Thought this sub would appreciate my pilonidal cyst

  1. My dad used to get one just like that every year. The docs said it was from sitting a lot. He was a deputy sheriff, spent a lot of time driving. But he would be absolutely miserable. I remember one time he was in the bathtub soaking it, and it ruptured on its own and that bath water looked like pure blood. He was so freaking happy.

  2. Oooof. She looks mighty, mighty, angry. Hopefully you can get this one rectified and keep it from returning. You’ve clearly been through this before given that scar

  3. Did you have one previously? Looks like there's scarring nearby. I had mine reappear 4 times after lancing and gauging in the local healthcare center. Had a surgery and now it's been almost a year of freedom. Spent a year going to healthcare center to have it cleansed and gauged daily.

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