Can’t turn off this alarm clock

  1. Chickens are wild. If I go sit in one spot in my coop long enough, then some of my chickens will fly up to my shoulder just to chill. They are also SURPRISINGLY protective of people they like.

  2. Tell her cock as in chicken then quickly turn yourself uhh dont know word but simply say "mom is there another word for cock all i know that its another word for chicken" if she explains it to you slowly frown then make the expression of a wtf "i dont need to hear that" and leave

  3. Chickens can be trained to go in a specific spot, it’s just hard to do. But if you’re already taking the leap to have a house chicken you might as well go all the way.

  4. They're smart; you can potty train them, though it doesn't work for every chicken. Train them like any other animal, which is with treats.


  6. Pretty sure some 11 herbs and spices w/ some frying oil would put a permanent snooze on the alarm feature.

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