Morning walk, guess the country

  1. The vapour trail pointing just south of due west indicates Northern Europe near the Atlantic. This means the British Isles, France or potentially Spain or Portugal. The grass is Northern European, so Spain and Portugal are out.

  2. I was going to say Belgium because it’s the same gorgeous milky sunrise we get here but then I saw the path didn’t have nearly enough bumps or holes 😜

  3. Now you know how Shia labeouf was found in the middle of nowhere in Tennessee. If you don’t know the story, look it up. It’s fucking amazing and also terrifying. Once they figured out the flight paths in the sky, they drove around with dozens of people laying on the horn until you could hear it on stream.

  4. I'm impressed. But have you ever been in Germany around fall or spring? I really thought this picture was from Germany. It looks a lot like this around here especially in rural areas.

  5. Would you mind ELI5 what the vapor trail is and how you can tell geographically where a location is based on it? I’m suddenly very fascinated

  6. Looks like those fields that Captain Sopbel got lost in during training in England from the first episode of Band of Brothers.

  7. Given the suns position and the weather pattern of clouds are both indicators of geographical location, but the green lens flair tells the tail of a middle aged individual that has bought a quality German camera and has not spent enough time with it to use it properly. Born in Murika, migrated to Europe, educated at university. Combined with the lone white post and the gentle village behind, must be Harlan county in Morocco

  8. I would have guessed the Netherlands based on the landscape, although the houses in the background don't look Dutch.

  9. This could either be Denmark, Northern Germany, Belgium or England. My guess is either England or Northern Germany, but it looks uncannily a lot like the area just behind the house of my mother-in-law in a tiny danish village.

  10. I’ve never been to Europe but I knew this was England just because this is the landscape you see in a lot of movies/tv shows or even Instagram reels (I follow a good amount of dogs on Instagram and a bunch of them are from England and usually go for walks in places exactly like this one lol)

  11. Looks like Denmark to me. The flat land looks north-west atlantic-coast Europe. The houses look a little Scandinavian but the landscape doesn’t look raw like Norway or Sweden. So my guess is Denmark. :D

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