Madison Cawthorn vacates offices before end of term; constituents' calls go unanswered

  1. He lent his name to pump-and-dump schemes for new virtual currencies that made a big splash and then went kaput.

  2. The same way he was able to run for Congress at such a young age: he comes from money. Any other person in their early 20s would be scraping by while starting their career and becoming more independent.

  3. Because being in government makes you a God at the stock market... as soon as you're in Washington it's like you know exactly what to invest in and when

  4. Off the top of my head the mortgage on $1.1 million at 4% is like $5200-5300 a month plus insurance, taxes etc. So ballparking it to be $62-64K a year towards basic payments and interest. What do they make something like $170-180K a year before all of the grifting and insider bullshit is taken in to account?

  5. Just like college, he thought it would be cool for a bit, but he creeped everyone out, did a shitty job, said a bunch of fucked up things, got kicked out, and went back home to live with family.

  6. Like most of the GOP. They are self-serving and only concerned about how much money they can gain from lobbyists while throwing their constituents under the bus.

  7. People might be tempted to forget this guy like a one-and-done complete failure of a representative without a single achievement to his name. Which, to be fair, he is. But he’s nonetheless important to remember, because he proves the case that the GOP can hold its members accountable, if it really wants to.

  8. and his constituents were never interested either. they didn't vote him in so that he could sit on committees and vote on bills. they wanted an entertainer and they got one.

  9. It actually kind of does, the Architect of the Capitol’s office generally requires members who are not returning for the next session to be completely moved out of their Congressional office BEFORE December 1st. I always thought it was before the end of the year. They really rush them out, just a few weeks after the election.

  10. Our district is gerrymandered as shit, also this assclown never listened to calls in the first place. Now we have some guy named Ted budd in charge, can’t wait to find out what monstrous things he will do to us all.

  11. Yeah, he heard there might be an opening in the $110k/year Diet Coke steward/Top Secret Box Moving position that comes with free housing.

  12. Democrats might be the step dad political party, kinda lame and practical, but at least they aren’t the party that walked out on you.

  13. If you call McConnell’s office he sends you a letter that pretty much thanks you for engaging in democracy and tells you he is going to go ahead with his plan anyway.

  14. Last I heard he went to Trump to help him out and Trump gave him a Mar A Lago paper cup and sent him off.

  15. he's a piece of shit, but his staff will get a long paid vacation. They may be shit too because they agreed to work for Cawthorn but people get so few breaks in life, I'm not going to begrudge them this one.

  16. Didn’t you hear? You can steal highly classified documents from the White House, then attempt a violent overthrow of the government, and still run for president again. It’s all good. Madison will continue making vids with his cousin.

  17. Pretty sure that’s because Trump has surrounded himself with only “the best and most serious people.” Just how stupid are Republicans? Guess we are all about to find out.

  18. My dad hates him, but had a shred of respect for the guy as he assumed that Cawthorn rode in a wheelchair due to serving in the military. After I told him that it was due to a car accident and that he was rejected from the military even before the accident, any respect was gone.

  19. A car accident in which his friend saved his life, but Cawthorn threw him under the bus and claimed it was his fault.

  20. He couldn't get a later start date from his old boss... if you need to reach him, just swing by the drive through window of the Burger Barn.

  21. Disappointing but not surprising. He’s in a class of Congress people that are just in it for the exposure.

  22. What a fucking asshole. And wasn’t he at Mar-A-Lago last night for Trump’s announcement? Someone needs to let the air out of his wheelchair tires.

  23. I’m a bit torn here but people who didn’t vote for him in the last election probably know better than to try to get any help from him and the people who did vote for him are getting exactly what they deserve for voting in such a piece of shit.

  24. I assumed that a congressperson who totally ignores the needs of his constituents' and takes a weapon with him on his way to a cocaine fed orgy must be a Republican. I was right...

  25. I always thought what a honor and privilege it would be to serve as a Congressman or Senator, but after many years it appears the only people to get elected are gigantic assholes.

  26. I live in the city his district office is in. It's a blessing this asshole is already gone.

  27. But he had time to show up at Mar-a-Lago last night. He has learned nothing from his experience in Congress.

  28. Probably for the best tbh, he didn’t have a good reputation for serving his district anyway. Everybody saw he was a clout chasing turd, and as soon as he fucked up and said gop power players do blow and have orgies (Falwell perhaps) the knives came out.

  29. Wasn’t he being prepped and touted as the future of the Republican Party? Back when being a barking mad lunatic and parroting any insane comment made by Trump was seen as the height of intellectual superiority??

  30. He heard the high school girls were about to go on thanksgiving vacation and he had to run to the atm for some cash

  31. Terrible human. That puts his people in so much jeopardy! That being said, I am glad he’s gone. His people deserve better.

  32. He dyed his hair bleach blonde and is hitting the bottle hard...I think someone is going for a big reveal soon...

  33. Surprised folks like him bother moving in. It’s just a grift, just get elected on bullshit and fundraise until you lose your job giving all your money to friends and she’ll companies

  34. Hmmm...It's almost as if serving the people of his district was not his main reason for running for office in the first place.

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