Anyone else feel like the software has gotten significantly buggier in recent months? I’m actually considering returning my bike

  1. Nope. We have a second gen bike and it works just as well as it did originally. Just keep the software updated and properly restart it every so often.

  2. Nope. All is well here. Been that way since I bought the bike in May 2020. Ride 5 times per week. Rower will be here on Monday.

  3. So the Bike+ does have double the RAM and a better CPU than the Bike, however I'd expect a lot more posts here if this were a widespread issue with the OG bike. If you have no network connectivity issues (maybe try ethernet instead of wifi if you haven't already), I'd contact Peloton to see if they can have a technician come out.

  4. They no longer have technicians from what I was told on the phone yesterday. Just third party delivery services

  5. I used to have lots of connection issues. Ended up hooking it up directly to the Ethernet cable. Almost never have issues.

  6. I have not. I’ve done almost 900 rides over 4 years and the last 4 months have been pretty much like the previous months.

  7. I don’t know about bugs but I feel like they’re constantly changing the app around and adding features we don’t need or want. Looking at you “feed” button.

  8. I got mine in 2020, not the plus and yes I have had issue in the past month with mine. Last week I took a class and it locked up in the middle of the class and then kicked me back to the screen. I have had quite a few freezing up issues too never had that before. None of the other devices in my home are having any issues (including multiple smart devices) and I ran a speed test and that’s not the issue. It seems like after I ran the most recent update this began.

  9. Sometimes it lags. For example when I continue a stack on the bike, sometimes it will not load the next class then I need to exit and go in again—but, annoyingly—the class is not in the stack anymore. Also, sometimes, when it does go directly into the next stacked class, no metrics show and I have to exit the class (on these occasions it allows me to renter the class because it thinks I left it early. In addition to all this, the software is slow and lags so all this take extra time. My bike is 4 yrs old.

  10. There’s actually a decently easy fix for the stacking problem. Hit “continue”and then count to 10 (a full, slow 10) before you hit start. If you still hear snippets of the last class in the background, give it another couple seconds. Then, hit start and before you hit the second start button, count to 10 again. Basically if you roll through too fast, the bike can’t catch up. Is it annoying to have to lose 20 seconds….yeah. It is dumb that it doesn’t just roll through. But I’ve NEVER had this system not work….

  11. None at all and I had an original Peloton screen and then just replaced the screen with the newer base Peloton one... I suspect it is your network connection.

  12. Yep. GymKit is just effing up my workouts whenever I try and use it. Won’t connect and won’t remove the big connect banner from screen. Went back to using HRM for everything. :(

  13. I’ve had similar issues in the last few months, also got the bike about a year ago. I got a new router thinking that was the issue, but was a bike issue. Have they talked you through clearing your cache on the bike? That seems to work the best, gives me a few good weeks at a time.

  14. Yeah I’ve been having a ton of issues as well. No idea why, support hasn’t been very helpful. I’ve mostly given up on the bike and switched to the app unfortunately

  15. Yes I have noticed similar issues. I’ve had my bike since last year. I struggle getting the bike to boot up and I usually have to hold the power button down to do it, but then I usually don’t have any problems after that. Wi-Fi is not the issue for me, mine is really fast

  16. No, if I ever had issues they’d clear up with the next update or a couple restarts. Usually just tied to laggy WiFi.

  17. I find that when I’m using the bike and my husband is on a work video call or something it can cause a bit of lag and get choppy/slow. Is there someone else using the internet at the same time? Could be the issue.

  18. I’ve had a used bike for about 4 months and have had occasional issues probably more related to my mediocre internet speed with a million devices taking up bandwidth. I can get through > 95% of my rides without a problem.

  19. I’ve had issues recently with my AirPods connecting to my bike. The volume is so low in comparison to before

  20. On almost all my scenic rides the screen freezes and never returns when I get to the last few minutes of my ride.

  21. A problem here and there. Like the second ride on a stack won't load the LB or metrics so I have to go back and then in again. But nothing that interferes with a workout.

  22. Do you happen to have FiOS on the east coast? I had a similar issue for months, and turning off FIOS IPV6 fixed the problem with my peloton and other android devices. Hope you can get this resolved!

  23. Yes. I regularly have connection issues during classes and when I first wake my screen up. It's now my routine to just restart the bike every time I ride to avoid that wake up connection issue. Just had the screen freeze today during LaneBreak class selection. I've had it freeze or fail to load stats when looking at workout history as well. Or fail to load classes. And of course you still can't see the output chart in a web browser even though you can see it on the app. Just bizarre and irritating bugs.

  24. This sounds like clearly an internet issue. I have similar issues when I join a live class. Usually on demand classes work great. I know its me and just have to switch my internet or something. It will even show full bars sometimes and still lag.

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