Ted Cruz is fighting with a Muppet on Twitter again. This time it’s Elmo. | He lost his first round with Big Bird, so Ted Cruz is picking a fight with the 3-year-old red monster with a falsetto voice.

  1. "The reaction to the senator’s swing at his second Muppet was widely mocked online with one user aptly asking, “Why is a US Senator watching Sesame Street instead of doing his job?”"

  2. Honestly, maybe if the Republicans watched more Sesame Street, they'd learn to be nice to people that are different than they are.

  3. I know he's just trying to drag attention away from the J6 hearings and the supreme court, but like... this dude has a humiliation fetish for sure.

  4. Is there any aspect of American life that Republicans don't try to twist and corrupt to suit their needs? The vaccine was never supposed to be political

  5. At least Cruz still gets to watch Sesame Street with his children, you can’t say that for parents in Uvalde.

  6. Elmo thinks Ted Cruz should defend his wife from his master instead of arguing with Elmo on Twitter ! - Elmo probably lol

  7. When I was a conservative, I thought liberals looked for things to be outraged about. But at least those things matter a lot more than what happens to a muppet!

  8. When the headline mentioned 3-year old red monster with a falsetto voice, I had to double-check it wasn't talking about Trump.

  9. I'm not an Elmo fan at all. (Grover fan for life!) Still, I'll side with the annoying red monster that talks about himself in the third person over the Totally An Actual Human Senator that is more annoying that Elmo on a good day (and is downright despicable on a bad day).

  10. Why it'd be among my first acts as a representative to take whacks at fictional characters beloved by millions of children just to show families they don't matter to me.

  11. These people are truly the biggest snowflakes. They claim it’s the liberals who whine too much because, “awww black people are being killed unnecessarily? Your trans kid is suicidal because the president bullied him? You’re tired of the police having authority to do whatever the fuck they please? Boo hoo”…. Meanwhile we have these MAGA snowflakes freaking out at any simple fact they choose not to believe in and calling it woke socialism or something stupid like that

  12. Lost again Ted. 0-2 against muppets. MUPPETS. Surely you were elected to do something other than watch kids tv, get in fights with the imaginary characters and then lose the fights you started.

  13. If I had a nickel for every time Ted Cruz has gotten into a twitter fight with a muppet, I'd have 2 nickels.

  14. Honestly, the Muppet is very out of line. As a 30 year old, why didn't he get the shot last year. Irresponsible. On the other side, as a muppet, he is immune to all human diseases, so why is he taking a vaccine away from someone who would benefit.

  15. Because vaccines just became available for the under 5 crowd. Big bird got one earlier because he's six, I think.

  16. Ted Cruz is just jealous of Big Bird's skin sack. This is just projection being directed away from Ted Cruz's actual insecurities.

  17. Ted Cruz. That booger eater is just deflecting the fact that he's been an accomplice to trump's traitorous acts despite Trump calling him a huge liar, and calling his wife ugly

  18. Cruz should be happy they are getting real evidence on Trump. FFS, Trump said his dad killed JFK! But he is trying to provide distraction because he is guilty too. Just waiting for the receipts from Liz.

  19. I feel like this is having the opposite effect than what he would have wanted. I don’t think I would have heard about this if he did not tweet about it?

  20. What's he deflecting? Bet it's bribes from Trump to obstruct the Electoral Vote count and give the protestors time to breach.

  21. The term muppet was Henson's mixing of puppet and marionette. I think all his characters are called muppets whether they are actually puppets/marionettes or not. In the tv show Elmo has been a muppet, but Big Bird is a person in a costume. In other venues Elmo is also a person in a costume.

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