Trump, Who Wanted to Withdraw the U.S. from NATO, Now Claims Credit for Its Existence

  1. Remember when he told that congresswoman that because he wasn't mean to her when her husband died, she should have voted against the Ukraine impeachment no matter what.

  2. Remember when he said he would have ran into that one school shooting that happened on his watch? Yet, Mr. Macho Man hides in a bunker when protesters are around the White House then orders the police to beat them down and gas them so he can get a photo op while holding an upside down bible in front of a church. It always baffled me how his supporters bragged about how alpha he was and called everyone snowflakes when the guy they were worshipping is the biggest coward snowflake of them all.

  3. Really don't want this guy to have any kind of weapon. Too unstable. Just drop him on the front line. I'm sure the Russians will protect him.

  4. How obvious is it now that he was Putin’s puppet - US pulls out of NATO and that would have been it for Ukraine, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Hungary, who knows how far Putin would have pushed without a serious nuclear competitor in NATO.

  5. His people live in the moment. There is no past; other than the past feelings he gave them. Trump speaks, they accept it as gospel. No different than going to church for these people. It doesn't matter if there are contradictions, they don't even think that hard to realize it.

  6. “Everyone says he is crazy – which maybe he is – but the scarier thing about him is that he is stupid. You do not know anyone as stupid as Donald Trump. You just don’t.”

  7. I haven't forgotten he withheld congressionally approved aid to Ukraine unless they fabricated dirt on Joe Biden. I am so glad Zelenskyy didn't, if he had, Trump would've given Putin everything he wanted and more.

  8. Absolutely. This pos just needs to go away. The problem is, any words that flow like diarrhea from his mouth, his base takes as gospel

  9. Exactly. He (Putin) would have used the pretext as a corrupt government. Putin “hey look they are so corrupt they fabricate stories for $$$”

  10. Putin couldn’t have installed a better puppet to weaken NATO from within if he’d put on a fake mustache and gotten himself elected president as Vinny Pooten.

  11. What a fucking backfire too since now Ukraine and Switzerland are actively considering NATO membership, hell Ukraine just applied to join the EU

  12. And then He rested. And drank 3 diet cokes,2 covfeves,3 McD's,wiped his pouty lips and looked at the Vast table mess He made and Declared it was very Good. Then He belched and created foul wind;farted and shat his diaper. And He verily was the fault of the Devil!And spake,LO,look at all I have done. It's just beautiful..

  13. A reminder why I will never vote Republican again. Just an absolutely vile human being and his party did nothing to stop him.

  14. A few of them lifted an eyebrow and even voted to impeach, but think just how weak Mitch McConnell was as the Senate leader. We could of whipped his party to vote yes on impeachment and cut their losses, take the Senate or house back during the midterms, then rebrand the party.

  15. I used to be staunchly Republican, hence my username, and swore I would never vote for a Democrat. Donald Trump made me forgo that in 2020.

  16. That's not true at all. Trump always takes both sides of any position, often within the same breath. He's like a broken clock, where sometimes he's right, but not because of anything he knows or does.

  17. He sponsored all the companies that didn't make vaccines, and Pfizer didn't show up for his congratulations to creating the vaccine event.

  18. Seriously. For a while, after he left office, he wasn't getting any attention in the news. Now I see a quote from him every day on the front page.

  19. Ukraine president asks for fast-track EU membership— President Zelenskyy signs application for membership in the European Union.

  20. Well that is probably worst case scenario for Putin. He didn't want Ukraine in NATO and accidently pushed them to the EU and probably NATO as well

  21. You guys are accusing Trump of lying, which he is, but you need to understand that he fundamentally doesn't understand reality. He just says whatever he thinks can help him in that moment absent any sort of logic or shame.

  22. Exactly. He thought the US was doing an amphibious landing in Ukraine last week and his only questioning of it was telling "the great" Laura Ingraham they shouldn't be talking about it on TV.

  23. The man is trying so hard to stay relevant after over a year now with no office, no power. And the media is letting him succeed.

  24. Stop giving the guy air to breath. He also took credit for my daily bowel movement and providing the sunshine the fuels the earth. Put the guy in prison before its too late. oops, it already is.

  25. To be fair, most of his offspring likely resemble your bowel movement. So it might be reasonable to feel Some ownership.

  26. Wish this POS would just disappear forever already. All he does is make everything about himself. He doesn't give a damn about the people of Ukraine.

  27. IF it's not already clear to people, this guy was a traitor to his country, someone who's betrayed his country and was willing dupe of Putin who sought to undermine us from within.

  28. Agreements to pay more were already in place before he took office. Basically he came in and acted belligerent about it, made a push for the US to leave and then takes credit for it.

  29. And also alienated the US from almost all allies. Though he did make friends with Russia and North Korea

  30. This is a great example of the weak mindedness of Trump supporters. They constantly get sucked into his straw man fallacy. Had Trump simply stated that he worked with them to pay, it would’ve been an accurate statement. But then he follows with the straw man “there would be no NATO if ‘I’…” Such a low brow statement and poor leadership approach; with absolutely no bearing of reality.

  31. Let's be clear, the money demanded to meet "NATO obligations" wasn't a payment made to NATO; those direct obligations were always fully funded.

  32. Once again, we get a great example of how narcissists think. Of course Trump is going to take credit for NATO after he wanted to withdraw from it. Right now NATO is looking pretty good, so he's all for it. But he's not just all for it, he's the reason it exists. The kicker? I'm pretty sure Trump believes this completely.

  33. A walking asshole whose diarrhea can't help but to spew out everytime he opens his mouth. Fuck this treasonous MF. Can we just treat him like persistent non grata and move on with life?

  34. Of course the egomaniac makes it about himself. He will find every way to praise himself and every excuse if it's bad. Wish he would shut the fuck up and shove off already.

  35. People actually voted for this coward! He wouldn't even fight for his own country when he was needed... And then Bullshit BoneSpurs has the audacity to call Poopen a genius.

  36. Im astounded we live in a world where this madman/criminal/habitual liar/and 3 time world champion divorcee still has a fucking soap box to stand on and speak to the public.

  37. Until I see Trump defending his country like Zelenskyy, I'll never stop saying what a worthless pile of shit Trump is.

  38. I’m so sick of this obvious mental defective sociopath narcissist and the cult of losers who worship him and his doggerel like he’s the second coming.

  39. Now that Biden and others have made NATO great again, he wants credit. Typical Trump behavior to claim credit where he didn’t contribute anything.

  40. Trump praises Zelensky as a 'brave man' two years after he tried to extort him for political dirt on Biden.

  41. I didn't notice until now, but this was a planned move in prep for the Ukraine invasion. Putin was hoping to remove the US game piece from the board. The question is why is trump doing Putin's bidding? This isn't even light coercion. It feels much more like Trump is straight up employed by Putin.

  42. trump would make a great character in a comedy about an ultra dumb, narcissistic conman who failed his way into the presidency and accidentally brought about the end of the world, along with everyone who kept on believing in him against all evidence and common sense, right until they got burned/blown up in a totally preventable apocalypse.

  43. Remember when Trump promised if he lost the election he would just go away and we'd never hear from him again?

  44. Him and Putin should blow each other’s brains out, and then blow each other’s brains out. The world would be a better place.

  45. I actually birthed trump so it’s really my creation… no really - I arranged the horse turds just right, bribed it, said davai Blyat and it opened its eyes and spoke thus “Sorry losers and haters, but my I.Q. is one of the highest—and you all know it! “ *then it played a tiny hand accordion or something and squirmed away

  46. Dude praised Putin as genius … right before he tanked the Rubel to less then a penny. That’s all you need to know.

  47. These are the barely coherent ramblings of a mentally deficient individual. He may have other issues as well but there is such a supreme lack of activity going on upstairs, it’s staggering.

  48. Stop giving him airtime. If nobody cares about what he says, he will get bored and think of something else to try and be in the public eye with.

  49. Wanted to leave nato and pull troops from Germany. Seems like a disgusting pattern, or turning the global sphere of influence over to Russia. I wonder who would do such a cowardly thing. Oh yeah the guy worshiped Kim Jong UN and Putin

  50. Trump is like that kid in third grade that said his dad owned six Ferraris, despite having a one car garage, but would never prove it and if you call him out on it, he would say he doesn't have to prove anything to you but he would keep bragging about it. We need to stop paying attention to this blathering moron.

  51. Trump’s an idiot. If there were no NATO then Putin would have already taken the Baltic States and maybe Finland. We wouldn’t have a balance of power in Europe, leaving a megalomaniac with little to stop him.

  52. Actually, Trump invented alternating current and nuclear power and he also was instrumental in the first moon landing. This was after he developed the polio vaccine and came up with general relativity and the standard model of particle physics. In his spare time at his Ivy League college he came up with the first atomic model of DNA while composing the hit protest song "Blowing in The Wind", and hung out with Andy Warhol and actually painted the famous Cambell's Soup painting while Warhol was stoned. Meanwhile, he taught Jimmi Hendrix to play guitar. He also founded the peace movement and financed the first ever music festival at Woodstock. Believe me.

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