Daily Discussion - 27 Oct 2022

  1. I'm trying to detach the Guide from my account (it just doesn't work in my space and I always find myself wanting to do non-guide classes) but literally every time I click the right button, it detaches my bike!! So then I thought fine, I'll detach the bike, then the guide, then add my bike back. NOPE. I click to detach guide, confirm, and it's STILL there. Sigh, guess I'm calling Support tomorrow.

  2. I was not in the mood to work out today, but I'm going for those challenges and meditations feel like cheating unless I'm actually sick, so I convinced myself to do a 10 or 15 minute ride. I found a 15 minute low impact ride with Bradley with a playlist that I liked (all oldies, very cute and mellow) and was in a much better mood by the end, so I decided to tack on another 15 minute ride. I think days like today, when I have zero motivation but still manage to get a solid 30 minute workout in, are almost more satisfying than PRs.

  3. Always love Bradley's classes! I feel like the hardest part is getting started at all, so if you can convince yourself just to start the workout it's not so hard after that.

  4. I need help deciding if FTP is weird or it’s just me and not knowing what I’m doing haha! I took the FTP test at the end of an hour workout (first mistake and I know it now) and it set me at 48 which I thought was pretty accurate based on my other spin class output (CycleBar). But now I’m 4 rides past that and when they tell me to go to zone 3 for example, I’m barely moving when the instructor is saying that my cadence should be at like 90-100 and resistance at 30-40 and that should put me in zone 3. Or whatever, those are just random numbers. My point is I am easily staying in the zone and it’s literally a struggle to not go ABOVE the zones. Is that what’s supposed to happen? Did I just gain that much strength that quickly? do I need to retest to get a better more accurate number? That’s what I’m thinking, but I also have surgery next week and I won’t be working out for about a week. So do I retake the FTP test now or wait until another week or so AFTER surgery to get everything back up to what it is this week? Im loving peloton because of all the statistics and how analytical I can get with it, so sorry if this is a bit of a rant.

  5. Have you taken any 20m rides with a higher output than your FTP? If so, I would manually enter the info from that ride to reset the zones. Then re-test after surgery.

  6. 48 seems very low. I struggle with output and my first FTP test was 88, and even at that I have the same struggles you have with narrow windows.

  7. I had a whole recovery ride, barre class, and yoga flow stacked for today but decided to make my recovery day much less active and do this

  8. I was just going to post about this bc I saw it on IG and want to know how they got there when it’s not even fri-sun

  9. Hi. Your post has been removed because it violates Rule 2 by being disrespectful of other people’s ideas or time or failing to exercise the Principle of Charity.

  10. THANK YOU!! As an Android user I have been waiting so patiently for this feature. Just went into the app and saw it. :)

  11. That class was great! Fun Cody but not as goofy as usual, he took the workout more seriously which I appreciated. The jump squats at the end about did me in! Good luck on your driving test.

  12. The Hannah F + Erik scenic walk is so cute, I love them chatting together. If you have the tread and are looking for a cute little walk with some good vibes in it, this is it.

  13. I was in a bit of a random funk earlier this week, but as per usual getting in my evening dose of Peloton made me feel a lot better. It never ceases to amaze me how much exercise can improve my mood--even on those days when it's a struggle to get on the bike or pick up the weights in the first place.

  14. Definitely not. I think they broke up early spring? He was definitely living his best single life on fire island this summer. A lot of his playlists & rides have alluded to it as well.

  15. For anyone with the Guide, do you think it's worth it? I'm still a complete newbie to the whole non-cardio workout realm. I'm really enjoying the strength classes I've taken so far, but think my form is probably often worse than I realize

  16. I just got mine so maybe it’s too early to say, but so far I have zero regrets! The rep counting feature is really cool, and great for people like me who often lose count of their reps. I love that each move has a live countdown timer. I liken this to when I’m taking an interval class and the instructor starts counting down towards the end of the interval. So if I’m struggling to the point where I feel like I want to slow down or give up, seeing that I have 10 seconds or whatever in that sequence really motivates me to step it up or keep going. Pre-guide, I may have dropped my weights. So I feel the guide keeps me more accountable. You also get two new split training programs that are currently only available on the guide. I’m doing Ben’s 5 day split program right now and I am really enjoying it!

  17. Prior to the rep counting update, I would have said no. Rep counting, though, if you're into strength has been great. The other thing I like is the Guide states what the moves coming up next are and their times and it updates as you go. It's nice for me, especially with tread and tread bootcamps since I don't have a peloton tread, but I can see that there is an uphill sprint coming up in 30 secs and it's only 15 secs, so I can gear myself up for it. You don't have to pay as much attention cause it'll list that there are bicep curls next. It's also good for non english classes, as, again, it says what's coming up next in English.

  18. I bought it and notice it motivates me to do more strength days- that’s probably a win. It’s not world changing but I’d definitely buy it again

  19. If you want to start getting into strength training and you think the guide will motivate you then thats great. I like the guide. I do not think it is necessary but its nice to have and its less steps than casting the bike/tread to my tv. It does have some good features and unique programs, such as the movement tracking and rep tracker. The camera is nice because you can check form. You can access all the classes on the guide but the strength classes are the only ones that have the movement tracker. There is a special collection that has rep tracking classes. I really enjoy having the class plan show up on the guide, sometimes i forgot what is in the circuit and its nice to be able to look up and see that deadlifts are up next.

  20. I bought it at original price and would not have recommended it then. It’s improved over time though. Rep tracking is more useful than the movement tracker. I do like the camera though. I do often find myself checking my form. It’s surprising that differences between what I feel I’m doing and what I’m actually doing. That goes for strength and yoga.

  21. As of yesterday, I can finally go back to a normal workout routine. My parents were visiting and staying in my small apartment, and I had some work craziness. Parents are gone and work craziness has let up. The one frustrating thing is that I really seem to lose stamina and veer back to physical activity intolerance so quickly—in about a week and I was even walking many miles still. I would have thought I had resolved it by now after so much rehab and work, but I really have to keep up some intense workouts apparently.

  22. Also had the same issue after having friends stay for a week and then recovering from the lingering illness they gifted me with! Sounds like a great strategy to gradually get back into things, even though it's tough.

  23. How on earth has it been over a month and preloading is still unavailable on iOS 16?? Apple releases betas months and months ahead of actual release. We're 43 days in from the initial bug report on the

  24. On my Peloton homepage I see a "Peloton Picks" section . Does anyone know how these classes are selected? They all seem to have ~99% reviews so maybe it's activities with the best ratings? Just curious.

  25. Is there any information on why there is no output graph online any longer? I can view on the mobile app but not computer which makes comparisons difficult.

  26. I just did my 10th bike boot camp and I love them so much! I can only really do two a week because of timing but they have become the highlight of my workout week.

  27. Glad you're enjoying them! I love bike boot camps for when I can't decide between strength and biking, or need a bit of both. Or if I'm not feeling up to enduring a long ride and having something else to break it up a bit.

  28. So if I was an added member on my Sister A's account, and she decided to put her account on pause, is there any way to transfer my profile to Sister B's account without losing any progress?

  29. Your profile is your profile, so all your history is attached to the profile. There should be no problem for sister B to add you to her account.

  30. Is anyone going to Matt's appearance at the Tysons store tonight? Trying to gauge how much of a shitshow it's going to be.

  31. I'm a new bike owner and am dealing with the standard butt soreness from the saddle. I've read all the advice about how it will go away, have padded shorts coming in a few days, but my question is: should I be letting it heal in between rides? Or by "pushing through" do you mean getting in the saddle every day?

  32. You don't need to "push through" by riding every day. Honestly, it just goes away with time. I don't remember the soreness lasting for very long. I dont have any soreness now unless I am doing a longer ride, 45+ minutes, then sometimes i will be a little sore during the ride but it isnt much and doesn't last very long. You don't need to heal in between rides unless you really want to. are you doing the higher end resistance callouts on the 20 min beginner rides? if not, try adding more resistance and see if that makes a difference. If you are at a high resistance, try a longer class or move out of the beginner category. You can always modify a ride with less or more resistance/ higher or lower cadence. Its also important to add that cycling is a great workout but that it does not build leg muscle the same what the strength training does. If you are looking to build lower body strength, I would add in some of the strength classes.

  33. Agree with Sassy that you should just ride the number of rides you normally intend. No need to take extra time off for it to "heal". The soreness will simply go away over time. Also that you not only don't need to ride every day, you probably SHOULDN'T be riding every day. You need to be resting your legs from time to time. The good thing about Peloton is that with the app, you can swap in a strength exercise or even just a stretch on the days you don't ride, to help your body recover without overworking your legs but still building fitness as a habit. A 10 minute full body stretch extends your daily streak just as well as a 45 minute ride lol ;-)

  34. I'd start with 2-3 rides a week, seeing how you feel (or your butt soreness) and increase from there if you like. I enjoyed the You Can Ride program when I started because it wouldn't even let me advance to the next week any earlier, even if I finished the 3 weekly rides.

  35. My interpretation of “pushing through” means riding the amount of time you want to ride regardless of soreness. I would not increase riding to every day to get over the soreness, but at the same time I wouldn’t decrease your riding due to soreness either. If your goal is to ride most days (I would not advice riding more than 5 days a week as a new rider, you need some active recovery days), then I would not skip a day just for soreness. I would also advise keeping your time the same each day. If you’re doing 20m a day, don’t increase to a 30m class until your soreness has resolved.

  36. I had a nightmare last night that the entire app was rearranged and I couldn’t find my “you can run” program so I got docked for not taking classes.

  37. You should dig deeper and figure out why that is. No judgement because I’m the same way, but what about losing your progress scares you?

  38. Anyone not able to get their Apple watch to sync up before a ride? Started happening yesterday and i cant figure out why

  39. It’s been happening for months for me. Only my first ride will connect to GymKit. All other rides will only connect with the HR monitor. Based on suggestions here this morning I tried exiting my stack after each ride and it connected to GymKit that way. Super annoying but it did work.

  40. I wonder if they've broken something with WatchOS 9.1. Updated to it yesterday and had so many disconnections during today's ride

  41. I haven’t been able to get it to connect by holding it up to the peloton logo. I’ve only been able to use the heart rate monitor via the watch app.

  42. Who are the most motivational cycling instructors? I’m going through a bad breakup and have goals of running a half marathon (starting with a 5 or 10k lol) someday and finding hikes a little easier.

  43. You said you are interested in running so If you are looking for a tread instructor, Olivia. I think she is one of the best running coaches on the platform who is great with motivation.

  44. I vote Leanne. She’s not motivational in terms of deep sayings or inspiration. But she shows up every. single. ride. with an amazing attitude that’s just infectious.

  45. Are you looking to be pushed hard or more of a class that’s a distraction? If it’s a distraction, and you need a laugh, any from Cody’s XOXO dries might help you find some laughter in your situation. Iirc he does one entire class with ‘you did not survive a pandemic to …’ put up with that BS, not go out, etc.

  46. Alright...well it's been now a week since my last post and about two weeks since my first post, I wanted to let y'all know that a nice reward getting back into using the Peloton nearly daily is that I got my century ride on Monday! I didn't even realize I was close to it so it was cool to see that pop up and get the email for my t-shirt (I might have picked a more meaningful ride if I realized I was that close but oh well lol). I also did (mind you a fairly easy) 45 minute powerzone ride on Tuesday which was an accomplishment to go that long. I think next month I will start to incorporate some rides that are a little more challenging in, right now I'm doing maybe 1-2 "harder rides" (this could mean just doing a longer ride or actually higher difficulty but same time length than I've been doing) a week maybe upping to 3x a week to start with the recovery and low impact rides the other days. So far so good!

  47. Question for the people that live where it snows. If you were to use just workout for shoveling would you use cardio or walking? I guess it just matters what I want to count towards milestones really but was curious if people had a rhyme or reason for picking one.

  48. It’s definitely more cardio IMO. I use cardio for any modality that’s outside of what peloton offers. Like tennis for example, that’s cardio even though I’m running and would amas mileage whist doing it. You will log a mile walking, sure, but shoveling is more than walking. 😁

  49. Probably depends on how much snow. If it's just a small amount that you want to clear so that it doesn't ice over, walking. If it's enough to get your heart rate up, cardio.

  50. I use cardio because I shovel more like a HIIT cardio session than I do walking a mile. Lots of peaks and active rest.

  51. No way is shoveling a mile worth of driveway equal to walking. Even dry snow. Cardio and strength workout combo. But that is a serious workout! Be careful and take breaks.

  52. Just taken Hannah's new 30 Minute Scenic East London ride. Hardly the grandeur of some of the landscapes shown in other rides, but enjoyed seeing her cycle along a stretch of river I know like the back of my hand. Guessing it's going to be the only time you'll hear an instructor say the phrase 'Jellied Eel'

  53. Ooh, what neighborhoods are included? I lived in New Cross Gate for a bit, so not quite river adjacent but I'm excited to take this ride!

  54. I took it this morning too - loved when she got excited by the swans in the river! It was a nice ride just because it was obviously more personal to her and where she’s lived and her Olympic goals.

  55. Haven't been this excited about scenic content since the Scotland ride and hike were released (w Susie Chan and Jon Hosking). Can't wait to take this ride this weekend. Hannah Frankson is such a joy!

  56. I just completed 'discover your powerzone' and took my FTP average from 170 at the beginning to 197 at the end.

  57. I'll put in a plug for power zone pack here! They have a challenge starting November 7 so it's great timing for you if you just finished up a program.

  58. Congratulations!!! I completely agree about running, I used to think I’d never be a runner and would always hate the nauseous feeling I would get whenever I would run for more than a few minutes. I still wouldn’t really consider myself a runner, but now that I’ve built up more stamina with their cycling classes, I find it manageable now and actually pretty fun. I am also able to get through the run without throwing up. 😅 Olivia is a great tread instructor and while she intimidates me on the bike she does wonders for my negative inner voice when running!

  59. Congrats on your century run!!! And I completely agree it is crazy what peloton can do for your mindset. When my husband bought the bike I thought “oh I’ll do Just Ride a few times a week for extra cardio, but I probably won’t do the classes” and look at me now making sure I’m gonna catch JK’s last live rides before mat leave and trying to plan which ride will be my 200th 🤣 just 0 to 100 haha. I love Peloton for this though, my cardio has literally never been better.

  60. Just rode Tunde’s 2020 Halloween ride and wow did that have big 2020 energy. Just huge drive with some real recognition that we’re lucky to be here. Was good to be reminded that we’re all still very lucky to be here!

  61. Already got my badge yesterday 🤣 totally defeats the purpose of the challenge but I’ll always do at least 10min regardless of a challenge or not so 🤷🏻‍♀️

  62. I noticed yesterday that it was a flat 310 minutes. I appreciate this more than yet another every day challenge when the fall one is already active. you can choose to do it every day if you want but you won’t be screwed over by life happening (like me still getting over covid the first two days of the challenge)

  63. Yea… it is not well organized as I received the badge Oct 25th. Was thinking it was more of an accountability program ie 10 mins errday.

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