CEO: Duolingo will move operations should Pennsylvania ban abortion

  1. Corporate pressure can be good sometimes, but only votes can guarantee that abortion doesn't get banned in Pennsylvania. When the Republican nominee for governor of Pennsylvania (Doug Mastriano) is a Jan. 6ths insurrectionist, you can be sure they won't be shy about banning abortion at the cost of some jobs.

  2. This won't just have big impacts on PA. If this insurrectionist wins he'll make it so dems never win, he won't certify. PA being an important swing state means that the nation is in a tough spot.

  3. I’ve been shouting this from the rooftops. I live in York County so all I see are Mastriano yard signs

  4. There are people like my dad that just have insanely selfish politics. Don't care unless it impacts them. They'll vote for whoever puts more dollars in their pockets.

  5. I’ve also come to the conclusion that honestly I think more often than not while I understand the sentiment behind these, I think they do more harm than good. Especially in purple states, taking away additional economic opportunity and development is just going to turn a purple state into a red state. If companies wanna move out of red states, that’s one thing, but we’re really just making the problem worse if we choose to move out of Pennsylvania. Corporate boycotts and relocation can work to some extent, but I think it’s become more performative than anything else and I’m not sure it’s actually helping and I kind of think it’s probably hurting us because of this. Also, it’s basically free publicity for some of these companies, and we really need to stop letting companies so easily hack Our news with their own PR initiatives. If they want advertising, let them pay for it.

  6. If a lot of large employers threaten to do this the laws will be scrapped quicker than you typed your comment.

  7. Mastriano doesn’t even want exceptions for life of the mother. Nice that someone who will never experience pregnancy can make a literal life or death decision for everyone that does get pregnant. What a psychopath.

  8. I always shake my head when I see young men protesting for 'life'. They have no idea what it's like to give birth, have never even seen what a woman goes through to give birth, have never known the responsibility that comes along with a baby, not even for like a continuous 24-hour stretch. Just GTFO. Go volunteer at your local women's shelter.

  9. It is absolutely crazy how extreme the GOP is, and how comfortable a lot of voters are with their extremism. I can't understand the people who nominally don't support this extremism but still vote for it anyway.

  10. All those dumbass executives who left blue states for TX/FL now have to deal with reversal of Roe v Wade and their employees. buT mUh TaXEs!

  11. You call them dumb but if the trend continued and FL and TX flipped to blue the Republicans would be screwed. With reversing Row vs Wade it’s going to slow that trend so people stay in blue states.

  12. This is one of the few that could have an immediate impact on the states that have already enforced bans, assuming they don’t want major businesses leaving.

  13. If they leave, it will mean less votes against the incumbents. Im sure they don’t care about this threat and might actually want duolingo to leave. The tax base will lose but not the individuals who are in charge.

  14. For those who do not know: Gov Wolf (D) has blocked abortion limiting bills the state senate ( republican majority) has put forward. Gov Wolf is at term limits and his seat is available this Nov.

  15. I appreciate all the companies saying they'll cover the costs of abortion care for their employees, but THIS is the actual answer. Republicans won't start moving on this issue until companies start moving out.

  16. It's up to consumers unless the CEO is feeling particularly altruistic. Start a boycott movement. You'll quickly find that most people aren't willing to make sacrifices, which to me means they don't really care about the issues they purport to care about. Sure, some companies are hard to avoid, but do you really need to see the latest star wars movie? I didn't think so, yet millions of people who claim to care about women and trans rights will go and watch star wars despite Disney's record support for the America first PAC in 2020 or their continuing funding of republican terrorists that are systematically stripping groups of their rights.

  17. All of the biggest ones are based on the west coast which is already on the right side of the issue… The ones left who are headquartered in the states where this is contentious are few and far between and basically on the same size and scale as Duolingo

  18. It's not really bravery, it's the fact that they don't want to lose employees who would most likely move anyways. The U.S. military is considering closing bases in those states because it impacts readiness. The economic cost for states who banned or will ban abortion will be huge.

  19. I will be voting for Shapiro and Fetterman, and doing my best to convince as many people as possible to do the same. If Mastriano wins, I think I'm going to have to get the hell out of this state in all honesty.

  20. In the long run, there's going to be a major brain drain from states insisting on enacting regressive policies. Most college graduates lean liberal, and how many of them are going to want to move to states with these sorts of policies? That was happening before with college graduates moving disproportionately towards cities over rural areas, but now I think they're going to be more inclined to move to cities in blue states.

  21. I hope more companies do this. Them actually pulling their operations (and the money the generate) from these States will be way better than these tepid actions to provide abortion travel for their employees.

  22. Mississippi and Alabama should tell you all you need to know that Republicans prefer to rule over poor states than have corporate wealth attract liberals to move there.

  23. This really is the play from the liberal/moderate side to put tangible pressure on the right state lawmakers.

  24. You're wrong mate. People like Marjorie Taylor Green want Hollywood to pull out of Georgia so that liberals will move out. It was the massive influx of liberals from the North that gave 2 senators and 16 electoral votes to the Democrats in 2020.

  25. The following list of companies have supported and given money to anti-abortion state legislators and governors. It is in no particular order:

  26. We're trying to move away from shitty companies like that, but there appears to be no way to get Internet without dealing with these assholes.

  27. Wouldn’t that just strengthen the hold the GOP has on winning the Presidency and Senate by turning purple states solidly red?

  28. If, we the people, keep letting this R ‘party’ get away with their bullshit, we won’t be United states anymore. We’ll be red and blue states.

  29. Been that way ever since I was born, that isn't something "new". It's just that before it was a few key states and now every state wants to either be red or blue but not purple.

  30. When Indiana passed the Religious Freedom Restoration Act back in 2015, there was a massive Boycott of some of the biggest companies headquartered in Indiana that decided to do business elsewhere.

  31. Do not exclusively rely on corporations to secure your rights. If you do so you move the country closer to an oligarchy. If you want real change and the ability to safeguard your civil rights then you must vote in each and every election that happens every 2 years. Every elected office matters. From the Federal level to the State and Local level.

  32. The same people angry and clutching their pearls over this are the same ones that love to post 'go woke, go broke' when Disney releases a movie that just does ok at the box office.

  33. It's amusing because Disney World has been a fucking zoo since they reopened after Covid - even with supposedly "reduced" attendance. Went to Epcot right after this started and even on a random Tuesday it was wall to wall people.

  34. If they do that I’ll actually pay for the premium that they have been trying to get me to pay all along lol.

  35. It kinda saddens me that Luis is listed Duolingo "CEO". Dudes also the founder, as well as the guy who invented Captcha and ReCapthca.

  36. As of now in Pa the GOP has an out of stater (Oz from nj) running for senate and a guy who said that neither rape or the health of a mother is an excuse for an abortion. As a Pa native, I truly don’t know how these guys get votes

  37. And more companies should follow suit obviously offering to relocate employees that support their decisions. Actions speak louder than words…we should really be two americas…those that want progress and inclusion and those that want Jesus 🤪