'What the Hell is Wrong With Them': GOP Senators Kill $35 Cap on Insulin. 'Republicans told millions of Americans who use insulin to go to hell.'

  1. Prices must be high in the US because of all the research and development that the giant pharmaceutical did not do in the UK/Canada a century ago.

  2. Only in the USA. ONLY IN THE USA. The USA are the one and only country in the whole world where diabetics have to pay to survive. In a country where the poorest can only live on a diet that promotes the development of diabetes. Why do you vote for conservatives? What are they trying to conserve? Must be their state of power at the cost of your lives. YOU ARE LIVESTOCK.

  3. $450 a month???!! Wtf America. I take about 8 prescribed medications each day and I'm out of pocket $80/month, and that's only because one of them isn't govt subsidised* and costs me $40 of that $80.

  4. Not justifying the price gouging, but for clarity it is worth noting that the type of insulin Banting invented and the type being sold now are not the same. The original was far less effective as a treatment overall and was phased out despite remaining cheaper than newer treatments because the others are so much better. Then after the shift, prices exploded. Hardly anyone even produces the "no-patent insulin" anymore.

  5. Piggybacking just to get it out there, but Walmart offers low cost on certain types of insulin. Not as cheap as it should be, but may save people some money.

  6. I’m beginning to think that if there is ever a serious medical crisis, say a pandemic or something, they won’t do anything to mitigate it.

  7. Oh please, what are they going to do, pretend it’s not happening? Persecute those who are taking precautions, and then hypocritically using a vaccine for themselves while spreading false information about the effects of the drug?

  8. Just inject bleach and shine UV rays. Maybe a dose of horse tranquilizer and malaria meds. Besides it’s probably just a hoax and a propaganda pushed by the Dems.

  9. They were able cause the deaths of over a million Americans with Russian disinformation on vaccines. Can you imagine how giddy with power they were when they realized they could kill hundreds of thousands with their words?

  10. Yeah, don’t know why anyone is surprised by this. Expecting humanity from the GOP at this point is like walking into a hardware store and expecting them to sell bread.

  11. Lining their pocketbooks so their constituents, aka, the companies that pay them for representation, continue to receive record profits while people are bearing the high drug prices.

  12. if you are still shocked at republican cruelty you either haven't been paying attention or you are one of those people who don't consider it a problem until it affects you.

  13. I knew a republican who was still denying the effects of Covid when he was on his death bed from Covid. He died. Treatment failed! Corona was super effective.

  14. I'm not shocked, but I truly can't understand it. Like what is the upside here? I'm trying to play devils advocate and get an idea of where they're coming from, but aside from being a share holder or something where you would personally benefit from keeping the costs high, what is the argument here? This just seems like being cruel because you can, what a weird flex

  15. “I voted for him, and he’s the one who’s doing this. I thought he was going to do good things. He’s not hurting the people he needs to be hurting.”

  16. Most of their constituents are fucked over by their own party's policies and don't care, so I honestly don't think it matters what the Republicans vote for. It only matters their rhetoric and the fact that they are owning the libs.

  17. Oh I'm not the least bit shocked I'm just wondering how they're selling this to their base.

  18. Let me reveal to you the third party secretly followed by a large number of the voters in American policy-making: Apathy!

  19. That was the GOP playbook during Obama. Basically try to block everything even things you would generally support. Then say how Obama/ Biden are ineffective and weak because they failed to accomplish anything.

  20. Facebook “friend” literal post this morning: “Cheaper insulin really would have helped me out, but clearly there was some woke shit in there or Republicans wouldn’t have voted it down. Hopefully Trump will save us from all this in 2024.”

  21. It's fundamental to the modern Republican party that they prevent the Democrats from doing anything that people like, or else they might jeopardize their own re-election chances and the margins are narrow.

  22. Republicans could have passed it and used it as a major selling piont and it would have cost them very little. They try to appeal to working class sensibilities based on culture wars not economics, the part I find interesting is their own base many of whom need insulin are okay with it, they would rather be protected from fictional CRT than have quality of life.

  23. Republicans didn't pass previous other bills. That didn't stop them from using it as major talking point of the goods they were doing for their communities when those bills passed, like that one restaurant funding bill during the pandemic and the infrastructure bill that passed. Give it a few weeks and we'll probably hear about Republicans taking credit for the vet healthcare bill that just passed that they tried to killed.

  24. It does make sense when you assume they represent their big donors (pharmaceuticals) more than the people who voted for them. It works out well for them considering their voter base are so anti democrat pushed regulations that they're willing to make extreme personal sacrifices (i.e. cut their nose to spite their face). In the GOP's eyes, it was a win/win for both their donors and their voter base.

  25. As George Carlin once out it. Politicians are standing on scaffolding above the general population looking down and pissing on us. Democrats will offer you an umbrella while Republicans tell you to work hard so you can climb up and piss with them.

  26. I think this will hurt Rubio and Johnson in particular. Both of them are running tough races this year and they both have a ton of constituents that are on insulin.

  27. It's a platform that works. By just being against everything, they can constantly play the victim and play to their voters' sense of anger and their persecution fetish. They've installed a warlike mindset where the world is full of enemies that must be defeated and those enemies basically consist of anyone who disagrees with you.

  28. VOTE THEM OUT! Look at the win Kansas just had when people actually got out and voted... Imagine the kind of bills we could be passing with just a few more democrats in the Senate.. The reason republicans are working so hard to invalidate your votes is because YOUR VOTE MATTERS!

  29. Vote them out seems logical. But I live in a highly republican area. They BLAME everything on the democrats. EVERYTHING. I can show them proof it was the republicans that voted against the $35 insulin cap, but they’ll still blame it on democrats.

  30. The people needing cheap insulin should unite, organize and launch an aggressive media campaign similar to the Stewart campaign for veterans.

  31. The catch is that we need the insulin to be able to actually go and do things, like protest or… not die.

  32. Fox news tells them "it's Brandon's fault!!" and they have no reason to believe otherwise, so they're going to continue voting the same way they always do

  33. We pay, on average, $98 dollars for a vial of insulin. It costs the manufacturer about $6 to make. Yeah. But don't hit the ceiling yet. That $98 is the cost in the US. The average for the rest of the world? About $8 dollars. Still, don't hit the ceiling just yet.

  34. It is just feels so surreal reading this. I'm type 1 diabetic and I live in Bulgaria. The insulin here is 100% free I don't pay a cent for it. The US is so fucked.

  35. It’s almost as if the Republican’s sense of accomplishment is tied to hurting some group of people now. In this case diabetics. So incomprehensible to me how they still have any supporters left.

  36. Because while the diabetics can’t get access to treatment, there’s a whole bunch of stupid in America that can’t get access to the cure.

  37. The GOP continue to shoot themselves in the foot I say we just let them. Maybe we don't have to wait for their demographic demise after all.

  38. They are just randomly shooting feet. They do not care whose feet. Sadly many of the peoples feet who are getting shot watch news programs that tell them someone else shot their foot.

  39. Yeah, but witness all the people in this very discussion blaming Democrats for Republican obstructionism.

  40. Well I see Pennsylvania's Pat Toomey is on that list, I'm sure he will be working for big pharma when his term ends. Vote for Fetterman.

  41. Well they weren’t able to fuck over veterans, and like a junkie looking for a fix, the republican party just had to fuck over someone. So diabetics it is.

  42. They’re just going to blame the dems and because they have their own media ecosystem detached from reality most of their voters won’t know or will end up thinking it’s a good thing.

  43. They’re already defending it by saying the bill actually has all this other secret bad democrat stuff hidden in it so they had no choice but to shoot it down. Source: “trust me”, like usual.

  44. Who the he'll cares about Insulin prices? Let's focus on the real issue here: somewhere out there there's a 2nd grader learning that some little kids have 1 mommy and 1 daddy. Some only have a daddy, or only a mommy. Some live with grandma and grandpa. Some have 2 mommies or 2 daddies. But all that matters is that they are loved and safe.

  45. Hey look, when you force women to give birth, the least you can do is to keep those kids away from the definition of a loving family. Best not to get their hopes up.

  46. Yeah but if you read the insulin bill that’s literally all it was. Cap the price of insulin. They voted against it.

  47. What the hell is wrong with them? They are now a cult. I grew up in New England, where Republicans have traditionally been fiscally conservative, but in general socially liberal or libertarian. Those Republicans have mostly been pushed out, leaving this cult. Although it really started with Newt Gingrich, Donald Trump supercharged it by his grift, snakeoil salesmanship, and white "Christian" nationalism. Christian is in quotes because there is nothing Christ-like about the movement.

  48. My sister in law who has type one diabetes is going to vote all red this election. I just have no idea why people vote against their own self interests.

  49. Unless it is a corporate handout, Republicans cannot let Democrats get legislative wins. their entire political strategy is making sure the Democrats can't help anyone, so voters will vote Republicans

  50. Because they only care about their own power. They don't care about anyone else. To them it matters that they not "give Biden a win". They don't see it as giving the American people a win. They only see it through the lens of power dynamics and trying to undermine their enemy in the next election. The GOP do not and will not ever try to help you. And don't try to tell me both sides are the same. The Dems are the ones who just passed this bill and tried to cap insulin costs. GOP on the other hand would have killed the whole thing if they could.

  51. it's time to shout this loud and long for all to hear. Elections are coming up in November and everyone needs this beaten into their heads.

  52. This s real. Repubs take lobby money and Americans get screwed! Disgraceful.?strip senators of life long healthcare! Then they may desire a fair system!

  53. Can you imagine how impressive it would be for the democrats to pass a $35 cap on insulin? Republicans can't stomach that... so there's the bottom line.

  54. I usually don't like to comment on reddit, but as a type 1, I don't really like being enslaved by my ability to process carbs. I can't speak for everyone and certainly can't say I'm experienced enough in life to be considered a good source of information. So these are just how I feel and some broad assumptions, take it as venting I guess.

  55. Whenever such bills get voted down they automatically assume there is pork in the bill. Obviously they are unwilling to “do their research.” This is how Republicans get away with it. They just lie to their constituents.

  56. Sometimes it's easier to understand Republican desires by just following a single item through a couple of their votes. So, just for arguments sake, let's follow a 10 year old girl through the current republican thought process. First, she would forced to give birth under republican laws (even if raped under many of them). Second, she would be denied needed affordable insulin. In a republican world, a pregnant 10 year old girl would be forced to carry to term - assuming she could afford the insulin to keep her alive.

  57. Well their fuckery to halt the Burn Pit legislation to help veterans failed, so Republicans had to find another way to hurt people.

  58. Please talks to your older voters you know. Show them Republican voting records. “They vote against supporting veterans” “they vote to force child rape victims to carry babies” “they want you to pay more for insulin for no reason”. My dad has moved from voting all red to not voting because he can’t vote for our democrat governor. It’s a step towards him realizing the truth. Eventually he will see the hypocrisy in it’s entirety but he’s made progress.

  59. Healthcare needs to be socialized. It's become out of control expensive and the insurance industry is unable to modulate those costs any longer.

  60. Just a reminder, as good as a $35 insulin cap would be for diabetics, there are lot of other costs associated with properly managing diabetes including testing supplies, insulin pumps + refill supplies and CGMs

  61. If your 65 or older or on Medicare you get that 35$ price cap tho so only if your an old republican you get to save. Gotta love the republicans fuck off to you but our old guys will get it. The party of the hypocrites.

  62. The GOP insist that Dems will or are destroying America, meanwhile every action they take actually does destroy America a little bit more.

  63. Today’s conservatism: Limited morality. Limited compassion. Limited humanity. Limited intelligence. Limited vision. It’s a death cult that is preoccupied with greed and vanity.

  64. Remember this when you're voting in November. The midterms this year are VITAL. Please vote for progress. Not this antiquated and spiteful collective temper tantrum that is the GOP. Please vote for progress.

  65. My older sister and younger brother, both whom I loved very much, died from complications of type 1 diabetes. During their lives they struggled with the healthcare cost of insulin. For the GOP to do something like this is clearly inhumane and has evil intent and nothing else.

  66. Proof that Republican Politicians don’t actually work for the people who elect them. They work for the people who financed their election.

  67. If you “follow the money” here, I wonder what’s affecting the vote. Is it the pharmaceutical companies or health insurance companies lobbying, or both?

  68. Ah America the land of the free… free to die if you can’t afford insulin… you die free my friend at least you will always have freedom of choice…

  69. Type 2 diabetics are the minority of the population this affects, there are significantly fewer insulin using type 2 diabetics than type 1 diabetics. Type 1 diabetics are not inherently obese, to explain the difference:

  70. "a proposed $35 per month cap on out-of-pocket spending on insulin for patients enrolled in private insurance"

  71. As a type 1 diabetic who relies on insulin to stay alive, FUCK THE GOP! My health should not be a part of your political plan to “own the libs”. Fuck them.

  72. In my opinion; they’ve done this as it keeps people’s lives difficult thus making them easier to radicalize. The GOP doesn’t care about improving people’s lives, they care about wielding power whatever the human cost.

  73. Republicans don’t want to govern, much less BE governed. Their sole purpose is to make sure government DOESN’T work so that their constituents rely solely on their for-profit corporate donors and their capitalist solutions.

  74. Shocker. The senators of the poorest states always say no. Why do poor people still vote these rich entitled senators to office? Always surprises me.

  75. God damn man. The year 2022 has really shown what the Republican Party stands for and it’s honestly terrifying that so many people will just blindly stand behind them and cheer about their “accomplishments”.

  76. Almost like we need to stop laughing at them like buffoons who are just going to get voted out of office and start treating them like the enemies of the state they are. They want the world to burn so the people they’re hellbent on hurting get hurt, and that workers stay like slaves. To assume anything otherwise is a naïveté that these fascists can and will take advantage of

  77. Conservatives lambast Big Pharma until it’s election season and those lobbying checks start rolling in. Then suddenly the Free Market reigns supreme.

  78. I honestly can’t understand how anyone can be a republican. How do you look at this shit and go “that’s a party I believe in”.

  79. Republicans have campaigned against affordable healthcare regularly for well over a decade now. Why would this news surprise anybody?

  80. Republicans are a cult. They will not be told this happened, they are unaware it was Republicans at fault. When they go to buy insulin and its $987, they will blame Joe Biden or Hillary Clinton.

  81. They never see this story. NEVER. Take a look at Fox News; they won’t mention the story so the people who are supporting this don’t even know they are. I just looked right now and they’re talking about LGBTQ and Pete Davidson. Things that directly affect them are hidden and they talk about things they can be outraged about.

  82. As a Canadian neighbor I have been watching the American people get abused, pushed down, divided and just plain beat down in every possible way for the past 6 years, constantly. At this point how is it you all still blindly believe a 2 party system both comprised of mainly old white men from a generation that has absolutely no connection with the common person in today's society? I used to believe that your country was the most amazing in the world, I had dreams of visiting so many states. Now your "fox news mind rot" has seethed its way into my own countries tiny minded population and now we have a bunch of white pick up trucks driving around screaming about freedom. ffs, how can you just keep taking this? Canada has some major flaws, and we are still wrestling with our past, how is it that ya'll keep screaming about how free y'all are yet for 6 years now the only freedom that you have preserved is the one causing mass shootings?

  83. They are scum sucking POS. People are starting to see though. If you don't have a Million Dollar portfolio, your not really a republican... Only a subject.

  84. If there's any silver lining, it's this: People are reaching their breaking point with this BS. We are SICK OF IT. The constant blocking of basic needs. The debate over saving lives. Every topic turned into an identity-focused oppression Olympics from everyone.

  85. Money before the people, get ready cause they can be evil. Profits ahead of lives, don’t laugh until the fat lady cries. 👽👹🌪

  86. I can go to Mexico and buy six vials for the cost of one in the u.s. in the u.s. I need a prescription in Mexico I don’t. It’s not just politics it’s the whole system!!

  87. What's wrong with them? People continue to ask this question with a straight face? Just how stupid are the American people and the media?

  88. Republican politicians can afford expensive insulin. Of course they voted against making it affordable for everyone else. That's the republican way.

  89. They are doing there job. Protecting the profits and dividends of their actual bosses, the corporations that have bought them. They are wholly owned by the corporations and will do anything and kill any bill or provision that their overlords deem to be to costly to business.

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