Fostering Pitbull Puppy - I’m Scared and Sad

  1. If it makes you feel any better- I fostered a pittie from a fighting ring and she was BFFs with my kid and my cats. Now in her new home she raises kittens along side the resident cats and small children :)

  2. You’re not kidding. It was a horrible descent into doubt and sadness. But I just went and gave him a bath and he’s a happy boy. 😊

  3. If it’s the one I’m thinking of I got banned from it. They morons like anti-vaxxers they see information that works with their scared little narrative and latch onto it.

  4. Tell your husband to educate himself, pitbulls are big, sweet cuddle bugs. My first was mixed with lab and he was as sweet as can be never bit anyone. Did have a habit of stealing shoes off kids feet so they would chase him, and occasionally knocked them over trying to give kisses.RIP Monster. My pandemic pitty Maeven insists on sleeping with us or the kids, wants to be the “little spoon” and takes her time to check on everyone and usually give a little kiss and get some pets. When playing she “noms your thumbs” very gently. She insists on being able to touch somebody under the blanket if we are on the couch.

  5. It’s literally no more dangerous than ANY dog……. It’s all about how they are raised. As a matter of fact I trust my pittie with kids/infants more than I trust my other dogs. It’s all about how you raise them

  6. I second this. If you raise something to fight, they fight. You raise something to care and protect and be a part of the pack, they'll do that.

  7. Statistically speaking, your first statement is just wrong. Using anecdotal evidence to prove your theory doesn’t make a great case. I too have had nothing but pleasant experiences with many pitties, but that doesn’t make me ignorant to the facts.

  8. Nurture not nature. Pits are great and puppies are like babies. They only know what you teach and they aren't born bad. Unless they have a loose wire, but that's not the norm.

  9. Yup yup YUP. Thought my pittie puppy for sure had a “loose wire” as you put it. I thought he was going to be mean when he grew up. No, he was just being a literal puppy and I’m ashamed to say the stigma against these babies is one of the reasons I was scared of NORMAL puppy behavior.

  10. The people in those other threads are miserably toxic. Spend sometime in this sub and get acquainted with how special the pitty breed truly is. Once you go pit you’ll never go back. They are the best companion and an absolute delight to have in your life.

  11. I grew up being told pitbulls were these dangerous monsters. I moved to where I I now and so many people have them and I love them.

  12. Reddit subs are like your evening news. Only the "exciting" stuff makes it on. Millions of people live in Chicago, according to Reddit we should have thousands of people dying every day because of how dangerous it is. When in reality, extremely rural areas have a higher percentage of dangers per person. There's just way less people, so nobody cares and it doesn't make money talking about it.

  13. Hes so cute! How can your husband be so afraid of that poor sweet baby? Has he spent any time with the puppy? He might just need a little bit to adjust. I grew up with a pittie and she actually rescued me from another aggressive dog that tried to attack me when I was a toddler. Pitties are usually really good with kids and really protective of them.

  14. The dog sounds great. Just socialize it with your kid, the cats, and other dogs very frequently. We raised our dogs with a cat, and bring them to the dog park at least 5 times a week. They have become very well socialized with people and other dogs, and will actively seek friendship from strange cats. If the socialization continues very frequently I strongly believe your dog will turn out absolutely fantastic.

  15. Sounds like he's got a good temperament. Just make sure you don't leave the 3 year old alone with him. Not because he's a pitbull, but because small children shouldn't be left alone with any dog breed.

  16. A pittie we rescued off the street, that the owner was going to sell on Craigslist for $20, got swatted by a 2 pound kitten.

  17. You're doing great! Don't let a bunch of haters change your mind for the love of an animal. The growl could have been a playful growl. I rescued a pit from our local shelter at 3 months. He was and still is a growler, but he has a play growl and a don't bother me growl with our other 2 older pit mix dogs. Being vocal is what they do.Everything that you stated sounds like you are doing g the right thing. Keep up the good love ❤️

  18. The growl was actually my cat. He didn’t even growl at her! I really thought I was going to have to defend her because he is so much bigger than her, but nope. Had to peel her off of me. 🙄 and she’s normally my calm laid-back cat. It just led my husband to say, “see, animals snap”. But I know she never intended to hurt ME, so his point is moot.

  19. You have to keep in mind, we are all animals. We all have things we need to work on. Alot of pitbulls get bad raps from people because of how other people treat them. A shitzu can be worse than a pitbull if it's not properly trained/handled. A human can be worse than a pit bull if not properly trained or handled.

  20. I would suggest watching the documentary The Champions. It's about the pit bulls that Michael Vick abused and really shows just how sweet and wonderful pit bulls can be, even when they come from horrible backgrounds.

  21. They are evil liars. My pittie had a foster who had an 8 month old and a two year old. They loved her, were constantly all over her, and she loved it and then. Sweetest gentlest dog ever

  22. They truly are loving animals especially if they are showed kindness & love 💕 🐾. Giving a living creature a helping hand in life is amazing !

  23. That sounds like a damn good dog. I'm sorry for the traumatic event though. I think it's almost always scary bringing in a new family member and figuring out how the new dynamic will work, there are always some kinks to iron out.

  24. My pit was a rescue at 3 years old. She had some been bred and had some experience fighting. All that to say, she is an absolute lover. I have two cats who she has never attempted to fight with. She does have trauma with big dogs, but as long as she keeps her distance, she can easily go in public (parks, beach, restaurants, etc) without having any reaction issues. Pitbulls are loyal, smart, and absolute sweethearts. I have never actually met one that was aggressive towards humans (or one that I didn't trust around me or children, for that matter). They know what you teach it as much as any other dog.

  25. A puppy that young is still very malleable, his past did not have a chance to make an impression on him and he is looking to you for how to act. Keep up the positive reinforcement, love, boundaries, confidence, etc., and don’t let the naysayers get in your head! Dogs are very intuitive, if you become fearful they will pick up on it and develop undesirable behaviors.

  26. Do not listen to the BS pit bull hate on this website. So many of the anecdotal stories are untrue and are just written as creative writing assignments to add fuel to the fire. Most of the videos and news articles that call an attacking dog a “pit bull” are clickbait, as most of the dogs are not actually pit bulls. As long as you are diligent with positive reinforcement while training and you show the dog love, kindness, and compassion, you will have absolutely nothing to worry about in your home. You also need to teach your child how to interact appropriately with the dog so that mistakes do not happen. Once your dog learns to trust you, your husband, and your child, there will be very little room for the dog to suddenly snap and become aggressive. However, you are the adult so it is your responsibility to make sure neither the dog or the child are in a dangerous or uncomfortable situation.

  27. Sounds like he has a relatively calm temperament. I assume your cats could eventually come around to him since it’s only been 3 days, but if not they should still be able to coexist. I haven’t had issues with pits and cats mixing, my issues are usually when my pits sees a squirrel or bird. I’ll admit the more pitbull negative subreddit has a lot of depressing stuff on it, but that’s not every pitbull in existence. The brigade of pit-haters will fault me for saying this, but I’m firmly on the side of if you train them harshly but show them plenty of affection then they’ll turn out fine, great even. You have to be sure your pup knows to listen to you but don’t make it fear you. Good luck, thanks for taking care of a foster, hopefully if you’re comfortable with it you can provide it a nice home :)

  28. In another impressive display, we just encountered two deer pop out our woods and all he did was point at them lol. I’m feeling better. Hopefully all good signs.

  29. Thanks! Yeah. I’ve gotten the cats a bunch of stuff to make them more comfortable and also have some positive reinforcement with them (before he comes down they get treats, wet food, and 10 minutes of play time, I also got the pheromone plug ins). My original intention was to foster to see how it goes and maybe keep him. I can’t figure out how to add images/videos. I’m hoping my husband warms up to him a bit more and it’ll probably make me feel better too when he’s not constantly harping negativity. He agreed to foster too, I just don’t think he thought we would get matched so quickly.

  30. As the AVMA says, breed alone is a poor predictor of temperament. Most important is your judgement and assessment. With your child’s safety involved, I am sure your parenting gut is right when you say they are good together.

  31. I can’t seem to find the post now but there was a great post last week about the misinformation. I save the image though so I’ll DM it. The two biggest ones for me are the lack of jaw strength (with pits having 235psi while the average for dogs is 320psi) and the fact that pits are involved in 77.5% of all canine abuse cases.

  32. I encourage you to give your foster a chance! Innocent until proven guilty, right? That velvet hippo must be so grateful to be with you.

  33. I have a leash reactive pittie - she reacts to other dogs. She barks like a goblin and lunges from the end of her leash making weird whiny grumble noises.

  34. I got my pittie two years ago and she is the first one I’ve ever had. Despite not having anything against pitbulls myself, I still had a lot of worries and doubts in the back of my head just from everything I’ve heard throughout my life but two years later and she is my absolute best friend, she loves my cats, our other dog, my nieces, dogs at the dog park, etc. and I can honestly say I may never have any other dog besides a pitbull. They’re like any other dog and can have the same ups and downs another dog could have. The only struggle I have with my pitbull is all the flack from other people! But I deal with it and I let them know I don’t put up with that stuff, I wouldn’t wanna be around someone who generalizes a whole breed anyways

  35. I love pitties! They have the best temperament. There are studies about it. My disabled brother has a pittie service dog that can walk with him while he's in his wheelchair. She instinctually understood how to walk alongside a wheelchair! We rescued her from a shelter. She is the most loving and goofy dog I've ever met.

  36. I've worked with a lot of dogs (one shelter was almost exclusively pits/pit mixes) and can say that pits were the most consistent personality, they were almost always pushovers that wanted to be held and dopey little idiots.

  37. If you don't know anything about pitbulls outside of the bad stereotypes, they can seem pretty scary as a breed. But it's also important to remember that almost any animal can behave aggressively and injure you or your kids or other animals. When it comes to dogs especially, sudden onset aggression is often a learned behavior - dogs don't become aggressive or attack without reason unless they've very specifically been taught to do that - or a medical issue that is causing them pain. In rare cases it can be the result of a neurological disorder, but that is far less common, especially in bully breeds. Outside of those instances, dogs will often try to de-escalate a situation and establish their boundaries long before they pick a fight and hurt someone.

  38. Listen man… no matter what anyone says, put bulls will be my favorite breed on the planet. They absolutely are the “most deadly” dog because of their absolute power, but they are not even close to the “most aggressive” animal. Also, you sound like a dedicated foster. There are often signs that “reactive” dogs will display if you learn what they are and watch closely, but he sounds like a good little buddy. If he does display reactive behaviors, you can learn to train him yourself, or report his behavior to your fostering group, and they will absolutely try to get him placed with a more experienced person

  39. You sound like you’re doing fine OP, pup sounds like an angel in need that will, with love & care, become an awesome part of a family. Fostering is so important, thank you OP for opening your home & your heart to this sweet pup in need. Pitties are awesome, you won’t regret this I promise.. 💙💙💙

  40. I have three formerly abused rescue dogs: a Rottweiler/lab/pit mix, a pocket pittie rescued from a fighting ring, and a boxer/pit mix. I also have two cats. My rottie/pit is about 90 pounds and her favorite thing in the world is babies and children. She has snuggled infants and naturally takes commands from kids, and is gentle and protective. She also snuggles with the cats. We had a third cat we lost to cancer a few years ago, and they were soulmates.

  41. As an animal welfare professional and big-time foster advocate, THANK YOU for fostering! We need more people willing to be open-minded and give the most vulnerable animals a safe haven.

  42. I was just like you and your hubby until we got our first pittie! While full of energy, he was super respectful of me and my hubby. Walked on a leash like a dream!! Was a great listener too! Easily trained. We unfortunately lost him at just over a year due to a heart issue. Next pit mix we got, our daughter was 6 months old. That kid climbed on him, could take food out of his mouth, etc. He was the BEST dog! Not as easy to walk, but such a low energy pup he didn’t need much exercise but the occasional run of the yard to stay calm and submissive. We now have a German Shepard pup and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve wished for our gentle, easy going pit bull pup back! Our current pup is not a bad dog at all. He’s just super bitey and plays so rough with the kids and the cat. Our pittie pup never accidentally bit me or the kids. In fact he never even licked us. I swear somewhere down the line he thought he wasn’t allowed to open his mouth around us or something! Oh, and he was attacked once by another dog. Never fought back. We never even knew he was bit until later. I swear he was the biggest, kindest, goofball ever. If I ever look to get another dog (in addition to the crazy we have now) it will definitely be another pittie pup!

  43. Just wanted to also say I have a pittie and he is the best animal I have ever had. His best friends are a 7lb cat and a pug. Our pug has no sense of personal space, so she lays on him or snuggles him all the time and he just lets her be comfy. He also LOVES babies and will rest his block head on them, just smiling and wagging his tail. I've worked at a vets office, dog daycare and have some education in animal behavior, and pitties are best. I've gotten bit, had a busted face and been pinned against a wall by most other breeds of dogs, but never a pittie. Enjoy your new good boi 🥰

  44. Another thought about the safety of your child is that remember ALL dogs WILL bite. Be sure that the child is not left alone with ANY dog. I know of parents who let the family dog “BABYSIT” their children. For instance leave the child and dog watching television while parent goes to do something else. If you don’t see what the child does to the animal, you think the animal is in the wrong.

  45. This week. Smoking materials that were not properly contained, on a windy night, caused a giant house fire. The fire was directly across the street from my sister and her family. They were alerted to the fire by their sweet pibble girl, Bella, who barked and woke them up so they could call 911 for their neighbors. Hero pibble girl. After all the ambulances and fire trucks came and left, my niece was very panicked and upset. Bella laid on top of my 16 year old neice in bed, something she had never done before. She knew she needed comfort. They are the best dogs ever.

  46. I've done veterinary work in Los Angeles for nearly thirty years now in various positions, and I've met hundreds of pitties. I have seen them wounded, starved, knifed, burnt.....and you know what they do? Try to crawl into my lap or lick me to pieces! Not a one of them has ever tried to hurt me, even when they have more than enough reason to do so.

  47. with ANY dog you keep an eye on your pet around a young child, but I've had pits for sloe to 30 years and my Niece, nephews and friend's kids all grew up around them - no dead or injured kids yet - that being said, when the kids were very young I always put a gate between them and my 90 pound pitty

  48. I have a ton of experience with dogs…and there’s dogs I’m scared of if I meet them on the street, and they aren’t pitties, they aren’t any specific breed.

  49. Your pibble puppy is kind of normal for the breed. I have 2 cats, 2 pibbles. My pibbles occasionally have thin scabs on their nose from being raked by the cats. They never retaliate. I also love that they are so easy to train; new commands take 10-15 minutes to train, then just keep using the command so that it becomes second nature. Pibbles are the easiest to live with dogs I've ever had. I'm currently pet sitting a collie-- the collie is fine, but is definitely more aggressive than the pibbles.

  50. I have a 1.5 y/o pit mix and she LOVES our 2.5 y/o neighbor. Not only would she never hurt her, but she’s also very defensive of her and concerned about her well-being. The only concern is that my dog easily gets overexcited and sometimes likes to jump, not to mention that her tail is like a whip. So as long as the two are supervised, we really have nothing to worry about

  51. I’ve had goldens and one terrier mix my whole life. Goldens are one of the best family dogs. My pibble puppy (she’s a year and a half and we think part lab, too) is a bit sweeter and more demonstratively loving than my goldens ever were. They were friendly and loved everyone to pieces but we couldn’t cure them wanting to jump on visitors. My pibble is a bit shy and timid but loves meeting new people she just needs to warm up to them so she won’t jump on guests. She’ll watch them and make sure we’re thrilled they came into the house and then she’ll greet them. She does nibble on us more than we’d like but for a very verbal girl she lets us know she’s displeased we’re in the wrong room and not cuddling with her in front of the tv (where she’d like us 95% of the time) by trying to gently pull us to the tv room by our clothing. And sometimes she misses and gets skin. And is then very ashamed of herself. We’re still working on stopping this behavior but she’s stubborn.

  52. I rescued a 2 year old pit that was emaciated as well. I was afraid at first also but they just want your love and attention. You give treats for positive actions and make sure they know bad ones with a loud NO. I have 16 nieces and nephews from the age of 17-2 she is great with them all. Give it time and teaching they are big softies

  53. My pitbull was really tolerant with cats and kids. As long as you show them love, boundaries and structure, they are endlessly kind, patient and reliably the best dogs! Your husband will trust him eventually.

  54. If your worried, try introducing them slowly. Like having either the puppy or the shiz u in a kennel and then introduce them. The kennel will avoid any accidents. A baby gate can work if you puppy isn’t tall enough to jump over. I did this while introducing my pit puppy to my chiweinie. It took some time to be completely comfortable. Just keep a close eye on them and don’t leave them in the same room unsupervised. It my suck having to go back and forth with them. Different room times, separate walks and such but it just takes love and care

  55. Small dog are straight up more dangerous then big dogs. People just think the smaller jaws are less dangerous; chihuahuas and the like are way more likely to bite you, AND GET AWAY WITH IT. Period. Pomeranians are known for attacking children/babies but no one talks about that, but it's the pitbulls that need to be banned/put down. (/Sarcasm on that last sentence)

  56. The public opinion of pitbulls sucks which is really too bad. I foster often and they are by far my favorite breed. My neighbor was terrified of my pits until she got used to them and now they’re best friends. Some people just have hate in their hearts and they direct it wherever is easiest.

  57. Once you have one pittie, you almost immediately choose to get another. I was scared to get our rescue at five months old. He a was hit with a horse whip and left outside with no food or water for days on end as punishment. He is a pleaser and will do whatever it takes to make you happy with him. Our other one is an American Staffy and maybe APBT mix. He’s huge. 90 pounds of love and is more docile than any dog I’ve ever seen. I wouldn’t leave a child alone with any dog, even as small as a Maltese. But I wouldn’t worry if all I’m seeing are good interactions.

  58. I have a pit mix. He's the gentlest dog i've ever owned. A cat started smaking him when he was curious about her and he did nothing. 2 little dogs attacked him, he did nothing. He's absolutely lovely with small children. Please keep up the good work and thank you for fostering! Fostering saves lives!

  59. I have a pitbull we adopted. He was an old puppy when we got him (11 months) and he's a big gentle sweetie who loves to cuddle. He's not aggressive one bit. So many people think, incorrectly, that pits are aggressive but that's not true. Yes, there are terrible owners who fight dogs and teach them to be aggressive. That's because of their owners, not something inherent in the dog. Our local shelter is primarily pits and they are all the biggest goofballs around.

  60. We rescued our pittie at 4 months old and he has been nothing short of an absolute delight. He rarely barks, trained like a dream, is amazing with all other animals (we also have guinea pigs and he LOVES them), loves kids, I could go on. It took a while for me to come around to the people who avoid him or don't love him or pull their dogs away, but I realized I don't care because they are the ones missing out. Don't give up on him! He will show you and your family nothing but absolute love.

  61. Your pup seems to have a good and gentle temperament which is great! My advice is to foster that temperament and make sure the pup knows it's good that they are gentle and calm and whatnot. I would definitely try to work on getting your cats as acclimated as possible to your pup, though. Yes, it's seems your pup wouldn't do anything but like any animal, including you or me, eventually we'll hit a breaking point.

  62. If you need some positive pittie stories, search Pittie Nation by The Dodo on YouTube. Warning: there are some tearjerkers on there, too!

  63. Thank you for taking him in. You will find most pitties are such babies and his heart only wants to love you. Ignore the hate groups, I’ve had a rescued pit that was a bait dog for God’s sake and he loved everybody. His body was full of scars and showed the trauma he’d been through and he was the sweetest boy.

  64. Hey OP! I've got a beautiful pitty girl named Chloe. I got her when she was 4 months old and she's been a part of the family for 2 years, this large family includes: myself, hubby, Sunye (14 yr old Siamese) Charlie (11yr black cat) Cthulhu aka The Monster(11yr old Maine Coon) William Wallace (4 yr old goofy orange cat) Winter (4 yr old fluffy goofy orange cat) Tippy (3 yr old tuxedo kitty with 3 legs).... 6 cats in total, 2 humans, and a pitbull! Happy house and one of the best additions I could have ever asked for! Try to relax OP, my cats rule the roost and taught Chloe exactly how she needed to behave, myself and hubby back them up and give her structure, discipline and LOVE. There is no need to fear the puppy, you are the momma... You're in charge and fear has no place in your happy home.

  65. My son adopted an older pittie, and he is the sweetest, most cuddly dog I've ever known. Like people, dogs are a product of their environment. The more love you show, the sweeter they are. At least that's my experience.

  66. As you get older, your dog will start to pick up when you are nervous. When you are nervous he will be nervous and when he is nervous he will want to defend you. The best thing you can do for your dog is train him well so you have confidence in him when he's older so YOU won't react in any way if he's put into a sticky situation.

  67. I'm a first time pit owner and I used to own a shih Tzu and many other small dogs before this one. And I can tell you he is the sweetest puppy I've ever owned in my life he wouldn't harm a fly and doesn't have a mean bone in his body. He's the best dog I've ever owned by far and I've loved them all.

  68. I’ve rescued several pit mixes over the years. We have 2 now plus 1 hound mix. I have 2 young kids and my pit mixed have been amazing. They are dogs. That is all. Mine have also been from abusive situations but all dogs have a natural tendency to listen and abide.

  69. I think you're doing the right thing. Dogs are so pure, their feelings and intentions are right there for you to read, people just have to learn how. I've fostered a dozen or so bully breed dogs over the years, some required single dog homes, but they were all wonderful with people. Violet came from the Missouri 500 fighting bust, she was around a year old and had essentially lived in a crate her whole life. She needed a lot of time to decompress when she came to me, but she was docile and sweet from the beginning. She was adopted to a young couple that lived 10 minutes away, and I got to see a dog that I thought would be eternally shy actually make eye contact with strangers and seek out their attention, like a normal pit bull if you will.

  70. My pittie is an angel. He particularly protects my youngest who is 8. He hears a firework and he goes to find her and sit by her even though he’s a little scared. He is a rescue and the best baby we could ask for.

  71. The only way my emma will hurt anyone is on accident. Her tail is an iron whip and being everyones friend makes her super happy. Gotta watch out for that happy tail. But you can lay on her, spin her around,try to pick her up, put your hand in her mouth,or anything else a toddler could think to do and she wouldnt do anything. She will still their food though. Eyes not on it and its hers.

  72. I've had my baby since he was 6weeks old. He's 9 and is amazing around kids we have 2 he is their bud, loves to sit near when they have a meal to help.clean up the mess.

  73. All sizable dogs, regardless of breed have the physical capacity to injure, maime, or kill a small person. That being said, its incredibly unlikely as long as the dog is mentally sound and doesnt have any built in agression. Those behaviors are largely learned. My 70lb 8 month old american bully is my 8 lb cats best friend. He steps on her on occasion because he doesnt realize hes so massive, but has never shown any aggression to her or anyone else, and that little cat has drawn blood on more than one occasion. He is easily the most docile, easily trained, and intellegent dog ive had the pleasure raising. I trust all of my animals to play with children, as long as it is supervised, and the children are respectful.

  74. I'm going to tell you what I've learned from rescuing and training...a dog (doesn't matter the breed) can sense your anxiety and can react to it.

  75. On my profile I made a post to introduce my Banshee. She was rescued from a fighting ring as a 2 year old and she came to me less than a week after leaving that hellhole. She’d never been indoors or been petted or played with another dog. She got her first bath 10 minutes after entering my home because she stunk and she was perfect. She followed the lead of my dog and had figured out potty training by the next day. She has been my angel for 8 years. Stay true to your foster pup, they are worth it and the rewards are amazing. 💜

  76. Pibbles also know as "nanny dogs" have pictures going back to black and white photos. Gotta work the fields, pibble got the kids protected, need to go to town, pibbles is on point

  77. I am pro pibble, and i will not argue that pibbles and most dogs in general make wonderful family pets and working animals, and have for centuries, but i haaaaaaaate the nanny dog narrative. If you were out working the field, the kids were out there with you. The dog probably watched the house or came and ran security or pulled a cart or was the muscle for working stock. Please, dont leave your small children with ANY dog unsupervised. Thats how eyes get poked, or ears and tails get pulled, and a little kid gets hurt or killed, and a dog gets destroyed or abandoned. I love both of my dogs, one bully and one not, and they are both the sweetest boys, but i under no circumstances will leave them with unattended children.

  78. He’s just a little baby puppy that has been abused, all he wants is love. Anything with teeth can bite, dogs don’t just bite without warning, and pitties aren’t more aggressive despite the propaganda.I bet that dog would give his life to protect your family. Just be aware and keep an eye on your kid with him, his size alone can cause injury.

  79. I got a roughly 80 pound pittie who plays and sleeps with my four year old!! It’s amazing how different he is when he plays with her compared to us!! He’s sooo gentle and she jus laughs and laughs!! And she can do anything to our dog and he’s never shown any aggression!! But we did get him when he was 3 wks old (from a bad situation) and bottle fed him so I’m not sure if he even knows he’s a dog!! He seriously acts like another child!’ Lol but honestly most pitts I’ve ever met are total sweethearts and great with children!!! So don’t let some paranoid people or uneducated people that wrote some BS get into your head! If he’s truly acting how you say then I think he’s guna be a great dog!!! Good luck and please don’t believe everything you read about them! Learn about them as if there isn’t the stigma attached to them!!

  80. Pitties are great with kids! Just like any dog you need to teach them what is and is not ok. We have two pit mixes and a 3 month old and they love him to pieces.

  81. This pup is getting a second chance at life and I’m so happy he found a home with you. I hope your husband learns to love him despite all the bullshit put out there about this breed. They’re dogs and like any mammal, they need warmth and love. My baby is 65+ pounds and will lick anybody to death. Try conversing with him instead of barking endless commands at him - I think that would stress anyone/anything out. Please don’t lock him in the crate too long, these guys need movement and cuddles.

  82. I absolutely ADORE pitbulls because of how fantastic they are. They consistently are some of the most loving dogs and are known for being absolutely fantastic with kids. Our previous pit/boxer mix was one of the best dogs in the world and she was a neglect and abuse case! She was phenomenal, especially around children! She was a nonstop licker, but would also get upset at anything appearing violent (because she was an abused dog). BUT her way of asking people to stop whatever was a very plaintive lick. She was never aggressive toward any person ever, and I really wish we still had her. I miss her just about every day.

  83. I got my boy when he was 4 weeks (we didn't know, and he was probably stolen) and he's the biggest baby ever. I love him to death and he and my other dog are thick as thieves.

  84. I have 2 dogs, both rescue. One is a pitti and the other is a GreatPirinee. Most people aproach the GP thinking is a gentle giant and have a nice temper and they dont get close to mi pitti cause is a bad breed.

  85. To this day I don’t understand breed hate. I don’t understand how someone could look at this poor puppy and think ‘aggressive’. Puppies no matter the breed start out as blank slates. Different levels of energy for sure, but aggression is taught not born. Dogs become aggressive when they have reason to be so fearful their only response left is fight. This is NOT breed specific. Do some research on how people get dogs to fight in the first place. Or don’t, it’s pretty disgusting. You have a sweet tiny puppy if you show him love he will show you love. Protect him from breed hate and stay off of anti pitbull subreddits. If something like that can get in your head definitely stay away from other uneducated subreddits like the racist subreddits, incel subreddits, anti vax subreddits, flat earth subreddits etc. There are uneducated people everywhere. Don’t be one of them, do your research and give that pup the love he deserves. Looks like enough people have hated him already. Bully breeds are not disproportionately aggressive but they are the most abused breed and 1 in 600 leave the shelter alive. They are constantly neglected and abused due to their resilience and popularity as a common breed. Even through all this they are the most caring sweet dogs I have ever come across. My current boy is 110lb I am 118lb so if he wanted to hurt me he probably could. He had been through hell and back before I rescued him but he is the sweetest dog I’ve owned out of many vastly different breeds and I’m so grateful to have him in my life. Despite the abuse he went through he is kind and gentle. He was 5 years old when I rescued him. He had all the time in the world to fear humans and hate them and I would honesty understand if he did because of the condition I received him in. But he doesn’t. With love and care and some good training they are one of the most intelligent sweet dogs you can own. Many people own these dogs and give them good lives, and never have a problem with them. They’re just like any other breed when it comes to aggression, your dog is a mirror of you. I hope you can do some good research and help educate your husband, it’s unfair to this poor puppy to be hated when all he wants is to grow up and be loved. Spend some time with him, look into his eyes, I hope you can see what I mean. All he needs is a fair chance. It’s always devastating to hear about puppies like this getting judged because most of the time at this young dogs don’t have an aggressive bone in their body. Aggressive dogs are terrified. He has hope and so should you. Please give him the love he deserves and advocate for him because he will never be able to speak up for himself and the cycle will continue if people don’t learn and grow out of the hate. If you and your husband can treat this dog fairly and help give him a good life you should definitely keep fostering. Sorry for such a long message I guess I had a lot to say about this. For training tips and advice shoot me a message any time, best of luck to you and your foster pup. I hope he gets a great home full of people who love him ❤️

  86. My girlfriend and I adopted our pitt mix about 3 years ago, after being rescued from being (presumably) a bait dog. She's been the friendliest dog ive ever owned. Shes excited to meet new people, lives with 2 cat we've adopted, got along with another pittie we fostered, and plays immensely gentle with my 2 year old neice. That being said, always keep an eye on interactions between small kids and big dogs. Pitties are known for being some of the most tolarent dog breeds, but any dog can get snappy when someone plays too rough with them. My final warning is to be on guard with pittbulls, they have been known to steal peoples hearts.

  87. Also, let it be known that the American Temper Test Sociaty (ATTS) tested thousends of dogs and found that the American Pittbull Terrier passed the test 87.4% of the time, and its cousin the American Staffordshire Terrier passed 85.5%. The Golden retriever passed 85.6% of the time, making pittbulls just as, if not more tolerant that one of the most iconic U.S. family dogs.

  88. My little pit border collie mix is about five years old and has never bitten anyone or even growled to the point of showing teeth. He's super sweet and loves kids. I don't worry the least about leaving him unmonitored with kids, though he is far to interested in cats. My experience with pits doesn't line up at all with pits reputation. I've personally found them to be sweet and reasonable pups. That being said all dogs are different so be cautious but base your trust level with your rescue on his behavior rather than your preconceived notions about the breed.

  89. I owned a pittie and adopted her right after some pits made the local news- my brother thought I was stupid…it took him a long time to be comfortable with her- but she proved all his misconceptions about the breed wrong. She was by far the best dog I ever owned. My advice- as with ANY breed, you monitor kid interactions. You set boundaries now and as others have said, safe place when eating and also give it a safe place to be (dog bed, crate you leave open, corner of a room that has a dog bed and toys, etc.) You can also look into training.

  90. I too had a fear of pitties. The one I have now has taught me that there are no bad dogs only bad owners. She's 9 months old now and I can't imagine her harming a flea. I try to be cautious when people want to pet her she's a little skittish around strangers

  91. if he’s sweet and loose with the baby, he is happy to be around the baby. If he gets up and walks away from the baby when he’s “done”- that’s perfect behavior. If he stiffens up or growls, redirect both of them and keep an eye on both. No unsupervised interactions is the general rule for every dog and child. I’ve had all sorts of rescues around my kids and have never had a problem, but I would always watch for cues from the dog. (By the way, this is advice for all dogs around babies and kids. It’s not about the breed). Never force the dog to interact with the baby or punish the dog for getting up, hiding, or looking away. And if your child is a gentle, empathetic kid, that’s amazing. If a child is a dog bully, protect the dog from the child (and vice versa). Bites from any breed typically occur when an adult didn’t recognize the signs of a wary/stressed dog.

  92. The only advice you need is to get that puppy out of your home and get literally any other dog. Best of luck.

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