Nemona should be available anytime for rematch battles

  1. I could realistically see them bringing back Restricted Sparring with just her as the opponent, so she'd have ready to go teams in every type.

  2. I thought at one point we would eventually fight the team she used to earn her champion rank, but she only uses the same team she made along our journey.

  3. She also was admonished by the Prof just prior to the opening battle because she was planning on using her Champion Rank team, not the starter she’d just gotten. I thought it was a nice idea to have her be experienced instead of wet behind the ears

  4. The entire time I was waiting for that Paldean Tauros from the first cutscene to come out and stomp my ass back to the stone age but it didn't happen. I even brought my own :(((

  5. The entire time I thought ahe was going to use a Tauros on the final fight since she had one in the opening video. Dunno why I was kinda bummed that she didn't

  6. I spent the whole game weirdly hyped to fight a tauros as her ace cause she used one in the game's opening and she never even uses one rip

  7. give her & geeta (all champion ranked trainers if they add more) items and a well EV trained team of level 100s for post game battles (if you're not going to clamp all pokemon to level 50 for that kind of thing)

  8. I was so annoyed when I got to the section of the postgame where you meet her on the field to talk about other students not wanting to battle her, and then she asks if you want to battle…

  9. Nemona could have been the Battle Tower replacement, except instead of fighting a bunch of trainers in a facility, you duke it out with her in the schoolyard as she tries different strats for singles and doubles. Then you win LP instead of BP because the League recognizes your battles as a learning opportunity for the other students.

  10. She’s could always be the final trainer in the battle tower having a different team with different move sets, items, and abilities if possible because she’s trying out different strategies for every and any team.

  11. How about this: you can battle Nemona once a day, but you have to track her down. You can find a hint on her dorm room door, like, “out looking for Donphan!” or similar.

  12. That kind of reminds me of the side quest with the Xtransceiver in BW2. It was fun getting calls from a phone pal. That would be awesome to recreate that in a newer game!

  13. When you do her side quest after the main story and she's asks if you want to have a practice match, you agree and then the screen goes black and it's suddenly after the match... what... Why? Isn't the whole point of her character that you fight her over and over? Why cut out one more battle?

  14. I think the Orthworm and Dundunsparce she adds to her team for the Champion battle are the ones she used from her old team

  15. I would also like it if she had a large list of possible Pokemon teams and it would randomly select one every time you battled her.

  16. She can call you every 15 minutes on the Rotom Phone to ask about a battle. You can decline it, but she'll keep calling until you agree to a battle and then won't call until the next day.

  17. Once you're a champion and have proven yourself her equal, she shouldve had lvl 100s, 5-6 IV, EV trained, Egg move, HA Pokemon. I want a Cynthia level battle every rematch from her. Really sell that no one was on her level until you showed up.

  18. I miss the cellphone. And not the version from newer gens that just shows when trainers are available for a rematch, I miss the one from Johto! Where you could ask for some trainers number, and some would give you items, specifically call you for a rematch, or sometimes just shoot the shit. That was so fun.

  19. I just despised how they would call randomly so every time I replay Johto I reject every request for numbers and feel like a jerk

  20. Would be neat if she could be battled once per day for some reward items and she regularly switches up her team randomly each time they reset the battle. She's said to be already an experienced trainer, after all.

  21. Right. It’s such a downgrade from past games even. I’d rather find my rival in some town and get to battle them daily rather than go through a whole tournament just for a chance to battle them, all while everyone’s great battle themes are overwritten. Platinum did rematches the best imo.

  22. Black and White 2 giving us the world tournament was my favourite kind of rematch. I know it's not quite the same, but god it was fun and the soundtrack was incredible.

  23. How funny would it be if Arven managed to get better than her and meet you in the finals? Tbh, she’d probably have a heart attack at the excitement of two rivals.

  24. She literally has a battle arena at her house. Your first battle was there, you should be able to endgame battle her backyard

  25. We need a nemona everywhere feature like in yakuza. Nemona will randomly be in bins and on buildings waiting to ambush. Replacing forced trainer battles.

  26. She purposely picked the one weak to you so it would be a better battling experience for you. Her whole goal is to get you hooked on battles like her so she has someone that can battle at her level eventually. That means letting you know about type weaknesses by picking the one you are strong against. Which turns around later on when the starter she picked is actually super effective against yours with the secondary typing.

  27. Only applies if you pick the duck that wrecks fuecoco but by choosing plant or fire she has that secondary typing to potentially one-shot you

  28. This is what I want too! All she wants is to battle people and have someone who is on her level she can fight, she wants to fight right away even after losing... let me do that!!!

  29. Here’s an idea: when you beat nemona you can pick one of your Pokémon to get mirrored into her team. Then if you connect online, you can challenge Nemona who has a random team from 6 people who have beat her.

  30. She says that she made a new team to counter every gym leader but she uses the same team to fight you throughout the entire game, including after you become the champion and when she fights you in the Ace Tournament.

  31. They’re going to keep the ability to rematch her for the DLC… I wanna /s this but I feel like it’s something Gamefreak would do.

  32. They could/should have done a lot of things different. It would’ve been cool to see Nemona battling random people randomly throughout the region, and see her new teams progression when you randomly see her

  33. I'll never understand why they made Nemona unable to be challenged daily, but friggin Marnie can. Like, what?!

  34. I could be wrong, but I have a feeling that she is scripted in the finals on the FIRST REMATCH only. Like, not the original storyline one, but the first time you ask for a rematch, as in the second tour you ever do at all.

  35. Hmmm? Tried rematching elite 4 and couldn't also searched for info and it's said everywhere that you can't rematch elite 4/champion I'm missing something?

  36. Still wish they would implement a hard mode for these Pokémon games. Not even the Challenge Mode on BW was good enough.

  37. Question if anyone knows…at some point can you rechallenge the elite four? Every time I try, the dude standing there just gives me generic dialogue and that’s it.

  38. give her 4 boxes of lv.100 max iv ev trained competitive pokemon randomized every battle and then we're talking

  39. This amongst other things should have definitely been in the game. Ppl prob said it already, but that's called "dlc" these dark and lazy days.

  40. It would be hilarious if there's a 1/256 or some odd chance of her pulling out a lv100 pseudo-legendary filled team.

  41. Lots of people should. The ace trainers with the black speech bubble def should. We gotta phone but no Contacts. Didn’t original gold and silver even have that feature ?

  42. One thing I’d love for games to do with bosses (and especially post-game rematches) is to give the boss 3 or 4 different teams, and it’s random each time you face them, so you can’t really plan ahead.

  43. She can stilln be a stronger rival in the DLC. But yea, it's weird that she's just stopped challenging.

  44. She's hands down the most annoying rival in the series. She just follow you around pretending to be a trainer on your level and even following the same lessons as you even if she's older than you and a much more experienced trainer. Her character is credible as flying donkeys and with he flattest characterization of the game. The less encounters with her the better.

  45. Generally if you want to cultivate interest in something on someone else you don't obliterate them with your full power. Its fine not to like her but at least understand her properly and what she's trying to do (which worked for me honestly i enjoy battling her)

  46. When she said she’d be watching me since we moved in, that was enough for me. Get away from me, you creep. The fact that people not only like her, but say she’s one of the best rivals EVER is fucking baffling to say the least. She’s the worst IMO. Hau and Trace are annoying, but otherwise inoffensive. Nemona’s annoying AND a stalker. Leave me the fuck alone.

  47. She's probably just an NPC until the DLC comes out, I'm sure they'll do more with her character then

  48. That’s a great idea, they should crank her whole team to 100 (or a new team) with maxed stats to fight on repeat. No reason not to have it

  49. Not to mention that despite the battle royale being her damn idea, she seemingly NEVER TAKES PART. I’ve done it 15 times and I’ve not seen her once. She just hides in her dorm room. Refusing to battle.

  50. I swear, refights are like the easiest thing to do and we have yet to get a pokemon game where you can fight all gym leaders and rivals again and again. Atleast Sword / Shield has this amazing tournament with a little tree so you can see who is in the tournament and all. They even let you choose one person to join the tournament, before the others are random generated. The Academy battle is so fucking bad, you have no idea how is participating, the fights are just back to back (I love the waiting room with the hype music in gen 8), heal you and your opponents are a weird mix of teachers and THE ELITE FOUR THAT I CAN'T REFIGHT NORMALLY. WHAT THE FUCK?! And I think Arven, penny and nemona are part of the tournament as well? I DON'T KNOW, I DON'T SEE WHO IS PART OF IT

  51. I think that is a perfect suggestion but,pokemon scarlet and violet have already been released so I doubt it will update again besides the new dlc

  52. ALSO, she isn't even guaranteed to appear in the tournaments even tho after the first one she says she's competing. This means she's losing to other people.

  53. Seriously! I've replayed the ace tournament like 4 times in the hopes of MAYBE battling her and I still haven't gotten to.

  54. I wouldn't say it's better than the battle royal considering she's in the battle royal so just scale everyone there lmao. I agree we should be able to rematch her since she's kinda the champion.

  55. I feel like they could work this even more into the Academy Ace Tournament. Post game, we're able to talk to each of our friends in their dorm rooms. Each faculty member can also be put in a different part of the school building once you've completed your bond with them, Hassel in the art room, Dendra in the schoolyard, etc. Geeta can be standing in the entrance hall post game. If you talk to a student or faculty member after completing their bond, you can go up to them and ask them if they could join the next Academy Ace Tournament. The first 4 people you ask will always agree, and you will fight them in that order. Asking any more people will result in them mentioning that either they're too busy right now or they think that registrations are full at the moment. If you ask 3 or less people, it fills the remaining slots with random battlers.

  56. Nemona was annoying at first for battle battle battle mentality, but by the end of the game I liked her, she was fun and ultimately got me excited to battle.

  57. Maybe not anytime, but we should be able to battle her every Monday and Wednesday at the very least

  58. You can face her again in the tournament, but realistically, she has to do student council stuff guys. She can't battle her freshman crush ALL the time.

  59. Damn that is disappointing. I'm halfway through my gym badges and it is always fun fighting her. I'm competitive as hell so her wanting to fight and beat me is fun as fuck. Im as addicted as her in battling, Ive been thinking she's awesome and hoping for rematch stuff. Hell I've ended up overleveled and I still run around an entire zone finding any trainers I can find who I know are probably not worth the time but they gotta get this smoke. I can't believe the battle crazy rival we can't rematch whenever we want? I was hoping for a rematch mechanic of some kind with her post game like once or twice a day with pokemon that level to your highest level pokemon or something.

  60. In the dlc give her lvl 100, full competitive sets. Really anyone champion rank, but at least make Nemona into a RED tier opponent. Full ev's, swap mons, good items. I like the idea of giving her other teams as well. Like I wanna struggle with my lvl 100 in game mons.

  61. One of my favourite Pokémon YouTubers made a video about a crazy postgame superboss encounter with Nemona, specifically with the following roster, at level 85, with maxed IVs and their respective signature moves:

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