Daily Discussion - 23 Nov 2022

  1. I’m visiting family for the holiday and the internet here is a bit slow for streaming so I think I’ll take a couple days off. But I’m excited to try the mobility classes next week, especially the ankle & foot one as this is something I’ve been struggling with. Would doing these classes prior to a workout for a warm up be beneficial?

  2. Did anyone take the Flow & Let Go class today? I'm curious what Aditi's special announcement that she teased on instagram was

  3. Although that class cut off early and some of the announcement was missed, she said she has a new three week meditation program! No details on a release date but it’s exciting for sure.

  4. I have been wondering the same thing! I missed the class and have been trying to find out what the announcement was. So far she hasn’t posted anything on her instagram about it.

  5. This is a totally random question but for the Row - does the power cord come from the front (display end) or the back? I feel like it’s by the display because of how you store it, but I can’t remember and of course the pictures online don’t show the cord lol I tried to set up my workout space today and was like uhhhhh???

  6. Did Cody's second LOL ride, and am really enjoying them. It's some good sustained effort, had some laughs, and it's something different. Before the ride I did a 20 min core and 10 min arms/shoulders. Jermaine is quickly becoming a favorite for weights, since he focuses on the strength/lifting and not getting the heart rate up as if it were cardio. Robin recently did a 20 min core "no repeater," which was also great... she's a favorite core instructor for me.

  7. I started with my current favorite warm-up, which is w/ Matt Wilpers & “Final Countdown.” Then the most recent 30 min HIIT & Hills with Bradley in which he tried to kill me. 🤪 Chased it with 10 minutes of Low Impact w/ Bradley which was a good follow up. I love his Low Impacts.

  8. Saw that the 5k pace runs dropped today and I think I’m going to try the 12 minute mile pace class with Olivia tonight. I love that they have them for various times so you can see progress and have something to work towards.

  9. Finally felt well enough to cautiously try some classes after being miserably ill with the worst cold of my life for a week! Helped by lots of rest, vegan cake, Nyquil and orange juice. Stay healthy out there over the holidays, these germs going around right now are seriously awful (and if anything you don't want to lose your streak)!

  10. Thank you for reminding me of that Sam class, I haven’t taken it in ages and I absolutely adored it! Hoping we’ll get an updated version for 2023.

  11. I’m guessing the peloton heart rate band is useless if you have a Apple Watch got one with the tread and another one is coming with the row. Or does it do something else the Apple Watch doesn’t do?

  12. It’s not useless. It’s just more stable than the Apple Watch connection. I use mine instead of my Apple Watch for everything that other than cycling, which I use GymKit for.

  13. Does anyone know what day the annual challenges goes through to be counted toward the annual cooldown summary? I remember getting the results around December 17th last year

  14. 97th ride today, and only my second 60-minute ride. I had blown by my previous 60-minute PR on 45-minute rides, so I figured I had to try another one lol.

  15. Amazon got a $300 discount off their peloton for Black Friday! I just got mine and hope those of you who missed the promotion last time get it this time.

  16. Conceptually Peloton could expand content by allowing individual users to create their own classes. Whatever equipment (audio/video) one might need is not that insanly expensive. Wondering whether there is any legal obstacle or rather Peloton wants to protect formal instructors?

  17. I definitely don’t want random people doing that. There’s also a risk if people get injured while doing someone’s classes that aren’t throughly vetted.

  18. I know it’s the season, but I really wish instructors would not talk about food for the entire class. It’s honestly one of my biggest pet peeves when working out. I just took a hike with Camila and had to turn the sound off because by minute 15 she was STILL talking about all the food we’re gonna eat soon.

  19. I have many thoughts/feelings on this, but they aren’t developed enough to add anything at the moment. I just wanted to thank you for articulating this.

  20. I did the new outdoor 5k pacing class this morning and really enjoyed it. I’m slow AF, so I did the 13 minute miles with Matty. I typically only push the pace on short intervals with tread classes, so this was a challenge for me. I did the entire 5k at the pace, so I was pretty happy.

  21. Has anyone here tried out the new Nike SuperRep Cycle 2s with their Peloton? I haven't seen any reviews and I'm curious to see how people feel about them! I currently have and love the originals, but the new ones are pretty so I'm thinking about getting myself some for Christmas if anyone has tried and loved them!

  22. I’ve been wondering the same thing! There’s so few reviews online. Eastbay currently has 50% off and I’m tempted.

  23. Someone asked about an Outdoor Run Turkey Burn this year - I think we’ll have to wait and see but looks like they just dropped a series of 5K classes. Each one is a “pacer” so you can choose the one closest to your pace. I don’t think I’ve seen them try to combine actual paces (vs something like an RPE scale) in their outdoor classes before! They look interesting

  24. I asked about the Turkey Trot classes yesterday! I’m still lowkey holding out for a proper Trot tomorrow morning (I like the commentary, Matty’s from last year was really sweet) but if not, I’ll probs do Jon’s 11-min pace class to push myself a bit!

  25. So I just got my bike this week, and I am so stoked on it, took my first class last night. I've been looking at the live classes though and was wondering if they always have a large gap in the day where no live classes are held, it looks like for me (west coast time) that between 2pm and like 11pm there just aren't any live classes held. Is this the norm or is that just because of the holidays?

  26. Fellow west coaster here. Once or twice a week there will be 4pm or 4:30pm pacific time rides but that's about it. The live class times don't really cater to a west coast person so I rarely take live rides.

  27. There are less live classes in general lately. I assume it is a cost saving measure. This week will be extra slow due to the holiday.

  28. A few months ago they made their live schedule more "standardized" where there are always classes at set times. As others have mentioned, the holiday throws that off this week. This invariably upset some people, because everyone hates change and anyone who used to have live rides at a specific time and no longer does feels like they lost something. But likely the same number or more people now have rides that work better for them. In general there is a lot of east coast bias in the live ride times. Late afternoon and night rides are relatively infrequent, one would assume because riding before work is more popular than riding after work. I'm sure they look at ride popularity when determining these things and aren't just throwing darts at a wall.

  29. TBH yes this is pretty normal - Thanksgiving schedule is lighter but there is frequently nothing live for West Coasters between about 4 or 4:30 pm and 11 pm (basically between the evening classes in NY and the London studio morning classes).

  30. Splitting up my stack today. Strength this morning and cycling tonight. Decided to work my way backwards with my bookmarks cause I keep neglecting classes I wanted to take when I bookmarked them at the time and they are adding up 😅

  31. I ordered the tread with the Black Friday sales and some of my accessories just arrived!! Let's goooooooooooo!

  32. Just got my tread today. I love it. Haven’t got any of my accessories yet. Last time I looked was yesterday haven’t been sent out yet. I’m in no hurry for the accessories thou. I asked the delivery people if they delivered any rows yet. They said yes they delivered three on Monday. My row comes next Saturday. Can’t wait to have every thing peloton has. My five instructors were already set from what I took on the app. Olivia is number one which I knew. My leaderboard sucked. Well it sucked on the bike plus also in the beginning. But as Olivia says not better than others but better than yesterday. Update Just checked my email my tread accessories were sent out this morning.

  33. The Mobility Collection looks interesting and an interesting mix of instructors. And I know this has happened a handful of times before but Adrian with no hat is just something my brain can not process - like it feels wrong!

  34. I did Andy's 30 minute full body at lunch and thought it was excellent. He did shoulders, spine (flexion/ extension and twist), hips and adductors, wrists and feet. He coaches breathing and PNF technique as well, which was great. My usual yoga routine is a bit stale and I will be incorporating lots of the new movements I learned in this class into my mobility and stretching sessions. I pretty much want to try all the classes and am looking forward to delving into more!

  35. I just added Hannah’s evening mobility to do tonight instead of my typical evening yoga - I’m really curious to see what it’s like! I have no idea what to expect.

  36. I don't have feedback yet but I am so stoked for these!! So glad they have been listening to what we want.

  37. I took Rebecca's 20 minute hip mobility, and it is about as expected with a lot of CARs, 90/90s, and similar moves. It uses a yoga block and a tennis ball, which means I also got some good shoulder mobility work out of it tossing a second tennis ball so my dog didn't try to swipe the one I was using.

  38. I just did the the 15 minute upper body mobility with Adrian and it was great. I think this will be a really helpful addition. I definitely need to increase my thoracic mobility. I am planning to try a lower body later mobility class later today.

  39. I'm bummed the Turkey Burn ride starts so late! With travel and prep for the day I was really excited to hop on a live ride around 8 AM, but looks like earliest is 10 AM.

  40. Hopefully peloton servers are ready. Right now over 26,500 people have signed up for Robins turkey burn ride. Usually that many they have problems. Lizzo ride

  41. Curious how others are setting up their strength routines. Do you take a different class every time or do you repeat certain classes to better monitor gains?

  42. Both for me, I have some classes bookmarked that I will retake multiple times a week because I really like the layout from a progressive overload standpoint. But i also will check out new classes to keep things fresh or because the playlist is good.

  43. I've been thinking about this and setting up a more purposeful approach to strength with some progression. My intention is to have a benchmark class of each type that I take every other week to gauge how everything I am doing is working. But other than that, take different classes throughout each week because if I get bored I might stop doing it which is worse than not doing the most optimal thing.

  44. Largely its just the oldest classes, but a little of it comes from losing the rights to certain music. They do try to keep specific old classes that are part of the old style programs, or everyone's premiere class.

  45. I try to do a couple a week because I know it's coming! I'll have to check my schedule to see if anything has been removed.

  46. I’m glad I took that JK A&LW before it was removed — I thought it was really good and there wasn’t anything I thought in the class that would cause it to be removed (nothing inappropriate and no technical issues) so my guess is it got removed due to music licensing issues? 🤷‍♀️

  47. Looking for any help with any classes that focus on quads but DO NOT involve the typical standing quad stretch that so many Post Ride Stretches have. Those are rough for me BECAUSE my quads are so tight but I obviously want to focus on extending and opening up my quads. Help!

  48. Maybe try Selena’s lower body stretch from 6/11/21? I think she has a different kind of quad stretch in there if I’m remembering correctly

  49. I usually prefer to take my quad stretch to the floor laying on my stomach and grabbing my ankle because this position keeps me from dumping into my lower back. You can always use this as a modification in most classes.

  50. There are yoga focus flows on quads (looks like Ross did one today) you may want to try to really focus on your quads. You could also modify the standing quad stretch by putting your foot on a chair or table instead of holding it by your butt. Whatever angle that lets you feel it.

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