Tim Scott mangles false GOP talking point on IRS hounding average taxpayers

  1. “Mangles false GOP talking point” = lied. He lied. He’s a lying liar who lies, like every other fascist.

  2. He didn’t mangle it…he intentionally spun it to rile up his base and get donations out of them. It’s the way of the GOP. Grift Old People.

  3. Weird that this is the only time the Republican party pretends to be worried about the average American. Not really. But their base eats this bullshit up

  4. Republican propaganda makes it very far in our lives without us even noticing it. Made a joke about that hiring ad the irs put out not too long ago on blackpeopletwitter. There was a post talking about how single people shouldn't be paying as much in taxes as we do. So i made a joke saying...that's probably why the irs is hiring people ready to kill others. It happened. But i was also joking. Got a mountain of downvotes after someone said that was just republican lies. lol

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