Biden’s American Rescue Plan fueled inflation. So did post-COVID shortages

  1. The rich already pay most of the tax load in the country. But, forget that, what does our government having extra cash do for the inflation issue?

  2. Great Depression 2. The eradication of small businesses, mass unemployment approaching 25-30%, widespread layoffs even in industries that did not rely on in-person activity in any way. There wouldn’t have been any inflation, though.

  3. Do you think that since COVID is a worldwide problem, that Trump’s policies didn’t affect COVID in the US? Think about this for a moment.

  4. It’s not like cargo got stuck in Texas because the Governor needed to check the pressure in all truck tires, even after the federal safety check already blessed the same trucks. Sad but true. Republicans created inflation and then fake cried over their creation.

  5. What about Trump's failed PPP plan and trillions in give aways? Sure, Biden's to blame as well, but inflation's roots can start years before.

  6. I don't care, just fucking fix things or Biden will be the last fucking 'neo' President just like LBJ was the last fucking new deal president .

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