Lauren Boebert’s Surprisingly Close Reelection Race Is Likely Headed for a Recount

  1. But Tucker Carlson personally assured me that this would be a "Red Wave." How can that be true if this race is so close?

  2. they'll vote for convicted child molesters as long as it has an R next to their name. The parents of the victim will happily vote for them too.

  3. Thank you for posting this information. It is so important. I can't imagine my happiness if this awful, awful woman would lose. She is so deranged. What kind of mother sends out a Christmas card showing her young boys standing in front of a Christmas tree holding an AR-15? She is twisted and sick.

  4. Seeing some of these MAGA counties come down to a handful of votes, you've almost got to wonder whether encouraging their supporters to die from COVID made a difference. We've seen the mathematical correlation between MAGA and the death rates.

  5. maga believes flooding the airwaves with their bullshhit mean s it's popular because "Everyone is saying it", the truth is they're just a bunch of losers pretending e veryone feels the same way deep down that they do.

  6. It unquestionably did. I'd be very interested to see a county by county breakdown of voting results in close races compared to covid death data from the areas in question.

  7. My dad lives in her district. These are not well populated counties, and people are pretty spread out throughout each county. The biggest city in this district is Grand Junction with 65k population, next is Durango with 19k, lol.

  8. What's really surprising is that she didn't get primaried. I actually understand voting for your party; I'd vote for an extremely flawed Democrat before I'd ever vote for a Republican. Gotta imagine R's are the same way.

  9. Forecasts gave her a 97% chance of winning. Republicans truly fucked themselves over this year if a slam dunk re-election has effectively led to one of the tightest elections we have this year.

  10. There is nothing wrong with her being able to run, getting so much votes is what I can't believe.

  11. I feel like a duck should be able to be Boebert. Shit America. So it's better to send incompetence to Washington rather than a competent legislator because of their ideology? What a shit show we've become.

  12. While I agree the country is a shit show, it is surprising as hell to see the Boebert race so close. That district is full of right wing secessionist christofascist nut jobs.

  13. Are there poll watchers there making sure she gets all the mail-in votes?? Seems odd she’s getting so many after asking her party to vote in person…

  14. I can tell you right now that the Democrat got cheated. The abominable snowman came out of the mountains and stole a truck load of Democratic votes. He took his time to make sure there weren't any Republican votes in the truck. I did my research.

  15. Anything within .5% automatically goes to a recount. The average recount change in votes is about .1% which in this case would be ~300 so if whoever is ahead in the end is winning by 500 or more votes I wouldn’t expect a change.

  16. Let it go to a recount. It will be particularity satisfying to watch the best Dems savage that stain on democracy. She didn’t attempt to do one thing to benefit the country as a whole.

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