Strength Training Discussion [Weekly]

  1. Just redid Adrian’s Migos class for the first time in awhile and it still stands as one of the best strength classes on the platform

  2. I just stacked three really good workouts: 20 min upper body with Robin, 20 min lower body with JJ and 10 min core with Ben. It's not often that I really love everything about all of the workouts but these were fun and challenging and moved quickly. The very end of JJ's lower body was a bit crazy with lunges, which I don't normally love, but I didn't mind them here.

  3. So I bit the bullet and bought the guide with the Black Friday deal. I’ve mostly been doing cardio and dabbled in strength, but haven’t gotten into a routine yet. I was planning to do Beginner strength, but then wanted to transition into some sort of 3 day split (upper body, lower body, full body).

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