Kevin McCarthy’s mostly false claim about an army of 87,000 IRS agents

  1. Kevin's doing his best to change the topic from trump and rile up republicans against the government. Does he think the anger and mistrust he seeks to instill is going to magically evaporate if the GQP somehow takes the majority?

  2. We need to arm teachers, but arming IRS agents when they investigate potentially dangerous criminals is a step too far.

  3. You need as many IRS agents as it takes to uncover and recover enough tax evasion and fraud to pay their salaries times 10. Win Win Win Lose.

  4. I love how this article points out the report said they’ll hire more enforcement staff and nothing else about staffing. But the article calls it mostly false.

  5. Did we read the same article? They talked about other staff A LOT. Like how they're partly replacing the 50,000 retiring staffers. Like it's also for IT and tax payer services. And the auditors will focus on incomes of $400,000 and up.

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