Daily Discussion - 26 Oct 2022

  1. Random thought: why isn’t there much My Chemical Romance in the emo rides? I love running to MCR it seems weird they never appear. I searched the archives, some old classes have played Helena at least, so doesn’t seem to be a license issue? Curious!

  2. Has anyone taken Nico’s 30 min lofi yoga class? I’ve only taken one Nico class before and it was kind of chaotic so I haven’t taken one again, and the class plan description is not very… descriptive lol. Lofi sounds like the perfect complement to yoga, so I’m interested in any reviews!

  3. Yo I did Tunde's AFO Florence and the Machine arms and shoulders strength and I am so freaking sore today. And I didn't even use my heaviest weights!

  4. Has anyone taken Andy’s Hiit tread Bootcamp?? I looked at the class plan for one and I was intrigued. It reminds me a lot of OTF tornado days with the quick switches. I am assuming not a lot of rest between switches?

  5. I’ve done a couple and enjoyed them. I would agree that there isn’t a lot of breaks, but it definitely is doable and scaleable to any level.

  6. I’ve felt really good this week - exercising right after work, eating well, and getting slightly better sleep! It’s nice to look forward to my workouts again, especially as we approach winter here and the work week as a single person living alone can feel a bit like groundhogs days at times.

  7. Ooooh I'm excited Alex is going to be coaching Tread!!! He seems so up my alley and I can't wait to get some runs in with a little more grit in my instructor and good playlists!!

  8. I did my 1st class with Mayla Wedekind today! It was the 30 min Indie Pop ride:). I saw it on the live schedule, had heard great things about her Indie classes, so I knew I couldn't miss it. Definitely a different vibe than my usual~ but loved the tracks! Her giggles are so sweet throughout. Will be coming back to her when I want a more relaxed vibe(tho the ending was spicy!). I am really enjoying the teacher rotations on the new schedule now. Didn't love it at first but now I am adjusting & riding with all new instructors each week!(I'm sure that's what Peloton was going for haha). Ended things outside with the newest 20 min Ross Power flow(from this morning). Woooo boiiii, he did not come to play todayyyy, I will leave it at that, lol!! I love his classes for a fresh twist on yoga, since I flow nearly every day:). So many great classes/teachers.. too little time haha. Happy Hump Day Fam!

  9. I have a cold. :( if I have to miss Cody’s live Halloween ride on Friday I’m going to be sad. I might do some yoga later if I’m up to it so i don’t break my streak but it might be restorative aka “lay on the floor yoga”

  10. You can always do Cody's ride and just modify, no shame in that. But do listen to your body so you don't get sicker. I did that for a few months when I was injured and just dialed it back on classes until I could go back to full strength.

  11. Anyone else having issues with their apple watch not disconnecting after a workout? This only started when I installed the latest update a day or so ago.

  12. Yes I just commented this! Or I have a stack and it disconnects after the first class & doesn’t connect for the rest of the classes.

  13. Yes, mine did not disconnect automatically this morning and was still “running” even after I put it on the charger. I installed the new update last night as well, and didn’t notice this happen before that either.

  14. Anyone else having some classes not count toward their Turkey Burn countdown? I’m 4 weeks postpartum, so just doing walks and meditation classes at the moment, but my last meditation class didn’t count

  15. They should count. I know the annual challenge can be slow to update sometimes and this is a minutes challenge as well. Hopefully that is what is happening. Maybe a stretch class later to be safe?

  16. No, but I have noticed several times over the last couple of weeks that some of my classes have been spontaneously deleting themselves. Maybe that's what happened to you. You might want to check to see if all of your classes are still in your workout history.

  17. Ok I was so confused because it said 10 minutes a day but then said I had a certain amount of minutes left for the badge. Glad I’m not the only one!

  18. These classes (along with the meditation) are so good. It's incredible how great they can make you feel.

  19. Continuing with the Halloween theme this week, I took Cody's Kim Petras class today and OMG. It's a must-take if you love Cody. He was so into it, I am only a casual Kim Petras fan but the vibes were great!!

  20. For about a week now I’ve been thinking about retaking this ride, so I’m taking your comment as my sign to do it tomorrow morning!

  21. I woke up this morning not feeling my planned workout so was thankful for my mountain of bookmarks so I could pivot. I needed positivity and empowering music and got it 😁

  22. The Lizzo flow was so good. I love Mariana's approach to artist series - so much joy, celebration and dance in a yoga flow.

  23. I took my 100th run live outside and it worked fine! I was in a place with very reliable service though, very close to my city’s main commercial district.

  24. I haven't taken one live but would think you would have to have really good cell service and an unlimited data plan since it can't be predownloaded.

  25. Got the tread yesterday! So far so good! I haven’t run in years so I’m taking it slow with power walks and all. Now I found out of my favorite instructors, Alex T is gonna be on the tread! I hope he brings Club Bangers to the tread!

  26. Hope my tread delivery goes as smoothly as yours! The horror stories have me scared! Did you test running on the tread to make sure the side arms are tightened and the screen doesn’t shake excessively while the technicians were still there? So excited for AT to do classes as well.

  27. If you're doing walks, I highly recommend joining the Walk Club in Club Hosky. Jon Hosking is such a great instructor, and his walks are my faves! Also, hills are great for training, and Rebecca has some really fun and challenging hikes!

  28. I was already excited to do Hannah F’s Stormzy ride for UK Black History Month but seeing her posts on IG today and to see how meaningful this ride was to her makes me even more pumped to take it. I also love how many of the songs have the little E for expletives 😂

  29. On Nov. 1st 2022, Members will now have the option to purchase the Peloton Bike, Bike+, Guide, Tread, and select accessories through DICK’S Sporting Goods. This is leaked insider info.

  30. Is it the date that’s leaked info? Because the rest of this has been known since September. It was always speculated that it would happen before the holidays so this makes sense.

  31. I had thought about doing this program a couple of weeks ago because the weather was so nice here but then I quickly realized that the temperature would drop drastically before the end of the program and I hardly like walking to my car in the cold much less taking a run, so maybe in the spring. I haven’t ran in about a year and even then it’s been longer (like since I was in college) since I ran for distance/entrance rather than for a timed mile.

  32. I’ve done couch to 5k and the last time was with the kids and even that program has some big jumps in intervals. So it’s more normal I think in programs. You should be patting yourself on the back! Running isn’t easy.

  33. Good luck and be proud of yourself! I read your thing a couple of days ago about not being a runner and thought "same same"... I hate running with a passion--a lot for me as that at my size (270#) it's a hell of a lot of strain on my lower body. I'm not one of those rail-thin running types and never will be. I'm more of a "a few cheeseburgers away from playing Left Tackle" type of body lol.

  34. Keep going! I felt it really helped but unfortunately right about where you are my knee started hurting in a way that concerned me. And all of these programs are designed so you can’t pause and come back later (which I get) so I never finished. Running sucks but is also such a good way to get in shape but it’s just brutal on the joints.

  35. Oh! Are you the one who was looking for suggestions for their wife? I was hoping she chose the Spice Girls one! Glad you enjoyed Cody, he is my favorite.

  36. Oh yeah? I’m a tread person so I’ve never run with AT before, this is exciting. What kind of playlists is he known for?

  37. The fact that AT is on the tread now makes me want to 1) buy the tread and 2) start running because I can’t remember the last time I ran 😂

  38. For anyone who has done an in-person class, if a December class at PSNY is already full, is there any chance of a spot opening up? Is there a waitlist process?

  39. They only allow a certain number on the waitlist. if it says "class full" then the waitlist is full too. If there are waitlist spots available the button will be red and clickable on the studio site.

  40. I’ve been refreshing the site several times a day for the past month or so, and I’ve not had much luck. They have a waitlist but if a class says “full” that means the waitlist is currently full, too. I do believe you can show up to the studios day-of to try and get on the waitlist that way, but I’ve not done that so I can’t confirm.

  41. I had a c section 5.5 weeks ago and I got cleared for exercise yesterday! I did a 10 minute postnatal yoga class and it was sooo nice to move intentionally again!! My abs aren’t as shot as I thought they would be. They weren’t very strong to begin with so maybe the comparison isn’t too different, haha!

  42. Congrats! I’m 15w and just started getting my lower abs back a few weeks ago. If you haven’t discovered Robin’s postnatal core classes yet, they are good. Also -

  43. Oh congratulations!! On both your baby and your return to movement. It’s such a good feeling to be able to take some time for yourself especially after birth. The muscle tension from holding a newborn all the time is no joke! I hope you keep feeling great!!

  44. I’m an occasional home rider using my iPad, and I was reviewing my monthly statements and noticed two from Peloton, same day (posted 10/20). One is for $12.99, which is my expected monthly membership, but the other is for $28. Chat bot support just kept crashing and no help there. Anyone know about this?

  45. I think $28 is the price of the corporate/health insurance benefit for the all-access plan. Check your account page and see if there's more than one plan listed?

  46. I did this yoga flow with Kirra last night and she said something that was a huge lightbulb moment for me. She was referring to tight muscles and sticky areas and said the body holds onto emotional stress/trauma inside of itself, sometimes causing muscles to not be able to relax. She encouraged us to tell our body that it is safe and to allow the muscles to relax, therefore lengthening and loosening. Of course I’m paraphrasing and going off memory so it’s not an exact narration of what she said. I had never heard of this theory before but it absolutely makes sense. I have a very hard time relaxing and letting go and do have a lot of emotional baggage to work through. Perhaps this is why I’m resonating so much with yoga. It is allowing me to relax and release my physical and emotional stress. I just wanted to share!!

  47. Kirra has been getting me THROUGH IT. I’ve been dealing with some gnarly depression and anxiety and PTSD related nonsense. She’s made me love yoga and I never used to like it much.

  48. I found Trauma Release Exercises (TRE) interesting. The assumption is that humans have learned to “freeze” when faced with a flight or fight response and never work off that “freeze” response resulting in chronic tightness. The example I read is that in nature, an animal would experience tremor if after a flight or fight and release that trauma. The TRE exercises facilitate that muscle tremor. The first time I did it I experienced a notable relaxation for two days afterwards. Since then, the effect has been more mild but still there. There are some warning about doing it on your own though, for obvious reasons when working through trauma.

  49. Started with Charlotte's 30-minute Techno Ride from 10/17/2022 (no subtitles). I love when she spends 2 minutes explaining the roadmap for the next block of class and I have no idea what she is saying so I zone out until I hear her counting down. After that I did Jess King's David Bowie ride from 1/19/2022. Not only a great playlist but the "More Music" function actually worked. Wrapped up with Aditi's 30-minute Bollywood Pilates from 9/27/2022. I don't think there is a lot of new Pilates classes being added but as long as Aditi does one a week I'll be good.

  50. I feel you on the zoning out with the German instructors until it’s time to go and get into the efforts. I just follow the onscreen metrics and enjoy random German speech 😂 For a techno ride though the instructor could be silent and I would still take the ride hahah.

  51. Random q: I recently bought new bike shoes (some random brand, I’m honestly not sure what they’re called). I attached the cleats as tightly as I could, but when I clip out I have to twist my foot WAYYYY to the side - nearly 90 degrees (so my foot is perpendicular to the pedal) for the cleat to release.

  52. Loosen the pedal clips themselves. They have adjustable clip strength. There's an allen key on the bottom and you can loosen it so there's less tension on the clip.

  53. That 30 min Camilla Hip Hop ride from 10/16 is DIRTY and worth the HYPE! Loved it. Just a middle aged mom grinding on my fake bicycle in my basement to WAP.

  54. Recently Callie posted her classes that were released last week where half of them were only on Guide. I couldn’t find the answer to this anywhere- but do the Guide classes at some point land for all of us (nonGuiders) in the library? Can we access them somehow?

  55. Some of them you will be able access- like the split programs, but I believe the rep counting ones no, because you need the guide to count the reps.

  56. Non-tread owner sad this will mean fewer AT cycling classes since he brings a totally unique energy relative to other cycling instructors. Hope though this keeps him more engaged, challenged and fulfilled long term!

  57. Omg yes! I think his coaching style will be perfect on the tread. (I don’t always find him as motivating on the bike and prefer that encouragement when running vs biking) I wonder if his Future Selves classes were a trial in a way.

  58. I am SO excited. our tread is getting delivered next week and he is by far my favorite cycling instructor!! feels like fate lol

  59. I don’t ride with him on the bike very often but let me tell you, I am PUMPED. Tread content has been meh lately.

  60. Emma telling the dude to sit down who was climbing during the first effort of her 10/21/2022 90s ride cracked me up. Why would you pay to go to a class to ignore what the instructors are asking? You can do that at home!

  61. I took that class too 😂. I usually feel bad when they get called out because I think they’re just excited to be there but why stand when everyone else is still in the saddle and make it so obvious? Just up your resistance a bit or something…

  62. I’d love more taylor rides especially with the new album. Spinning to “its me, hi, I’m the problem” would be soo cathartic

  63. Hey guys! New to peloton here. Are the cleats and shoes a necessity for a “safe” workout? I had an indoor cycle (pooboo) for a little over a year before buying a peloton and never wore cleats for it. Thanks in advance guys!

  64. The pedals that come with the Peloton bike require clipping in with cleats, so if you really wanted to ride in normal shoes you'd have to spend money on toe cages that can clip into the pedals like cleats anyways, unless you happen to already have clip-in toe cages from your current bike.

  65. You will want to use the clip-in shoes. You will be much less efficient without them. They will become second nature very quickly.

  66. Back in March, after reading an article listing the hardest Peloton rides, I tried a 45-minute Tabata ride with Robin. It kicked my ass but I was hooked. I committed to doing all of them and today, I finished. I did all 29 of Robin’s 45-minute Tabata rides in 7 months!!! Pre-Athena Robin hits different. 😳

  67. Way to go! Agree, early Robin does hit differently. I still take her old 45-tabata classes almost weekly for a good ass-kicking. The few classes that are all 2min pushes killllll me.

  68. You sound like my kind of crazy seeking out the hardest rides and doing all of them 😂 but seriously though that is a legit accomplishment! I know I need to do more HIIT/tabata.

  69. I just took the Mara 2022 Pride walk after being off Peloton for a couple months (work travel) and was tearing up at Matty’s small speech at the end. also super excited for the Halloween walk-run!

  70. That class is one of my absolute favorites. Mara also made an appearance for a holiday run a year or two ago, make sure you take that one too!

  71. Thanks for the Matty rec! I had this bookmarked so will add to my stack for tomorrow. He’s so fun to run with. I usually choose him for days I’m needing some fun to get me going.

  72. Happy 1000 rides!!! Glad to hear how much riding and the community support helped you get thru difficult times.

  73. Every day I check to see if any instructors have used any songs from Midnights yet and still no. I swear they're avoiding this album on purpose now. Just let me ride to Anti-Hero already!

  74. Ya, don't have the rights. I feel like they actually have a relatively small variety of song rights at any given moment. Even with thousands or 10s of thousands of songs, they do a lot of repeats. It's often clear that they pay for rights to like one song from an album sometimes.

  75. I wonder if Apple Fitness+ has exclusive rights to the songs for now since it seems they currently have a promo with the album that is available for 3 weeks. I hope Peloton eventually gets an artist series for it too!

  76. Yea they just started playing break my soul (beyonce) very recently and it came out in June. They don't get rights automatically.

  77. Last year I was in the top 1% of yoga app users and this year I’ve fallen off yoga hard (partially because I finally got a bike lol). Trying to make more time for yoga again 3x a week and took a 20 min Kirra class from 10/20 that I loved! It has a lot of eagle which I hate but ended up being a fun challenge. Would be a great one to track eagle progress.

  78. I just wanted to say I really look forward to reading this thread every day. It's really amazing to feel like my little basement gym effort is part of something so much more. Thank you for all your advice, recommendations, and support!

  79. Yessssss same! I’ve been super busy at work so I’ve fallen off my regular posts but I’ve been reading every day!

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