Daily Discussion - 05 Dec 2022

  1. How do those who have the OG bike do classes on the floor? I can’t see the screen so feel like I’m missing out on so much content!

  2. If you have space I kind of stagger my mat to the side and back some and I see the screen fine. I don’t like switching between the bike and the app it seems easier just to use the bike.

  3. over on one of the Peloton FB groups, someone requested a feature that would eliminate "1 second rides so the NKO groups couldn't cheat the system". What is that exactly, the "NKO groups"? Is that why there's people, for instance, who have something like 4000 rides on the leaderboard?

  4. This may be an unpopular opinion but I personally think there should be a minimum amount of the ride for it to count towards your total rides. If you don’t take at least a third or half the class, the class should not count towards your tally.

  5. I've had my bike less than a year and I'm at 1149 rides. I do warmups approximately half the time and cooldowns less than that. And I've taken a few weeks off for travel, as well as occasional rest days.

  6. Hello! I am recovering from my first marathon yesterday and looking for a low impact recovery ride recommendation under 30 minutes. Any good recommendations? 🏃🏽‍♀️🫶🏼

  7. He is a life coach/trainer for executives. I loved his vibe, but, to me, he seemed like he wanted to do something beyond fitness training, so I wasn’t surprised by the move. Some of his chatter bordered on spiritual.

  8. Hannah's lower body barre class is rated pretty low (currently 92.6%). Any ideas why? I enjoy her classes and her personality so just curious if it was production issues or something.

  9. Thank you both for the info. I will probably skip - I do them all but there are plenty of others to choose from.

  10. It has a long warm-up and then there is a section of lower body on one side (which was laterals, donkey kicks, this backward rainbow arc movement, two kinds of clamshells), then pliés and relevés, then lower body on the other side, then the standing pliés and relevés, then lower body on the first side again. You didn’t do the second side a second time. She said you should repeat it later in the week and start on the other side so you get even leg work. I just did a completing set because that sort of asymmetry doesn’t work for my completionist personality.

  11. My peloton bike was delivered yesterday! But none of the accessories came, including the cycling shoes. So I have the bike sitting there and I’m unable to use it. Worse part is that the tracking number says delivery is delayed and has no updated delivery date so I have no idea when it’s supposed to come which is frustrating.

  12. My bike+ was delivered today. On time and generally no issues. They did not tighten the pedals. The handlebars don’t really wobble, but they are not easy to slide. I am going to have to tweak the seat/handlebar settings. I am in week two of Crush Your Core your and Intro to Meditation with Aditi with no classes missed. I started on the bike with You Can Ride. It was an easy first class, but I am sticking to the program. I started using the app in November and I am 309 minutes away from getting a 1K badge for the year. I am feeling very positive about changing my life by just showing up every single day. So glad to be part of the subreddit!

  13. Going to hit 100 rides on Wednesday. Really wanted to do a live class. It just happens to work out perfectly that Bradley (my fav instructor) is doing a holiday ride at 1:45 and I just happen to have no meetings at that time!

  14. Congrats on 100!! I'm terrible at remembering to catch the live rides or managing to plan around them, but Bradley is so much fun and sounds like a perfect way to celebrate!

  15. Isn’t it amazing when things work out that way? Make sure you block your calendar (speaking from experience where I left it to chance since it was the NEXT day and then someone went and filled it)!!!!

  16. Just here to share a proud moment! I’ve been slogging through the Discover Your Power Zones/Crush Your Core 2/Arms with Tunde programs in an effort to build back good workout habits.

  17. Ooh, bookmarked. I, too, find I need to space out harder classes. I stick low impact/PZE ones in between, or complete rest days.

  18. Who else is stoked for Callie’s LIVE holiday bike bootcamp?! I can’t wait! I’ll see y’all on the leaderboard!

  19. Do you know if they fixed the issue where bootcamp classes didn’t sync with Apple Watch/GymKit? I’ve never done a bootcamp class for that reason (seems silly but I really like tracking my workouts with my phone and watch). But Callie is great so would be fun to try a bootcamp with her

  20. Had to cut my gym time short this morning as it was evacuated due to a fire alarm, so this evening after doing some bits and pieces I did this new

  21. What’s the consensus on working out while sick? I’ve had a head cold for 3 days now and want to do an easy stack of 10m core, 10m glutes, 20m low intensity ride. But I also don’t want to make myself worse…

  22. I agree with everyone to listen to your body! I had a head cold last week and couldn’t even do yoga as even bending down during the day hurt my head. About four days in I got on the bike for a recovery ride and it was perfect, but I definitely didn’t have the energy those first few days!

  23. I find my body knows when it’s ready to workout vs not when I’m sick. If you’re really feeling ready to move you’re probably okay to start the stack you mentioned and if you stop after the core class then so be it. I know I definitely will have a day or two where I can’t even consider doing anything and then once I feel better I find myself scrolling the app for a 15’ ride or so just to get back into it some.

  24. I try to take it “easier” depending on how bad I’m feeling. A yoga class or a shorter low impact class usually hits the spot for me, but there are some days that I don’t feel well enough even for that I’ll truly take a rest day because my body needs it.

  25. Many runners use the test of "neck and up, good to run; shoulders and down, take the rest" (really wish that rhymed). I will run with a cold--sniffly/stuffy nose, sneezing--but I wouldn't if I was nauseous or having GI issues.

  26. If your body is asking you to move, then do it. If it’s your mind telling you that you ‘should’ - rest. It’s probably not going to make your head cold any worse, but it’s important to listen to what your body is asking for. That said, if you have any chesty/body aches etc skip it (the above/below the neck rule for working out if sick!).

  27. Them videos are very helpful my form still bad thou. Went from around 48 percent now to about 70-78. 9 rows in hopefully I will get better. The videos helped with my knees but still showing a lot of red in my back. I think I’m doing the same thing one time it will be good next time it will be bad. Loving the row even thou I suck at it.

  28. I've been having this issue with live classes for a few weeks. I thought it was my wifi but maybe it is a bigger problem.

  29. I did say 1 of RA’s split program today, and my arms were so dead that when I tried to take a video of a finished art piece to show a client before mailing out, my hands were shaking so much that I looked like a straight tweaker.

  30. I was active in Peloton 4/7 days last week and am looking forward to keeping the streak alive and improving on it. My kids are getting used to getting locked out of the basement so I can ride without worrying that they'll get too close and get hurt (with their dad or aunt in charge, of course). The first few times my 3 year old was not. happy. about being locked out haha

  31. If you enjoyed the Midnights ride, look for Robin’s Red Taylor’s Version ride. It’s one of my favorites.

  32. On Android I get a [insert cloud with a download arrow emoji here[ on the Workouts section. Up at the top where the schedule and stacks icons are. But its only there if I actually have classes downloaded to that device.

  33. I know I’m late to the party but I had to comment! Callie is my overall favorite instructor, but Jermaines 3 day split was amazeballs. He really makes you challenge yourself. I was sore but in a good way, and felt so accomplished even though they were only 30 minute classes!

  34. I did Callie's split for a good 8+ weeks and it was my favourite. I really like her energy, the music choices, and how she provided ample rest between sets so I was able to regroup and continue lifting heavy. When Jermaine's split dropped for the Guide I did that for about a month. Generally it's good and a nice change from Callie's but I'm forcing myself to repeat it. I guess I'm not as engaged as I am with Callie? The workouts are all fairly straight forward with basic moves, nothing too fancy. Less rest between exercises and sets, so it's a much more "compact" session too. The format is generally 4 sets of 3 different exercies with an AMRAP or EMOM at the end. No harm in trying out Jermaine's for sure!

  35. Robin wasn’t my favorite either, but I do her split a lot and love it. Callie’s was a little easy for me besides the first workout which is absolute killer. Loved Adrian’s split but the workouts are so hard. Hard to complete in 5 days because you’re so sore every time.

  36. I don't have time for a 5 day split either, but I'm making it work because I love Ben. I have no interest in Callie or advanced work, but I'll do 5 days for Ben. Hard to beat his strength instruction. I'd say try it.

  37. My man-love for Denis got me to try his 30 min Country Ride. Not my music genre at all (I’m all about the 80’s) but to my surprise I really enjoyed it. Who knew?

  38. For anyone who ordered a Bike/Bike+ as a Christmas gift, the first post-Christmas delivery date is now available for scheduling!

  39. Wondering if we're going to get more "Stacking Stuffer" classes this year - they were so much fun and helpful last year with crazy holiday schedules.

  40. omfg I am totally freaking out - I got into a LIVE Matty Maggiacomo run at PSNY in January when I'm there to visit a friend. I AM SO EXCITED! now to game my runs to hit a milestone in class. Matty is tied for my fave NY instructor (Becs is my other fave) and I could not be happier!

  41. Congrats! I saw Matty when I went to a live class the other weekend and he is so nice and friendly! I just love him! You will have the best time!! He’s also more handsome in person if that’s even possible??

  42. Oh that is so exciting!!! I think if I were to go take a live class I’d want a Matty class. You’re going to have the best time!!

  43. Anybody able to get any of the new Split programs to launch on the App? They show available now, but I cannot get them to load without glitching out. The Ben and JJ split.

  44. Bike+ is scheduled for this Sunday. I'm really excited about getting a Peloton. I actually have an Echelon GT+ and I think it's a fantastic bike. I've been using Peloton the digital way for a bit, and I felt like I was missing out on so much more. Anyone go from the app to the Bike? Would love to hear about your impressions.

  45. We had a Schwinn IC4 using the app and switched to Bike+ in the spring. Great decision! It’s a much more immersive experience having the big screen and I love all the extra stats. It’s also super easy to do bootcamp classes and I love being able to flip the screen around for strength, yoga, etc.

  46. I got my bike today! Quick FYI, try and make sure the delivery team stays around to answer your questions. I didn't and have already had to get a part ordered from support.

  47. I finally took my first regular 30 minute class this weekend since some mysterious fainting started a month ago. I took 2 or 3 weeks off completely and then started working myself back in with low impact classes (at my husband's request, I sometimes have to be reminded to go slowly).

  48. Rad is my favorite instructor, but I have to accept I just don’t like boxing workouts. I feel silly and bored and haven’t made it past 10 minutes in any I’ve tried, including the Eminem work out. sigh I’d set a goal of doing all of Rad’s classes, but I’m going to have to drop boxing from the list because they are just not for me.

  49. Something for everyone - I've really been enjoying the boxing workouts and bootcamps. I get bored easily so longer classes aren't for me but 20 minute bootcamp or just boxing is fun. I get the heart rate up and I box while looking in the mirror and my form is starting to look pretty decent. I used to look like I was flailing around

  50. I can't get into the boxing classes either! They always go so fast and i can't coordinate. I do love me some rad though!

  51. I feel you - I gave the boxing classes a lot of chances when they first rolled out, and I really love Rad too, but eventually accepted that they're just not for me either.

  52. I spent the weekend camping & running at the Ragnar Trail Florida and yesterday was a rest day for me. After a 10K on the treadmill I got back on the wagon for some strength classes. Started with Callie's 20-Minute Carly Rae Jepsen Upper Body and then rolled into her 10-Minute Core class from 11/9/22. Today was one of those days I'm glad I have a proper dumbbell set, the "heavy" I use for Chest Press is not the same as the "heavy" I use Shoulder Press so having multiple weights available helps keep things moving.

  53. I think there was someone maybe two weeks ago asking about resistance band workouts. Matty and Hannah c. Just dropped a bunch of new band classes. I actually bought a new set of bands from Walmart for PT and I'm looking forward to trying out these classes.

  54. Lots of new classes drop today not counting the live ones. I count 26 of them. 23 you can see from the app than three rowing.

  55. My Bike+ was delivered about an hour ago and it's completely inoperable and I want to cry!! The USB-C cord on the back is completely damaged and all they could tell me was that they would order me a new part and after 72 hours I could schedule an appointment with a tech which could be in who knows how long. I got so frustrated with support that I had to respectfully end the call even though she was so nice.

  56. I'm so sorry - the same thing happened to me in Dec 2020. So disappointing. I'm glad you've been able to get a fix in the meantime

  57. Call peloton right now. When my tread was delivered and put together so terribly they refunded me some money bc I had an inoperable brick. The sent a peloton technician- not just random delivery guys and he redid the whole project. It’s amazing now.

  58. It took me a little while to handle getting out of the saddle. Learning proper form helps a lot with that!! I still can’t always stay up for the whole effort. You’ll get there! 🙂

  59. “Progress not perfection” is repeated by a lot of instructors and is the first phrase that really stuck with me from Peloton. It is so encouraging when you’re having a rough day.

  60. I got mine last week so by no means an expert but on rides day 3&4 I took a tylenol to help with the butt pain. Week 1 complete and we're in a good place butt wise now!

  61. I’ve had my bike for nearly 2 years and I still shake my head and stay seated sometimes, haha. Christine doesn’t usually get out of the saddle at all if you want someone for that. But your butt will get better!

  62. My 6 week postpartum appointment is Thursday and I am hoping for clearance to hop back on the bike and ease into the HCOTF calendar. I have had issues with low hemoglobin since delivering my baby so I’m hoping my numbers are up and I get the ok!

  63. If you could use the 20-30lb weights I’d say yea! Not sure how many of the chosen HCOTF classes are equipped for rep tracking these days but if you think of it as buying the heavy weights the guide is so cheap that it’s worth it regardless.

  64. After being in pain roughly every time I tried to ride my Bike+ longer than 20 minutes, I finally got around to swapping out the saddle. It was super annoying and took way too long. But I swapped it out with the saddle from my road bike, which I loooove.

  65. What resistance are you using when trying to hit 100 cadence? For me personally I don't feel the road enough when I try to go that fast and I actually need to be at least 42 resistance even though the instructor is calling out something like 35-40. Everyone is different but it might be worth trying.

  66. Was having some Monday blues after a very packed/rushed weekend & the anticipation of a hectic af week at work, so I did this 20-minute

  67. Ahhh maybe I’ll take Alanis ride.. I love Alanis but Ally is not really my style usually, so I hadn’t tried it.

  68. I had one of those days where I wasn't sure what I wanted on the bike and wasn't sure I could push myself too much (its been a week of sick kids, super early wake ups, etc) and I made a tentative stack starting with a

  69. The best part of Peloton, in my opinion, is the support the environment provides to do just this, do some sub-max efforts without feeling guilty about it. When I was going to the gym 3-4 times a week it felt very important to make it count and push even when I wasn’t feeling it. Now I can workout whenever however and it’s made all my workouts that much more enjoyable.

  70. First day back on the bike today after a weekend away and a manic week at work which resulted in barely being home (shift working) and ending the week feeling massively run down and exhausted.

  71. I’m thinking about trying a 60 minute ride for the first time today, but I don’t know if I’ll be able to keep up with the calls for the entire time. I’m usually gassed after a 30 minute session. I just want to see how intense it is.

  72. With a ride longer than you are used to (45, 60, ect) follow the call outs for the first 30 minutes like you are used to. Then if you feel like you can keep up follow the callouts you can. If you are feeling gassed take it easy like 60 -70 cadence and 35-40 resistance. Just finish the class. I feel like for so many people it is a bigger mental challenge than a physical one.

  73. You got this. It’s really not that bad. Find a instructor that you love that has a great playlist for that ride. My very first 60 minute ride was because someone here was doing a charity event for Ukraine. I was like I don’t do 60 minute rides but it’s for a great cause so I will be there. Told them I might be doing 30/70 for the last 20. Too my surprise I did it with following most of the callouts.

  74. It’s not bad because they pace each ride depending on the length. You’ll get more “breaks” in a longer ride to recover and make sure you can make it.

  75. Recovery rides are what they seem….you use them on recovery days. I’d say that some could possibly be used for getting used to the bike, but they may not be your best bet. There are two starting programs for the bike….I’d go with those first. You Can Ride and Mastering the Basics. They will give you the foundation. From there, I actually wouldn’t work your way through the catalog from easiest to hardest. After you do those two programs you can probably start with some “regular” rides and just look for ones that have a slightly easier rating. Maybe pick rides based on music that seems fun, or based on an instructor that you find particularly motivating.

  76. Is it normal for there to be a tiny bit of lag when turning the resistance knob? I just got my Bike last week and when I turn the knob the actual resistance changes immediately but it takes maybe 1-2 seconds for the number to change on the screen.

  77. It's not instant but should happen in about a second. You may want to power all the way off and start it again.

  78. Adrian's Spinal Mobility class in the new mobility collection is also amazing!!! I did it yesterday for the first time and my back still feels great!

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