Jewish American Vote for Republicans at Highest Rate in Decades

  1. Why is this in Breitbart’s “Middle East” section? I am a Jewish-American and have nothing whatsoever to do with the Middle East.

  2. Well they deleted their "black crime" section a few years back. I guess they haven't gone completely through the site to scrub it of obvious racism yet.

  3. Because Judaism is a middle eastern religion where Christianity is an American one. Jesus was born in providence Rhode island I'm pretty sure.

  4. For people who don't want to give money to Breitbart for moral reasons and click the article, republicans got roughly 1/3 of the Jewish vote.

  5. Jewish Americans vote OVERWHELMINGLY Democrat. A 3% increase in Jewish Americans who say they support Republicans, which also happens to be under the margin of error, is not newsworthy. It is most likely just an irregularity due to human error, as that's what a margin of error is meant to express.

  6. They're wealthy, and many are socially conservative and support Israel (which the left is increasingly unsupportive of). They're betting that protecting their class position will be better protection against anti-Semitism than the Democrats.

  7. The closer in time the Rapture nuts believe we're getting to the big day when Rambo Jesus parachutes down from outer space to kill all the unbelievers the less deference evangelicals will show to the Jewish people. Because the Rapture nuts believe that, in the end, "every knee shall bow." Whoever refuses to acknowledge Little Joe as the true messiah will be whisked out of existence and consigned to an eternity in hell.

  8. They don’t want their businesses taxed by Democrats because they know the Republican Party is all about the Rich and don’t believe in taxing the Rich like they tax us peasants!

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