Police: Georgia teen shot while campaigning for Sen. Warnock

  1. Not surprised when the typical response on sites like Nextdoor in regards to canvassers, door-to-door sales, etc... is "Point a gun at them when you open the door!"

  2. Always a fun game of "who am I going to get on the other side of the door?" when I go canvassing. I've had a few people threaten to get their guns, but thankfully haven't been shot yet.

  3. How long till Fox is pushing the home owner was just standing his ground and protecting his second amendment rights. 3....2....1....

  4. They're learning. "Your Honor, I couldn't have been racially prejudiced against the victim. I never even saw him."

  5. Brunswick and Savannah are NOT the same city. It would be an giant stretch to even suggest Brunswick is a suburb of Savannah, they're more than an hour drive apart.

  6. Because it just happened and they haven’t finished investigating but they have to charge him with SOMETHING to get him in front of a judge for arraignment and into custody…and take his gun.

  7. I live in Georgia and have known several people (not all in Georgia) who always answer the door with a gun ready to go in the other hand. None of them lived in particularly dangerous areas or had a specific threat to their safety. It’s just a way of life for some people.

  8. I'm sure that conservatives will immediately condemn that as domestic terrorism and push to protect Democrats from dehumanization they themselves had to endure since founding of the country. Right?

  9. “At this point, there is no indication the shooting was politically motivated,” Savannah police said in a statement Friday.

  10. I don't understand why he wasn't charged with attempted murder? He shot at someone... you don't shoot at someone in an attempt to wound them.

  11. I don't think he's a Republican like people on this thread are saying. You can pretty easily find the guys twitter because his name in the story and it's mostly tweeting against Russia/for Ukraine. Also he tweets about the right trying to fuck with elections and is pro gay rights.

  12. Yeah. Given that the kid was shot by the resident of the home, it's more likely than not that person a registered Dem. or Dem-leaning - a campaign like Warnock's would be trying at the doors (obvs. not with a 100% success rate, the tech behind ID'ing independents's leanings one way or another is a bit finnicky by nature) to turn those voters in December of a midterm year vs. sending 15 year-olds to have spirited debates in the free marketplace of ideas with random Republicans (Republicans added to contact lists also get filtered on calculated partisanship).

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