anyone. The next best planner, from my experience is a German instructor named Charlotte and Also Christine. After that you have the push instructors, Alex, Kendall, Olivia and Robin. From there are the more moderate instructors like Emma, Cody, Dennis, Jenn and Camilla. Ally is a toss up between a push instructor and moderate (Her Tabata rides which are as brutal as a Kendall metal ride) and then Ben, Leanne, Sam and Bradley as more moderate. They all have rides that will push you and get that endorphin rush you’re speaking about but some of the instructors you need to kind of be wary. If Robin is wearing yellow, or Kendall has her hair up watch out. Olivia is called “The Glitter Assassin” because she can outwork and outhustle almost anyone (Can do 90 cadence standing while talking).

  50. Just took this and loved it too! Pop punk isn't usually a go-to music genre for me but this playlist was perfect and I'm also a fan of ardha chandrasana and balancing poses generally!

  51. 20 min Oktoberfest Ride! Hadn’t ridden with Erik before, and he was really fun! I’m still mostly low impact as I continue to rehab my knee, but I was able to do a little bit out of the saddle. But Erik gets extra credit for doing the ride in Lederhosen!

  52. Ok apple people I need your help. I no longer have a tread but I still do the tread content outside. I got a used apple watch 3 so my mileage and heart rate would be recorded. Otherwise I don't use the watch because it just isn't my thing.

  53. Are you running iOS 16? That update has created some bugs with the Peloton app. If so, try to be patient, I am sure they will work them out.

  54. Honestly, I found using my Apple Watch 3 with classes on my iPhone infuriating. The Apple Watch 3 generally was annoying. I went long periods without wearing it because it just didn’t work well with anything. I blame the Apple Watch 3 because I ended up replacing it with a SE a year ago and it works so so so much better for everything, including peloton.

  55. I deal with this too. Its so annoying! It picks up my heart rate here and there during the run or walk but then stops. I cant figure out how to fix that. I even tried changing tightness and position of the watch and still nothing ugh.

  56. On screen metrics on demand rides are usually fine but a ride I took yesterday (Ally love feel good ride from 26/09)was so wrong is there anywhere we can highlight these issues. I know people says it's added automatically by software then uploaded but it really should be checked before it's uploaded.

  57. With my very small sample size, I've noticed all the older rides I've taken have accurate metrics. Maybe it takes a while for them to go back into the rides and "fix" anything the software missed? Or maybe they use crappier software more recently. I'm just guessing, of course. I definitely understand the frustration.

  58. So I noticed I’m stronger at a 50 - 60 cadence and need at least 60+ resistance when I’m out of the saddle to feel supported. However I’ve noticed that most class hardly call for such low cadence and 60+ resistance. I’m in the in between stage where I’m not a beginner but I need higher resistance to feel supported out of the saddle which in turn makes jogging out of the saddle 70+ cadence doable but tough. Does any one have any advice at getting better at jogging out of the saddle? Especially when the instructor calls for 80+ cadence out of the saddle.

  59. Besides efforts to improve otherwise mentioned, it’s OK to not meet the callouts. “Doable, but tough” describes about 75% of my weekly workouts.

  60. Adding regular core workouts will help you with OOS work - the core helps you to stabilize yourself while OOS.

  61. The Peloton 5K program didn't help me. So now I'm just going to do runs on the app that sound fun. I'm trying to make my 5k speed 30 minutes. I'm at 42.

  62. My suggestion -- Do one interval workout a week, at least. Take the interval work seriously. This should be the shorter length for you or beginner. Do the longest run you can that's a fun/music/beginner run another time. Fill in the rest as you want. Another workout run like hills or tempo would be good. These should also be a little shorter workouts but take them seriously.

  63. Hi everyone! I’m sort of back from a gnarly illness that completely wiped me out for the past week. I’ve been trying to read posts and stay on top of commenting in-between naps. Special thanks to

  64. Being sick is the WORST and it makes me actually insane when I can’t work out like I normally do, so I know exactly how you feel. It’s funny to me when people complain about having to work out - reminds me of “you don’t have to, you GET to”. wishing you a super speedy recovery ❤️‍🩹

  65. Take it easy! There was an interesting article in Time about one theory of what can induce Long Covid. Just a theory but the article featured a woman who pushed herself after COVID with a hard run and there is possiblity that run triggered her crippling chronic fatigue. Also any virual infection can be followed by chronic fatigue. This isn't unique to COVD. Take care of yourself.

  66. I’m so sorry. Not being able to move your body and use it is such a terrible terrible feeling. Im pretty much obsessed with doing normal daily things, including working out, for that reason too. Im so glad you’re on your way to recovery.

  67. Being sick sucks! I’m glad you’re on the mend. Take your time and give yourself some grace. When I had Covid in July, even though it was mild, I didn’t do anything more than stretching for a couple of weeks.

  68. I am glad you’re feeling better! Recognizing that something is wrong and giving your body the chance to recovery is a pretty powerful thing.

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