Most Republicans still falsely believe Trump’s stolen election claims

  1. They are cult members. They will believe anything “Dear Leader” says and follow his orders no matter how stupid or illegal.

  2. Imagine a sports team being such bad losers that they caused a riot and ruined the sport, rather than just accept that their team got an L.

  3. You see this is why it annoys me when I hear a lot of Republican voters constantly repeat the narrative of something like, “Don’t group me in with the extreme right and MAGA movement just because I vote Republican!”. It’s like, well when 70% of your party still can’t accept a basic reality, then damn straight you’re going to keep being grouped in with them. Stop voting for them and enabling them. What a joke.

  4. I had to tell a close relative a while back, if swastica flags start showing up in support of the same people you support, you might want to take a closer look at who you're backing.

  5. I see a lot of trump voters who maga’d out pretty hard complaining about how no one wants to have a rational, peaceful, discussion. I mean, maybe if you didn’t spend the last five years rabidly attacking anyone who wasn’t one if their fellow sycophants someone would talk to you. One of my coworkers who very nearly (and totally should have) lost his job due to a Facebook rant about trump is guilty of this and it cracks me up, really, now you want to be civil?

  6. Most Republicans do not care whether the stolen election claims are false. They believe any action is justified to stop the threat to their cultural superiority.

  7. I agree and will add that it's likely they all share a similar marker on their dna that would match one that would be found on the folks that had the fatal mark on the followers of Jim Jones. They are that lost.

  8. I wish more people understood this. There won't be an "aha!" moment. Theres no epiphany thats going to magically bring them around. That crowd is all the way in, wrong or right. The best case scenario is they get their nose rubbed into the shit they've created at some point.

  9. This isn’t the entire GOP voting base, it’s only those that identify as Republicans. From what I remember (I might be wrong), most Republican voters actually identify as independent. Anyway, the two Trump voters I know personally think the election fraud stuff was all nonsense. They are upper income earners and well educated though and vote GOP for tax reasons. I would hazard a guess and say it’s the lower income and less educated part of the coalition who still believes this.

  10. I am pretty sure this polls with actual GOP voters align with this. This is from earlier in the year from the Washington Post.

  11. I’m reminded of a scene in the movie ‘Charlie Says’ about the women in the Manson family who committed the murders and were in prison. A graduate student is sent in rehabilitate and educate them. After a couple of years of asking questions and confronting them with critical thought it finally sinks in to the women: Charles Manson is not a savior, we killed people for no reason, the race war between black and white people is not going to happen, helter skelter is not real. The devastation on their faces is heart breaking. Absolute depression and breakdowns, very well acted scene. Recommended movie.

  12. A documentary on Netflix now about a polygamous sect of Mormons. Their choice was to accept the cult indoctrination and keep their family or reject it and live in a world they had no knowledge of. Pretty powerful motivation to keep believing bullshit.

  13. Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities. Prepare for more terrorist attacks from the American Taliban.

  14. I just had an argument with some friends last night about this. They called me willfully ignorant. lol How do you argue with people who believe nonsense with zero evidence? Unfortunately I know there's plenty more ignorant people who think the same way.

  15. It's just nuts. I was talking with my brother who has done very well for himself; educated, well versed, an executive at the company he works for. I respect him for how hard he has worked, but when he brought up the election was stolen, and the voting machines were rigged, I lost it😂, I told him you have to be out of your mind to believe this crap! It's like a bunch of lemmings following the big orange lemming over the cliff!

  16. Ask them how they explain that every single pre-election poll, including those from Fox News, showed that Trump would lose. His loss shouldn't have been a surprise to them. It was predicted by every single poll. Only by closing their ears and eyes to rational evidence and choosing to believe the rantings of Trump instead could they believe this, and that's being truly willfully ignorant. If they believe that *every single poll org* decided to report fake results independently of one another prior to the election, ask them who is willfully ignorant when they believe outlandish conspiracies and Trump's rhetoric over the hard facts. Show them this. 13 independent polls showed that Biden would win.

  17. There was plenty of inconsistencies caught on paper with a bunch of video footage showing shady shit. So to say millions are going off just a hunch is ignorant as fuck

  18. ALL Republicans still believe Trump's lies. Otherwise, they'd stop allowing him any possibility of being their next nominee for president. Until they do that, every Republican is a Trump supporter, ergo idiot.

  19. Because that what the propaganda outlets keep telling them, along with stuff like 'get news from any other source and god will smite you' or something similar.

  20. It's like sports teams. People dont like to accept when who they support loses so they make excuses. In sports people blame the refs when they lose. In politics its voting machines and cheating. At its core American politics now is basically just a game of football with 2 teams.

  21. Those knuckle dragging cult rubes have been presented with proof that they were fleeces out of millions from a failed conman, but will follow him to the end of democracy because you know, “Dems bad and evil”

  22. Maybe that’s the case with some of the GOP politicians trying to grift and gain more votes with their base, but I think in this case this OP shows their voters are largely just fucking idiots that live in a different reality. That and it shows how powerful right-wing media propaganda is. A lot of Republicans don’t follow any kind of news besides a few wedge issues they latch onto.

  23. I know them personally. They won’t accept it no matter what. They said god himself had chosen trump. Can god be wrong? We let this communist cult grown in our country like a cancer. It might be too late.

  24. Nah. Most don't. It's just the excuse they happily parrot to excuse their brazen treason and want of fascism.

  25. Read the Murdoch paper, Wall Street Journal- it’s a real newspaper.Fox is a complete anti-news channel.The only time in American history when a President would not accept defeat of a fair election.Who lied to his followers to the point of pushing them to break into the Capital to try to force a change in the result.There is an inquiry by congress- many leaders testifying-Fox does not televise it.This is among the biggest NEWS stories of the decade, if not the century.To continue to call themselves a news channel is ridiculous.

  26. I wish I could ask every single one of them how they explain *every single PRE-election poll* including the ones from conservative outlets like Fox News showing that Trump would lose by several points? I mean, it was entirely predicted. He was behind in every single poll. The results match what was predicted (unlike in the previous election, where there would be more reason to be suspicious bc Hillary was predicted to win.) If they actually looked at evidence instead of listened to a bunch of idiots like Trump just state that it was stolen without showing a shred of evidence (60+ lawsuits thrown out for lack of evidence!), they would see that the election wasn't stolen. If they had looked at the pre-election polls instead of listening to Trump's empty rhetoric and lies, they would have been expecting his loss like the rest of us.

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